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Change Your Thoughts

CHANGE YOUR VIEWPOINTS – DIMENSION POINTS – and ANCHOR POINTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  “A Prime Dream for a Life is the basic fortune worth finding;It is not found elsewhere – but

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Hi! My fellow Zombieists! My name is Alan. I am a Zombieist behavioral addict. I come from a long line of Zombieist behavioral addicts, my mother and father are also Zombie behavioral

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You Truly Want to Get Rich

You truly want to get rich, powerful and happy – or do you? One of the problems that people who are in collapsed universes and stuck compulsively playing Red Zone destructive

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Whole Beingness

“Give to every man more than you take from him.” Wallace D. Wattles Originations of honest wants for self and everyone processes and exercises  Law:  In order to be spiritually, mentally, physically

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When Organizing, Follow Natural Laws

When sequencing or laying out your organization board, you should align it to time.  Time is usually broken into three parts: future, present, and past This very simple, natural organization structure

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What Lies Behind Failure

Jesus said:”…you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”   John 8:32 To live in the Green Zone requires being true – which means keeping as

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What Triggers a Trance State

A trance state is basically a state where-as you have become detached from life thus there is an absence of you, your presence and your power. There are five basic triggers:         1.

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20 Golden Keys to a Happier Life

Or, how to create, build and maintain a friend filled, wealthy, successful, and happy high green or gold zone omni-sovereign Empire. For you to design, build and maintain the life

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Are You a Gunk Head?

Do you suffer from “gunk headedness”? Do you make everyone connected to you suffer because of your “gunk headedness”? Or worse – are you a “gunk head maker”? Finding and

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Ethics Basics

To be or to not to be. Are you in Ethics or Out Ethics? As your knowledge expands you often collide with your Ethics. There are natural law sequences that

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Insecurity – Hell on Earth

As many of you know we have been having several major breakthroughs with the study, training, coaching and processing technologies in restoring the client’s and our abilities to occupy the

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