Collapsed Universe Red Zone Counter-Force Presence-Time Destructive Games Condition

The major reason for most of the people who have money, time and interest problems and who do not make great gains or who are difficult to teach, train, coach, process, wear their hator achieve their dreams or have great difficulty or cannot learn how to study, teach, train, coach, process, wear their hat or achieve their dreams is because you are attempting to FORCE studying, teaching, training, coaching, processing, the wearing of their hats or the sequence needed to achieve their dreams over the top of a missed COLLAPSED UNIVERSE RED ZONE COUNTER- FORCE PRESENCE-TIME DESTRUCTIVE GAMES CONDITION.WHAT IS A COLLAPSED UNIVERSE RED ZONE COUNTER-FORCE PRESENCE-TIME DESTRUCTIVE GAMES CONDITION



This is when your or another’s own universe, their organization, or you the individual has experienced the collapse of their space, time, energy and things, plus you or they have lost their reason for existing; the failure of their purpose; the disruption of their visions, the absence of their spirit; the disruption of their mind; the conflict of commands and signals to the body; the inappropriate identity or beingness; an incorrect location; confused or collapsed teammates, and an inability to produce a valuable needed or wanted product.

Collapsed universes: This is moment when your dreams, goals, games and prime positive identities are shattered; which result in an imploding compression of You the spirit, your mind, your body, and your identity into being encased in a ball of confusion, stupidity, and electronic energy, that are locking you into a past space and time thus completely trapping You the spirit, into heavy uncomfortable feelings and unpleasant sensations of hurt, heartbreak, fear and anxiety.

Definition: RED ZONE:

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, compulsively attracted to and connected to the wrong who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, how’s, and whys, doing the wrong actions, and using the wrong intentions and emanating chronic low moods.Poor or destructive people handling and communication skills, and distrust of people are prevalent. Wrong data, fixed ideas, prejudices, and the use of knowledge as a weapon abound.All life-force particles have become negative, being trapped in past, unwanted experiences.Constantly fights, stops, slows, nullifies or sabotages overtly o ekcovertly powerful peoples intentions and visions, and any or all positive flows of life-force causing dispersal, turmoil and negative diversions.There is no happiness, no money, no space, no time, but lots of failures. Levels of Existence are Hostile and below. Major portion of life urges are in Red Zone.

Definition: COUNTER-FORCE:

This is a type of force that is projected by someone or something with the intention of stopping you or others from attaining yours or their goals, intentions, visions, and objectives.This can act or manifest as a pressure and can locate anywhere on the body, but especially in the head, thus causing unpleasant sensations.

Definition: PRESENCE:

Is best defined as You, the spiritual Being, capable of being fully, aware, and at the optimum mood level, who is fully here.

Hereness is best defined as; now, at this place, at this time, which can span past, present, and future. The more able the Being is, the longer the time span. At all times, hereness includes nowness. Optimumly, hereness includes spanning a little past, all of now, and the extended future.

PRESENCE: 1. The state or fact of being spiritually present. 2. Immediate hereness in this time or this space. 3a. The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign granting audience. b. A person who is present. 4. A person’s manner of carrying himself; bearing. 5. A supernatural influence felt to be nearby.6. Spiritual hereness at this time, in this space.

Definition: PRESENCE-TIME:

Covers the full scope of the Being’s presence and time span from the moment of a creation through now time extending into the future. Presence-time can span a few moments to thousands of years.

Definition: GAME:

1. A way of amusing oneself, a posture, diversion.

2. A competitive event that is located on a playing field that contains rules and regulations,players and opponents, freedoms and barriers, and a way of scoring which gives you winners and losers.

A game has a purpose which is achieved by players and would include the skills necessary to play the game.


Any hidden or reactive automatic, compulsive or obsessive, non-optimum or destructive game that is unknowingly being dramatized and acted out in presence-time.

Thus the person unknowingly misrepresents what their real but hidden intentions, visions, games, identities, actions and outcomes and how they interact or who their real opponents arein presence-time.

They PRETEND to be doing one thing but secretly they are doing something else entirely different.

The hidden destructive games condition is based on a past bad or incomplete games situation from which the person has created a destructive workable solution at that time – YET THE BEING IS STILL COMPULSIVELY CREATING THAT GAME WITH THE DESTRUCTIVE NOW NON-WORKABLE SOLUTION IN PRESENCE-TIME.

The source point of a Red Zone destructive games condition can be a collapsed universe in which there is a MISREPRESENTED opponent, belief system, upset, problem, kept, harmful act, illiteracy, or a complete denial of cause.

Which in turn can cause the Red Zone symptoms of unluckiness, depression, hopelessness, illness, tiredness, loss incidents, accidents, disasters, blankness, stupidity, abandonment, being a victim, poverty, trauma, broken heart, low mood level, failure, mistake, bankruptcy, fight, hate, fear, anxiety, trance state or any Red Zone levels of existence.

Basically an indicator of a collapsed universe Red Zone counter-presence-time destructive games condition is when the statistics of a person tells you the person is failing in an area but the person is blind to the area or insists that they are doing well.