The Hugely Successful and Life Force Particles

Over the thirty-five years that I have been training and consulting people and companies internationally, one question always remained unanswered.

Why was it that some people and companies could achieve their Dreams and Aspirations and be hugely successful, yet others who had the same training and consulting could not?

I’ve had or helped students and clients who became Oscar winners, National Football League’s Most Valuable Player, Wimbledon Champions; I’ve had near bankrupts turn themselves into multi-millionaires, and corporations that have doubled and tripled their sales.

At the same time, there were students, clients, and corporations that set similar goals and intentions, yet produced very little.

As I analyzed the hugely successful from the mediocre, it became self-evident that the difference had nothing to do with goal setting or aspirations.

It had to do with energy.

The hugely successful had much more energy than the mediocre.

The hugely successful were more honest, more in control of their time and space, and could make their intention and visions project powerfully into the physical universe.

They found time and space to practice, practice, practice, until they achieved mastery and could demonstrate competence.

The hugely successful had a far greater energy quotient than the mediocre.

It was as though the Dreams and Aspirations of the hugely successful were powered by a jet engine, while those of the mediocre were powered by a rubber band that would constantly run out of power and need to be rewound again and again.

And it seemed that the mediocre were easily distracted or stopped from achieving their Dreams and Aspirations.

The hugely successful had a hidden empowerer; a greater amount of energy with which to empower their Dreams and Aspirations.

Energy in quantity gives you power in quantity.

What was this source of energy?


Dynamic power depends totally on the quantity of energy, and that stems from the amount of available positive life-force particles.

Dynamic power is having the energy and the ability to take, maintain, and enhance a position and, from that position, direct a flow of life-force particles toward a specific outcome.

Communication is the basic tool for directing flows of life-force particles.

Thus, one’s ability to direct flows of life-force particles depends totally on one’s ability to communicate.

Einstein is said to have made the statement that we are using only 1% of our potential.

I disagree totally with that statement.

At all times, we are using 100% of our potential.  1% may be used knowingly and 99% unknowingly, but that 99% is still being used.

The question is: What is that 99% being used for?

Is it being used to hold us in our own box?

To negate our abilities?

To handle imagined enemies?

To forget the past?

To maintain our smallness or mediocrity?

What is this potential, anyway?

It has taken me thirty-five years to find the answer to that question.

Your potential is your energy quotient that stems from the amount of available life-force particles.

From here on, your energy quotient will be known as life-force particles.

The discovery of your life-force particles is a momentous breakthrough in the subject of correctly predicting the future, for it is the investment of life-force particles that creates future events, future greatness, future pleasure, and future joy.

This discovery explains why some people are able to win consistently, while others struggle to get by.

It explains why some people are powerful and others weak.

It explains why some athletes can maintain form while others perform inconsistently.

And it explains why some people make fortunes while others live in poverty.

The key to this discovery is the subject of harnessing and directing the flow of positive life-force particles through one’s paradigms by the use of communication.

It is life-force flowing through a paradigm that manifests itself as your mood level.  The slower the velocity, the lower the mood; the lower the mood, the less is accomplished.

One must understand that life-force particles are a quantitative subject.

To understand a person’s full capacity of force, we shall use the analogy of the computer CAD/CAM system. CAD/CAM, the acronym for Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing, is a process where all work, from designing to finished product, is done by computer.

It is a physical universe program (vision), design (plan), manufacturing (implementation), and finished product inventory (result) paradigm that operates through direct communication links between all the parts.

The force, or power capacity, of the computer is measured in bits and bytes (there are eight bits to a byte).

A small CAD/CAM computer has thirty-two million bytes, a capacity of 256-million bits.

The human being paradigm has a much greater potential than a CAD/CAM computer.

Applied to a person, we could say that at full operating capacity, the individual would have many trillions of bits, which we know as life-force particles.

Man could be defined as a force flow directing, portable, mobile CAD/CAM that is guided by a soul or spirit known as You.

The basic force in the universe is life-force; particles are small pieces, bits, fragments, or parts of a whole.

Life-force particles then can be defined as fragments of the life-force known as You.

Therefore, your power is determined by the quantity of life-force particles you have available.

The complete or whole person would be someone who has all of their life-force particles available or a large proportion invested in great futures.

What should be known about these life-force particles is that they are duplicitous in nature.


DUPLICITOUS: adj.  Given to or marked by duplicity.

DUPLICITY:  n.  1.  Deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech; double dealing.  2.  The quality or state of being twofold or double. [ME. duplicite < OFr. < LLat. duplicitas < Lat. duplex, twofold.]

It is this duplicitous aspect that sets them floating in time and space.  Thus they can be placed anywhere at any time.

When free, they will float into the present and can connect with other life-force particles to cause a dynamic upward shift in power, wealth, achievement, and happiness.

These life-force particles contain:

1.   Love/Hate

2.   Awareness/Unawareness

3.   Knowledge/Ignorance

4.   Attention Attractingness/Attention Dispersalness

5.   Intelligence/Stupidity

6.   Intention/Oppositional Intention

7.   Vision/Blankness

8.   Memory/Forgetting

9.   Energy/Inertia

10.  Positive Polarity/Negative Polarity

11.  Magnetic Attraction/Magnetic Repulsion

12.  Cause/Effect

13.  Red, blue and green dot colorization/Invisibleness

One could call life-force particles spiritual money.  In the physical universe, money is the life-force particle.

A life-force particle has the same value as the value of an ounce of gold.

With all of one’s life-force particles available and positively aligned in present time, one would be awesome and wealthy indeed!

You would do well to reread the above data.

Here we have isolated the energy quotient and power source of any individual or, for that matter, all individuals participating in any group endeavor.

A group is as powerful and wealthy as it has the accumulated life-force particles positively aligned and available for use.

When you release life-force particles, you must increase knowledge, ownership, and responsibility, and utilize and direct the recovered life-force particle power to produce optimum situations.

Doing otherwise will cause the life-force particles to dissipate into unimportant problems and empower those problems until they become overwhelming.

To maintain positive control over life-force particles, it is vital to increase your knowledge and to occupy an optimum position.  An optimum position is an optimum role or identity.

Knowledge = Control of positive life-force particles = Optimum role performance = Increased control and causation over your life and actions.

The focusing of available life-force particles gives you concentration and horsepower.

The larger the quantity of life-force particles you can focus, the more powerful and alive you are, the more powerful is your ability to concentrate and the more likely you are to be hugely successful and to attain your dreams and aspirations.

Imagine owning a powerful racing car that’s capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles an hour.  It’s engine is capable of supplying tremendous horsepower with all parts interacting perfectly and the engine fine-tuned to maximum efficiency.

Two of the cylinders lose power and the speed begins to drop.  Then two more cylinders lose power; the car slows dramatically.

This analogy of the cylinders losing power is the same as a person losing life-force particles; you will still have the basic power but you cannot utilize it.

Now the rest of the cylinders malfunction; in order to move this beautiful racing car, it must be pushed.  It can no longer operate on its own power; it has become dysfunctional.

The same thing happens to people when they lose their positively aligned life-force particles.  The flow of life-force particles ceases.  They go immobile and have to be told what to do; they become dysfunctional.

They become dependent on others for their forward motion in life.

But power is more than just directed flows of life-force particles.

Power also contains awareness of the effects that are created by the directed flow of life-force particles and the knowledge of how to direct the flow of life-force particles to produce the required outcomes.

It contains the ability to focus your own and others’ attention so that they are out of harm’s way; so that the use of life-force particles doesn’t damage anyone.

This is using intention and vision to direct the flow of life-force to create exactly and correctly the who, what, where, when, how, why, and mood you want, and the ability to use life-force intelligently so that it produces high mood levels and aesthetic, pleasing results.

Because life-force particles contain awareness, attention, knowledge, memory, intention, vision, intelligence, energy, polarity, magnetism, emotions, cause, love, and red, blue, and green dot colorization, the loss of life-force particles means the loss of these as well.

The recovery and positive realignment of life-force particles would mean a gain in awareness, a gain in attention, a gain in the ability to get and have knowledge, increased memory, more powerful intentions, and visions that manifest themselves faster and more accurately in the physical universe.

It means a more dynamic level of energy, aligned polarities, and magnetism that has the ability to attract the right people and things in the right time and in the right places.

It enables a person to maintain a higher cause level over his life and operate at a much higher mood level, and to love and be loved by many.

One also would have a greatly increased level of intelligence which allows one to live a much smarter, more successful life.

The life-force particles of which an individual has comprehension and control over can be used to attain what the person wants, and are thus positive life-force particles.

The life-force particles an individual doesn’t comprehend, that are out of his control, locked up in past, present, or future occurrences, cannot be used and actually can hinder the person from attaining what he wants.  Thus they are negative life-force particles.

It is this energy quotient, the quantity of life-force particles, that directly monitors where you are on the Zones chart.

This in turn directly positions you as to what you can be, do, or own.

It affects greatly your success, prosperity, and happiness in all areas of life.