Hi! My fellow Zombieists!
My name is Alan.
I am a Zombieist behavioral addict.

I come from a long line of Zombieist behavioral addicts, my mother and father are also Zombie behavioral addicts.
I went to school at Stag Lane Zombie Elementary.
Where I underwent my basic Zombie training and repetitive mind and thought numbing programming.
The basic Zombie program was based on the concept:
        “We do not want people who think or act in an independent manner.”
“After all where will we get our cannon fodder or factory workers from?”
Early academics, business leaders, and government officials considered the masses and peasants to be fools and idiots, uncontrollable and highly dangerous if allowed learning that led to independent thoughts or actions of any sort.  Generation after generation, these self-sabotaging attitudes have been handed down to teachers and parents.
I and my parents before me were taught by masterful Zombie-making teachers whose mind and thought numbing viewpoint is, “You don’t know, therefore shut up, sit still, keep quiet, and listen.”
But don’t blame the teachers; after all, they were once pupils of similar mind and thought numbing teachers.
Spending ten to fifteen years in a submissive Zombie mind and thought numbing pose of, “Shut up, sit still, keep quiet, and listen,” definitely will cause the student to form viewpoints of Zombie mind numbing fear: that bring into being the self-sabotaging precepts of “I mustn’t originate anything – I might be laughed at, or get in trouble” or “I’d better not speak up,” or “I shouldn’t have my own point of view,” and/or “I’d better not get involved,” these are the types of self-sabotaging precepts that set a person up to unknowingly play destructive games.
After graduating from Stag Lane Zombie Elementary – I went to Essendon Zombie Technical College. Where I followed a more in depth Zombie mind and thought numbing program of: “How to be a good Zombie.”
Blah! Blah! Yadda! Yadda!
I escaped from the Zombie programs by running away to the outback in Australia. This lasted for 3 years until my cravings and addiction for Zombieism took control.
Alan C. Walter