Are You Truly Willing To Be Fully You? – Games Matrix X

To be able to fully run the Games Matrix Technology it requires the willingness to truly be fully you, to be fully present – here and now, able to take a full omni-sovereign position – here and now and the willingness to be fully omni-responsible.
At this time there are no processors who are fully trained in the Games Matrix Technology – that includes me.
It will probably never be fully complete unless each being on the procedure takes a willing position of omni-sovereignty and is willing to be omni-responsible – as each being separated from what they truly loved and cared for and set-up their own unique substitute universe Games Matrix Packages – it is a very tricky series of procedures and processes to undo.

This GAMES MATRIX material is a completely NEW technology!

 In the last 18 months there have been well over a 185 new technical discoveries that are needed to allow this technology to be workable.
It will take a team of omni-sovereign leaders, coaches and processors to produce the presence and positions needed to help restore each being back to wholeness.
We need to build that team – or the technology disappears.
We need to make it economically feasible.
We need to set it up so that you can both live your dreams – whilst at the same time progress on erasing your own specific substitutes for self, self-inhibiting and self sabotaging Red Zone portion of the Games Matrix Packages.
The Games Matrix Technology is based on the recognition that the being is using their infinite powers and abilities to create Games Matrix Packages to play games – as time went on the being began to separate and disconnect from the upper level powers and these Games Matrix Packages began to degrade down through the Zones until they became very Red Zone.
Living in a Red Zone collapsed universe – engaged in destructive locked in Mortal Combat Games Matrix Packages is a series of ways to collapse yours and others universes; to play multiple unknown destructive games of bad and unhappy relationships, with the almost desperate attempts to disguise, hide, inhibit yours and others powers and to sabotage self and others by being invisible, unknown or hidden.
To erase the unneeded or unwanted Games Matrix Packages and to begin to fully restore the beings infinite powers and abilities requires the ability and willingness to reach out and embrace the full concentric circles of attainments of wholeness and mastery that span the spectrums of the Zones over specific important needed areas of the Vital Fundamentals of Life and Games in order for each spirit, mind, body, living fully their own chosen games and environments to Be – Do – and Have all they can Be – Do – and Have.
If you wonder why you have problems with you relationships – it is because you – like most people have dwindled down to dramatizing the smallest harmonic of a full Games Matrix Package; that of being trapped in your own Red Zone collapsed universe – engaged in destructive locked in Mortal Combat Games Matrix Package with your minds, your bodies, your environments, your own projections on other people, places, things and subjects as to what you imagine they represent to you.
If you are trapped in a Red Zone destructive games condition – you are very often at war with yourself – you fear the return of your own power – you super-impose your images of what others represent to you – thus others do not really exist for you – and when they do you will run for your life on the fear of being found out and having to confront and permeate all the pain, grief and harm you have done.
Often when this occurs you abandon your dreams, aspirations, goals, visions and your higher spiritual self and your connections to God and become a substitute artificial humanoid identity.
You end up being where you don’t want to be – doing what you don’t want to do – and having what you don’t want to have.
You fall down life’s Organization boards chronically making less or nothing of those who’s powers you once depended upon.
No-one can throw stones for having done this – as we all have done this at one time or another.
The power players should connect or reconnect to other power players and co-create this technology into existence.
Better that you keep taking your next steps working on erasing these collapsed universes and Red Zone Games Matrix Packages and continuing on your path up the Zones – for the Zones are your own and others step – by – step pathway to increasing your abilities to love, observe more truth, gain more knowledge, become more responsible to creating and  living in a presence-time heaven on earth.
As the volume of your presence, love, truth, knowledge and responsibilities expands and grows more certain, and the consequence of this is; each step up the Zones takes you closer and closer to you being fully you, doing and having all you can do and have as well as being more able to be at one with those you love and God.
To be fully you – it is vital that you become greater, bigger and stronger than the oppositional stops, slows and ways you have created these to nullify your forward progress.
Be here – now – increase your reach – get into action – keep taking your next steps. :)
Alan C. Walter