Are You a Gunk Head?

Do you suffer from “gunk headedness”?

Do you make everyone connected to you suffer because of your “gunk headedness”?

Or worse – are you a “gunk head maker”?

Finding and being able to handle “Gunk headedness” and “Gunk head makers” is an astounding new discovery.


“Gunk headedness” is when your head feels like it is full of “gunk.”

Definition: GUNK: Function: noun
Etymology: from Gunk, trademark for a cleaning solvent

1: filthy, sticky, or greasy matter – Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

It appears to be some kind of filthy, sticky, or greasy massy protective mental device that you misown and believe is part of you – it locates itself in the middle of your head.

“Gunk headedness” comes into play when you seek to reach out. Any action that requires reaching out for – will activate this protective mental device.

Actions such as following your dreams, goals and aspirations, study, training, learning, implementing your own ideas, teaching, coaching, processing, lecturing, being well known, winning big, meeting people, being in a position of responsibility, being rich, being successful, being powerful, being in a position of leadership, etc., etc.

This “gunky” filthy, sticky, or greasy massy protective mental device is a composite of millions of protective, false or wrong ideas about yourself and your capabilities.

What has happened over time is a massive cluster of compressed wrong or false who’s, what’s, how’s, ideas and goals have become this “confused, filthy, sticky, or greasy solid thing” which in turn has created what appears to be an artificial you.

This “confused, filthy, sticky, or greasy solid thing” is located right in the center of mostpeoples head. (We gave it the technical term “gunk”.)

When you go to think or act in an area – you collide with this “gunk” and you immediately get confused as to whether you can think, reach or act in that area.

This “mental filthy, sticky, or greasy mass” is composed of the amalgamation of the false or wrong games, false or wrong who’s, false or wrong identities, false or wrong what’s, false or wrong how’s, false or wrong ideas, false or wrong goals and false or wrong answers that have been impacted and compressed into you.This “gunk” as you collide with it – will immediately put you in to doubt as to who or What you are, plus cause you to devalue or make worthless your ideas, goals and everything you want – what is even more destructive it will constantly cause you to degrade, devalue and make you believe you are worthless.


It collapses your universes, your space, your time, your interest, your energy and destroys your ability to own or have anything.

Only the most furious or angry or ferocious of people will override this “gunk” phenomenon.

Just knowing about this – to a degree desensitizes its power over you.

It truly is an incredible discovery.

I want to thank all of you who attended the first Omni-Sovereign Life by Design Courseback in September, ’05, who became massively triggered as they attempted take great reaches in the attempt to design their lives – for bringing this area to view.

Realize one day, sometime, somewhere you will need to find, handle and erase the “gunk” or forever remain in the ‘hell’ of your own not taking your next correct step.

So stop flinching….get it done now…..Oops! I can hear your “gunk” talking to you – degrading you, devaluing you and making you believe you are worthless – convincing you to cut and stop your reach.

Alan C. Walter