20 Golden Keys to a Happier Life

Or, how to create, build and maintain a friend filled, wealthy, successful, and happy high green or gold zone omni-sovereign Empire.

For you to design, build and maintain the life you want you need to know and be able toproduce in life these 20 key actions.

By simply answering each one of these Keys – you will completely re-focus your life, life force particles and energy into a whole new realm of wealth and happiness building action.

Take some time to fill in each key – of course if you cannot find the time to do this – “know you are in a collapsed universe – playing destructive Red Zone Games whilst locked in mortal combat.”

There are 4 indicators of playing destructive Red Zone Games whilst locked in mortal combat; they are:

  1. No Space – When you have no space; none of your needs or wants can exist for you.

2. No Time – When you have no time; then you do not have time for your to succeed at any of your dreams, goals or purpose, if you even have any!

3. No Interest – When you have no interest in an area – there is a good chance you are trapped in some past upset.

4. No Money or Energy. – When you have no money or energy it means your energy is locked in mortal combat.


1. Know what you truly are.

2. Know who you truly are.

3. Know that Life is a composite of games.
a. Play each game to win.
b. Help others play each game to win.

4. Know what your Prime Dream, Goal or Purpose truly is.

5. Know and create worthwhile, loving, caring, honorable, harmonious holographic visions for each Prime Dream, Goal or Purpose.

6. Know what game you are truly playing.

7. Know what your Prime Game truly is.

Most people pretend to themselves that they are playing worthwhile games – yet their statistics tell a totally different story – they tell you that the person is secretly playing a Red Zone destructive Game.

8. Know where your Prime Game Playing field truly is.

9. Know who your Prime Game Fellow Teammates and Players are.

10. Be a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious high action game player – play without reservations.

11. Know what your Game Playing skill and ability level system is – Do you have a destructive always in debt system, a $10,000 a year system, a $50,000 a year system, a $1,000,000 a year system – the calculations are based on valuable money – that is the money left over after all bills and expenses are paid.

12. Know your true actual numbers – No Numbers means no business – It also means the Game you are pretending to play is just a disguise to hide the secret destructive Game you are actually playing.

13. Invest in yourself to get the skills and abilities needed to play your Prime Game without reservation.

14. Always take your next step – it should always be a challenging reach upward – one that instantly creates the idea you do not have the time, interest, money or resources to do that. Turn your problem into a winning challenge.


15. Focus on networking, making upgrading connections, upgrading leads, Lead Generation and Profit Generation

16. Focus on building a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious network – Get and maintain loving, caring, honorable, harmonious communication with your connections, get them on line and take them offline quickly – direct mail and communicate with them offline, phone calls, etc.

17. Make accurate observations, accurate decisions and get into action – quick.

18. Become a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious Master Platform Speaker.

19. Become a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious Master at Educating and Selling your visions – Build connections and leads & Do seminars.

20. Become a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious Master at Edu-Selling – Edu-Sell one on one – Build a loving, caring, honorable, harmonious Master Edu-Sales Team.

16 July 2007