What Triggers a Trance State

A trance state is basically a state where-as you have become detached from life thus there is an absence of you, your presence and your power.
There are five basic triggers:
        1.       Not taking correct your next step in life.

Taking your correct your next step in life requires the ability to reach out, deliver what you promise and produce.

Not taking your correct your next step in life can be as simple as not cleaning up, not making a phone call, not marketing your product, not asking your boss for a raise, not getting trained or not training the people around you, etc. Of course; not reaching out, not delivering what you promised or not producing a product will crush the life right out of you.

         2.      Self- Doubt and fears of failure.
This is a natural condition that occurs when you seek to take your next step – the next step is always an investment step – it is an investment of your time, energy, effort, life force particles, attention, money, status, credibility, demonstrations of competence and knowledge – prior to taking your correct next step you go through a thinking or thought stage – taking your correct next step always contains many unknowns – these are the type of questions you ask yourself – such as: “Am I capable of doing this?” “Am I up to it?” “What happens if I upset him or her?” “What is the pay off?” By asking these questions you are trying to estimate your chances of success and being able to deliver what you promise.
The problem with this step is you will have a lifetime or more of self-doubts and these get accessed and all the charge, stupidity, fogginess, blackness and unknowns will move in on you.
If you have been around an abuser or control freak then you will have been overwhelmed with self-doubts as it is your certainty of making your intentions work that abusers and control freaks destroy.

         3.      Detachment from self-doubt and fears of failure.
To get away from the charge, stupidity, fogginess, blackness, unknowns or stupor triggered by the self-doubts and fear of failures – you detach yourself and go elsewhere.

         4.      Going into pretence.
This is brought about by not doing what is wanted and substituting a mis-director (it can be a lower game, goal, identity, action, drugs, alcohol or meaningless activity or thing) to avoid confronting your self-doubt and fears of failure if you take your next step, this leaves you totally in the off purpose state of being soulless and goalless.
You can just zone out and stay in the detachment point this will leave you detached, numb, unfeeling and absent from life, your life games, people and living.
        5.       Doing automatic repetitive actions.

Such as driving a car, washing dishes, doing menial tasks, etc.,- this will trigger and move in all the times you have been in a hypnotic trance state.

26 July 2006