Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it.
Samuel Johnson


A Knowledgist, then, is one who strives to maintain high levels of all the attributes created and demanded by knowledge.

Knowledgists also are aware of what they know, what they do not know, and even that they know they don’t know. They are extremely positive in their actions.

Given the attributes needed to maintain a high level of knowledge, a Knowledgist operates on a set of rules altogether different than those of any other type of person.

They keep their knowledge pure. They cannot be forced to pervert their knowledge.

They use their knowledge for betterment only. Unless it is against a few who are destroying many, they cannot not be forced to use their knowledge to harm.

They maintain an extremely high level of honesty, for dishonesty is the hiding and obscuring of the exact who, what, where, when, why, how, and mood, and manifests as incompetence, a destruction of knowledge.

A Knowledgist consistently expands and updates their knowledge.

A Knowledgist remains true to their dreams and aspirations and will help others be true to theirs.

A Knowledgist uses their knowledge to help those around them, both above and below them in position.

A Knowledgist would prefer to cease to exist in their position than be forced to dishonor or pervert their principles and knowledge.

A Knowledgist is always willing to pay the price of time, effort, money, attention, and power to continue expanding their knowledge.

A Knowledgist always seeks to help and teach those around them or connected to them.

A Knowledgist seeks to maintain friendship with those who seek knowledge and tries to help those who do not know. They will not invest time with those who wish to prevent knowledge in order to maintain the status quo.

A Knowledgist is one who knows they are responsible for obtaining the knowledge necessary to continue expanding their knowledge.

A Knowledgist will not blame, abuse, punish, shame, or make others guilty for being ignorant, but will always help them comprehend and put them on a path that allows them to gain knowledge.

When life or an area is not moving in an uptrend and they cannot locate the knowledge necessary to resolve the situation, a Knowledgist will seek help from another who is masterful in that area to handle the difficulties and unknowns.

A Knowledgist is aware of the areas in which they are subject literate and the areas in which they are ignorant.

A Knowledgist will always be the best they can be.

The foregoing are basic, universal laws that allow one the willingness and ability to know.

Knowledgists come from all walks of life. There is no discrimination based on color, creed or sex. They can be of any religious group or political belief.

A Knowledgist is a true Power Player.



  1. Applies intelligence.
  1. Pursues only an honest, worthy, big dream.
  1. Has the knowledge, discipline, and duplication to maintain and expand their worthy dreams and those of others.
  1. Has the ability to take, occupy and maintain a position and take charge.
  1. Is a master communicator and uses his communication abilities to direct the flow of life-force particles in a positive manner.
  1. Has abundant, upscale communication channels and contacts.
  1. Delivers what they promise.
  1. Duplicates, appreciates and acknowledges other’s viewpoints, skills, dreams, visions, plans, and wants.
  1. Is honest. They trust and respect themself and creates trust and respect in others.
  1. Is a big producer.
  1. Those connected to them and their area expand spiritually. They have bigger dreams, visions, plans, skills, and actions, are more prosperous and successful, and are healthier and happier.
  1. They operate in a win-win manner.

The above are the attributes needed for success in life.