When Organizing, Follow Natural Laws

When sequencing or laying out your organization board, you should align it to time. 

Time is usually broken into three parts: future, present, and past
This very simple, natural organization structure follows the time and step sequence from consumer contact, through comprehension, sale, payment, and product delivery, to consumer satisfaction.
Management tends to float above the organization board and gets located where trouble is manifesting itself.
A good management team acts to help and back up each area.  It operates from the viewpoint: Area Executive + Management are stronger than just a lone Area Executive. 

Thus the Department Head is greatly strengthened when a difficulty is encountered. 

In a well-run organization, the executive should not have his attention stuck in any one area.  This is a sign of trouble.
An internal organization board would sequence like this:
——-Past——-<l<———-Present——-<l<—–Future—–> —-Public
As you can see, advertising, sales and advanced marketing are placed in the future category.  Why?  Because that is how you create a bigger, better future organization.
An organization board is the sequence and layout of roles and positions that allows the maximum velocity of directed force to travel along and produce the maximum amount of quality products
23 April 1988