Insecurity – Hell on Earth

As many of you know we have been having several major breakthroughs with the study, training, coaching and processing technologies in restoring the client’s and our abilities to occupy the high Green and Gold Zones; to achieve this we needed to handle the area of the client’s continuous obsessive/compulsive attraction to becoming locked in mortal combat with destructive Red Zone Games conditions.

As we started achieving the high Green and Gold Zones an underlying cause came to view that acted as a “ghastly monster” that would continuously rob the client of their high Green and Gold Zones states.

That “ghastly monster” was making the client’s life a continuous self induced “hell on earth.”

That “ghastly monster” is INSECURITY!

Two quick definitions of insecurity are:

·   noun: the fear and anxiety you experience when you feel vulnerable and insecure

·   noun: the state of being subject to danger or injury

The root word of insecurity is insecure:

Definition: INSECURE

Main Entry: in·se·cure adjective
Etymology: Medieval Latin insecurus, from Latin in- + securus secure

1: not confident or sure : UNCERTAIN <feeling somewhat insecure of his reception>

2: not adequately guarded or sustained : UNSAFE <an insecure investment>

3: not firmly fastened or fixed : SHAKY <the hinge is loose and insecure>

4a: not highly stable or well-adjusted <an insecure marriage>

b: deficient in assurance : beset by fear and anxiety <always felt insecure in a group of strangers>

in·se·cure·ly adverb
in·se·cure·ness noun
in·se·cu·ri·ty noun

Once you are infested with those “ghastly monsters,” no matter what you do, where you go, you cannot escape the “ghastly monster of your own insecurities” – unless you handle the source of what caused the insecurity.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you living with self created “ghastly insecurity monsters”?

Are those “ghastly insecurity monsters” ruining your life?

Is your joy of presence-time living being destroyed by this “ghastly insecurity monster”?

Are those you are connected to beset by the same self created “ghastly insecurity monsters”?

Are they also ruining your life by imposing their “ghastly insecurity monsters” on you?

Do you cut yours or others reach because of yours or others “ghastly insecurity monsters”?

Is everything you do in life a solution to handling those “ghastly insecurity monsters”?

If your answer is yes to anyone of these questions – there is an answer and a method to erase forever these ghastly monsters.


The first step is to bring them out into the open.

1.   Write out a list of itemized areas you feel insecure in:

2.   Number the items by orders of importance.

3.   Add to the list as more areas come to view.

Just doing this will handle much minor insecurity – plus often you will now know where to look to handle other insecurities.

To do this you must override your long term handling solutions; which are:

Self Created Identity Positions and Strategies to Manage Fear (Distrust of self) and Anxiety (Distrust of others).

Over time you have created the following Identity Positions and Strategies to Manage Fear (Distrust of self) and Anxiety (Distrust of others, people, places, things and subjects).

From trial and error, you have created dominating personality sub-selves or substitute identities that in turn have develop habitual ways to hide or cope with their fears and other anxieties and their consequences.

These ways become semi-conscious, unconscious or involuntary responses (reflexive reactions) – these continue to be acted out automatically until you begin the actions of facing up to these fears and anxieties by doing a step by step de-accessing recovery activity of study, training, coaching and processing procedures that gradiently brings them into conscious awareness – at which times the sources of the “ghastly insecurity monsters” are fully identified and handled.

Some common strategies are:

1.       Dominating (“I will crush the person who made me feel this way – they are my enemy – my opponent.”)

2.       Attacking (“I will overwhelm anyone who gets in my way.”)

3.       Fighting (“I will make them wrong for trying to control or help me.”)

4.       Intellectualizing and over-analyzing (“I can think my way out of this.”)

5.       Fleeing (“I will make myself invisible and hide out.”)

6.       Neglecting (“I don’t care, nothing matters.”)

7.      Succumbing (“I will give in, quit, and have nothing more to do with it.”)

8.      Numbing (“I don’t feel anything.”)

9.      Avoiding (“I’m not going to bother with those boring studies.”)

10.    Over-focusing on the past or the future – a form of avoiding the present.

11.    Procrastinating (“I’ll get around to reading this stuff soon.”)

12.    Self-distracting via chemicals, activities, sleep, fantasizing, and/or obsessing (“mind churning”)

13.    Minimizing (“Yeah, I’m a little uncomfortable, but not scared.”);

14.    Catastrophizing – always mentally preparing for the very worst, however unlikely it may be.

15.    Denying and making nothing of (“Nah! I’m not scared of bankruptcy.”)

16.    Lying – (“Why no, I haven’t had a cigarette or a drink in weeks!”)

17.    Compulsively controlling feelings, relationships, conversations, and situations.

Until a true (vs. pseudo) recovery, habitual fear-protections like these tend to reinforce each other – e.g. “I feel stupid and guilty for catastrophizing all the time, so I minimize my worries,don’t think about them, ‘keep busy,’ and I don’t tell other people how uneasy I am most of the time. I know I shouldn’t do these things so much, but I can’t help it.”


For almost every person it is:


It gets far worse when you are:


Unless you are amazingly brave – your automatic responses will kick in.

You will be like the turtle – pull back into your shell – live inside your zone of comfort – run away – die inside your box.


The biggest problem in facing those “ghastly insecurity monsters” is that your fears and anxieties will turn on very heavily, consequently your most likely behavior will be – “let me
out of here!” or “I’m out of here!” – you do a runner.

The higher you reach – the greater and more intense will be the fears and anxieties that the “ghastly insecurity monsters” will turn on and bombard you with.

Strangely enough the “ghastly insecurity monsters” are often big secrets that people do not want others to know.

INSECURITY acts as a kept.

A person who is secretly insecure stays in hiding.

There are often Codes of Silence surrounding a groups INSECURITY.

The litany of problems and destructive unusual solutions that stem from insecure people are what makes most areas of this planet behave in very Red Zone manners – they will do any destructive or sabotage action in order to stop people from reaching out.

One of the major reasons most people cannot reach into wealth, success, study, training, coaching, or processing or come to the ranch is because too many areas of insecurity turn on.

These INSECURITIES underlie almost all areas of unhappiness.

It is time to break this cycle.

Let us bring the INSECURITY areas out in the open.

It is time to be brave!

June 2, 2007