Change Your Thoughts


“A Prime Dream for a Life is the basic fortune worth finding;
It is not found elsewhere – but emanates deeply from within the core of self.”
Alan C. Walter

 One of the biggest challenges of being motivated to improve self; to lead, to get better, or to be self-employed is actually being alone.
You are alone with your thoughts for the majority of time and, sometimes, to your own and others detriment.

Our Thoughts create and predetermine the viewpoints which in turn create and predetermine our dimension points and anchor points and the life we live, the environment we live in, our careers, the quality of relationships we engage in, the levels of power, wealth and happiness we are willing to experience or can have for ourselves or others…..

You can change your life by for the better by changing and upgrading your thoughts and thus changing and upgrading your viewpoints – dimension points and anchor points.
Here’s what we mean:
Everything created by man in this world once started with a single thought.
Look around you right now. Everything in the room you are in; – including the chairs, tables, even the Pyramids, the Empire State Building, Jumbo jets, the roads you drive on, the house you live in, etc.,-were once just a thought in someone’s head.
Recognizing and taking responsibility and ownership that we are endowed with this gift, this power of creating thoughts and viewpoints we are able to mold our own lives and create our destiny.
Our lives today are the direct result of our past and present thoughts, viewpoints, dimension points, anchor points, feelings, words, emotions, and desires. Any time we don’t like something in our lives, we can acknowledge that our past thoughts, viewpoints, dimension points and anchor points might have had something to do with this.

Once we understand and take responsibility for the fact we have created or contributed to creating everything in our life, good and bad, we realize that we also have the power to change anything in our life by merely changing our thoughts and viewpoints, dimension points and anchor points.
Thoughts create Energy

When we create a thought; we create viewpoints – dimension points – and anchor points; these are telepathically projected into the universe at a certain rate of vibration. (Hang in there, this gets a little esoteric). Thoughts create viewpoints – dimension points – and anchor points which are also magnetic and attract energy of the same vibration. This is the universal ‘Law of Attraction’. Chose your thoughts well. ‘Like attracts like.’

In the 1930’s, Napoleon Hill stated in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, that Andrew Carnegie stated ‘thoughts are things’ and that ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he will achieve.’ Thus it is obvious “How you think will predetermine your future and whether you will grow rich or poor.”

Consequentially do you…..
Non- Optimally think and grow POOR!
(Example: “Nothing I do goes right,” – “I’m not worthy,” –“What if I fail or make a fool of myself?”
Or do you…..
Dichotomously think and grow POOR?
(Examples: Must have-can’t have, – should do this, shouldn’t do this, – I know I need to do this, but I keep putting-off doing this.)
Or are you…..
Conflicted in your thinking and grow POOR?
(Example: “What if it doesn’t go right?” – “Do I deserve this?” – “What if I fail or make a fool of myself?”
Or do you…..
Not think and grow POOR?
(Example: “Most people spend more time in planning their vacation, than in planning their life.”)
Or worse do you……
Belong to an Abuser, a Cult, and a Gang or live in a Welfare State that thinks you are so stupid that they have to think for you and you would be an enemy if you had an independent thought – consequently you and everybody grow POOR?
Or Do you consistently…..
Optimally think and grow RICH?
The Prime Dream for your Life is the most optimum powerful driving force that guides you forward – even if it is unknown, buried or hidden from your view – but if the Prime Dream for your Life is fully known and the oppression and invalidation removed and the vast vision, viewpoints – dimension points – and anchor points that it creates is restored to a full holographic image – the almost instant impact and upward changes in your Life and your ability to experience awesome increases in your Greatness, Success, Power, Wealth and Happiness are breathtaking.
Finding and knowing what your Prime Dream is – is the most important action you can do to optimize your thinking and life, from doing this you will emanate viewpoints – dimension points – and anchor points that will recover and restore your hidden, restrained abilities that now can be utilized to effectively create your Greatness, Success, Power, Wealth and Happiness.
21 January 2004
Revised 15 May 2007