What Lies Behind Failure

Jesus said:”…you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”   John 8:32

To live in the Green Zone requires being true – which means keeping as straight a line as possible from the start of an action through its myriads of changes to the pushing through the counter-forces to achieve an on time, in the right place specific arrival point or objective.
It is easy to observe a person who is true; they are creating and maintaining a passionate, successful, prosperous, fun filled, gloriously happy love affair with their relationships, career and life.
Aberration means to deviate from the straight line.
Not being true to your own goals is an aberration.
Not telling the truth is an aberration.
Not delivering what you promised to yourself and others is an aberration.
A person will fail to arrive at their objective or arrival point to the degree they are not true.
A person will be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people to the degree they are not true.
No one would have a case if they had maintained the truth.
Truth is one of the basic keys to success.
Truth is one of the keys to winning big and having massive life gains.
Truth helps eliminate unknowns.
Being a successful leader or executive requires the ability to be true.
Being true appears to be a power magnet for emotional blackmail.
The most aberrated people will not let people tell them the truth.
The more aberrated a person is the more they will attempt to emotionally blackmail you.
Nothing is worse than to see a so-called leader or executive squirm when they are faced with an unpleasant truth that must be voiced.
Sick, weak, aberrated executives, staff’s and public set their leaders up to nearly always wear the black-hat.
Sick, weak, aberrated executives, staff’s and public will often attempt to use their leaders power and position to destroy their real or imagined enemies or get rid of someone they are envious or jealous of.
Sick, weak, or aberrated leaders or executives that condone because of their own untruthfulness – sick, weak, or aberrated staff’s; end up destroying the reach, the self-esteem, the self-respect and the honor of their organizations.
Therefore the key to over-coming failure and becoming a success is truth.
Honoring the truth, honoring and being true to your relationships, honoring and being true to your Codes, honoring and being true to your Codes of Honor, honoring and being true with the Green Zone Truth Phenomena of processes and procedures, honoring and being true to your goals and the goals of the organization and honoring and being true to your integrity and the integrity of the organization is vital for you and your organizations success, prosperity, gains, ability to reach out and attain higher levels of happiness.
Definition:   TRUTH: 
The exact and precise correctness of spirit, presence, knowledge, game, perception,  intention,  vision,  plan,  action, who, what,  where,  when,  why,  how,  importance,  value,  mood,  responsibility,  motion,  and action,  with accurately predicted consequences,  outcomes,  and  accomplishments.  
TRUTH:  The precise holographic duplication of people, things, subjects, times, locations, shapes, actions, reasons, happenings, moods and intentions. “The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be.”
Definition:   ABERRATION
ETYMOLOGY: Latin aberrti, aberrtin-, diversion, from aberrtus, past participle of aberrre, to go astray : ab-, away from; see ab–1 + errre, to stray; see ers- in Appendix I. 
NOUN: 1. A deviation from the proper or expected course. See synonyms at deviation.
2. A departure from the normal or typical: events that were aberrations from the norm.
3. Psychology A disorder or abnormal alteration in one’s mental state.
4a. A defect of focus, such as blurring in an image. b. An imperfect image caused by a physical defect in an optical element, as in a lens.
5. The apparent displacement of the position of a celestial body in the direction of motion of an observer on Earth, caused by the motion of Earth and the finite velocity of light.
6. Genetics A deviation in the normal structure or number of chromosomes in an organism. 
Definition:   DE·VI·A·TION
NOUN: 1. The act of deviating or turning aside.
2. An abnormality; a departure: “Vice was a deviation from our nature” (Henry Fielding).
3. Deviant behavior or attitudes.
4. Divergence from an accepted political policy or party line.
5. Deflection of a compass needle caused by local magnetic influence, especially on a ship.
6. Statistics The difference, especially the absolute difference, between one number in a set and the mean of the set. 
OTHER FORMS: devi·ation·ism ­NOUN  devi·ation·ist ­ADJECTIVE & NOUN
SYNONYMS: deviation, aberration, divergence These nouns mean a departure from what is prescribed or expected: “Tolerates no deviation from the rules; regretted the aberrations of my adolescence; the divergence of two cultures.” 

4 January 2007