Ascending The Zones Demands Honesty

From more than thirty years of processing and training hundreds of thousands of individuals and numerous organizations, a common denominator has emerged that is senior to all other behavior traits or manifestations: MAN IS BASICALLY HONEST.

Whether it be golf, football, relationships, business, government, or other human endeavor, the higher the level of game being played, the higher the degree of honesty required.

Basically, the Green Zone is defined from the subject of excellent communication skills. Whether it is written or verbal, communication always must contain the who, what, when, where, how, why, mood, importance, and value.

Honesty could be defined further as the correctness and exactness of who, what, when, where, how, why, mood, importance, and value. The higher in the Green Zone, the more precise and exact is the correctness of the who, what, when, where, how, why, mood, importance, and value.

As one falls down the Zones, the level of honesty of self deteriorates to such a degree that the original being ceases to exist and a substitute identity is put in its place (Red Zone). Naturally, this is the height of dishonesty. Thus we get a false or generalized who, what, where, when, how, why; and a lower, disguised mood, importance, and value.

The dishonest person has a confusion and an inability to handle or distinguish correctly the way life is; they perceive and identify what something is, then deny it and makes it what it is not. This reversal is true also of dishonesty; the person perceives falsely or assesses something as existing when in truth it does not exist.

One of our clients is an example of this. When she was two-years old, she perceived a threat to the way she wanted her life to be; a threat to her very survival. She could not face up to, or admit, that this threat was coming from her mother, someone she loved and should be able to trust.

This failure to perceive and acknowledge the truth was the first dishonesty.

In an attempt to handle this threat to her survival, she went to another for help. This man turned out to be perverted enough to take advantage of her pain and anguish and offered her food and comfort if she performed certain acts.

This she decided to do, and performed the acts with the perverted child molester in exchange for aid and comfort. However, these actions violated her personal integrity; the second major dishonesty.

Further, she did not face up to, or take responsibility for the fact that she had done these destructive actions. Instead, she adopted an identity that she thought would do that type of thing and made the identity responsible for the action. Another major dishonesty.

By this time she had built up so many dishonesties, harmful acts, and kepts that she completely separated from the area and blocked it out of her memory.

She ceased to exist as herself and existed only as the identity, pretending it was her. The denial took away her ability to control the destructive identity.

Compulsively controlled by the denied, destructive identity, she continuously repeated the destructive actions of that identity. By denying the destructive identity, she was saying that what existed didn’t exist.

When she realized that the destructive identity did exist, she was able to handle it, make it vanish and be causative in the area.

When two or more of these substitute identities attempt to have a relationship of some kind, the dishonesties act as negative processes and cause a gradual deterioration of the relationship, which becomes increasingly destructive and ceases to work.

The being restrains itself and withdraws even farther; thus we get the phenomenon of ABSENCE.

When one observes absence in an area, they are observing an area that contains a great deal of dishonesty.

Further, most beings are opposed to dishonesty, therefore will attack it. This causes the dishonest being to feel that life is dangerous and that they had better be careful, which causes them to withdraw even farther.

Inability to be in the right place at the right time is directly related to the being’s level of honesty.

Since Man is basically honest, a denial of honesty (dishonesty) is a denial of self. This alone causes a diminishment of self (getting smaller) to a point of negation of self (being someone or something else).

We can perceive that the more dishonest the being, the weaker the being, which leads to more problems and more upsets, which weaken the being still further.

The being now has so many problems and upsets that they have to use desperate solutions just to survive. These desperate solutions are often harmful acts; will harm those to whom they are connected, and those they harm will push the being out of their environment. The being will feel unwanted and tend to go out of communication.

Drugs or alcohol are substitutes for self, thus they are dishonesties.

Honesty makes good working relationships.

Honesty allows for the ability and certainty of reaching out.

Dishonesty causes bad, dysfunctional relationships and a compulsion to be drawn into partnership with the wrong whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, whys, and lower mood levels.

When you observe someone who can’t arrive, or can’t arrive in a particular place on time, or is unable to comprehend what’s going on, you are dealing with someone who cannot handle honesty. They cannot be in the right place at the right time; success is beyond their reach.

Honesty allows unity or oneness with an area or person; dishonesty causes separation and apartness.

The more dishonesty, the more distant and apart one becomes from an area or person; so distant and apart that the person ceases to be connected to or, worse, actively attacks the area; he has become toxic.



TOXIC: adj. 1. Of or pertaining to a toxin (a poisonous substance) 2. Harmful, destructive or deadly.

(American Heritage Dictionary)


Complete unity is complete friendliness. As one separates and distances themself, they become less friendly until they begin to reverse, negate or oppose an area or person.

Dishonesty causes them to oppose life and those successful actions that cause winning, health, wealth, and happiness. Too much dishonesty produces loss, poverty, and unhappiness.

One of the major skills needed to maintain honesty is the ability to duplicate success, health, wealth, winning actions, and high mood levels.

Inability to duplicate is a form of dishonesty.

Demonstration of the ability to duplicate is performance and production at the same level of excellence and craftsmanship as that which afforded the model.



Life, as well as countries, companies, sales, or production, can be measured. The measure is the score of an action’s production.

A winning or successful life is always in an uptrend.

A losing or failing life is always in a downtrend.

Many people do not keep records of their activities, therefore they do not know their score. Without scores, or a way to measure what’s going on, you cannot gauge how you are doing.

Betterment means your life is in an uptrend.

Getting worse denotes a downtrend.

Honesty allows one to get better: UPTREND.

Dishonesty causes one to get worse: DOWNTREND.

One’s first perception of life in any area should be an identification: WHAT TREND AM I IN? Up? Or Down?

Knowing your trend enables you to perceive more honestly and come up with more correct answers.

It is vital that you VALIDATE, ACKNOWLEDGE, AND REINFORCE UPTRENDS. This empowers honesty and betterment.

It is vital also that you become unreasonable about and with DOWNTRENDS. You must be tough on yourself and admit that you are in a DOWNTREND. Denial, justification or rationalization that it is okay to be in a downtrend is deadly.

The only way to return to an uptrend is ruthless honesty with yourself. Your first action must be to ask: “WHAT IS IT THAT I DON’T KNOW?”


There are seven basic causes of non-duplication and dishonesty that downgrade the individual by trapping vast quantities of life-force particles and putting you in the wrong place at ty wrong time, doing the wrong things with the wrong people. These causes are:

  1. DOESN’T KNOW. (This includes don’t know they don’t know, and doesn’t want to know). Basically, this is subject illiteracy and failing to apply the actions needed to learn.

Pretense is a much deadlier, more dishonest form of ‘doesn’t know’ because a pretender creates a false or delusive environment, which guarantees wrong answers and lowered trends. Further, someone who is pretending feel they have to maintain the pretense in order to survive. This is a TOXIC PERSON.

The measure of knowledge at the level of Mastery is whether YOU CAN DO IT REPEATEDLY AND CONSISTENTLY AT A HIGH LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE. You have attained MASTERY when you can do this.

The difference between MASTER, amateur, mediocrity, or failure is, THE MASTER HAS FULL KNOWLEDGE OF, AND SKILL IN, THEIR SUBJECT. The amateur, mediocrity, or failure doesn’t know what they did right, therefore can’t repeat the action at anywhere near the same level of consistency or excellence.


  1. PILED ON TOP OF. There are several methods used in pile it on top of layering.

The average person’s slates are covered with writing, cluttered with contradictory information, pain, or losses, which now prevent the recording of data or experience. This causes the individual to become dysfunctional. They become immobilized or confused and they can’t invest, or they invest in the wrong area.


  1. WRONG ANSWERS are caused by coming to a wrong conclusion about a question one is asking oneself about how to handle a problem or life situation.

Wrong answers crash paradigms, relationships, economies, countries, companies, and lives.


  1. PARADIGM CRASH. This is a breakdown of the machine that the being has put together to coordinate harmonious interplay with life, others, the physical universe, the spirit, the mind, the body, and the intended outcomes. When this breakdown occurs, one loses their vision in the area, which leaves the being prone to being run by others.

Failure to monitor and maintain responsibility for all parts of the paradigm causes the being to lose control of their life and their intended product; they come under the control of outside forces and others and their life will not work.


  1. OUT OF COMMUNICATION. When the three situations covered above occur, the being tends to withdraw because they are loaded with unknowns, wrong answers and, in order to survive, usually is doing things they don’t want to do.

The being knows they are in this condition and that it is a harmful act for them to communicate because they’ll put out only incorrect or generalized whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows, whys, and false or fake mood levels. They feel, and often are, threatened when they communicate.


  1. NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY AND TIREDNESS. These are phenomena that are created by dishonesty in eating and inability to duplicate successful eating actions.

The being attempts obsessively to suppress the body by poisoning it. One acts out wrong answers to life by using wrong answers to operate the body. Too many wrong answers cause stress and lack of ease.

Further, if the wrong answers come from denial and low responsibility, one will not be able to control their attention or mind, will be kept awake and forced to worry, thus become tired.

When one is in this state, the body is TOXIC. A TOXIC body causes one to lose all gains. If one is TOXIC too long, one becomes a TOXIC PERSON. Nothing around a TOXIC body works.

If you find yourself eating compulsively, or needing drugs or alcohol, you are TOXIC.


  1. PHYSICALLY ILL. When all of the above continue for a long enough period of time, the body begins to break down in certain areas, which breakdown will manifest as illness.




A phenomenon of the last thirty years is that the food chain (what we eat and drink), has become more and more toxic.

Basics, such as milk, cheese, butter, most vegetables, and almost all meats, have been artificially enhanced by toxic chemicals to extend their shelf life, make them look good, grow bigger or heavier, or cut down on the time it takes to be full-grown.

The nutritional value of these products is only a fraction of what it was in the days when the food chain was natural; add poisonous water and polluted air, and you have a real problem on your hands.

I believe that many of America’s education problems, as well as the vast increase in drug and alcohol abuse, stem from this toxicity.

In the ’60s, I could train almost anyone who could read and write to be an excellent executive within two to three years. Today, it takes five to eight years to produce the same results.

The simple fact is that most people have so many life-force particles tied up in their bodies that they cannot concentrate or perform anywhere near their past ability.

Lack of available life-force particles causes an inability to concentrate; inability to concentrate causes misduplication; misduplication causes dishonesty.

Nutritional deficiencies cause overweight, underweight, and lack of energy.

Would you believe that the majority of vitamins and nutritional supplements are TOXIC?

Almost all vitamin companies use chemical solvents to bind and coat the powders from which the vitamin tablet is formed. These chemical solvents are carcinogenic.

Further, even the minutest particles of the ingredients in the tablets are coated so that, unless you have the digestive capabilities to create the most intense concentration of hydrochloric acid to dissolve the chemical solvent coating, the vitamin passes through the body unused.

When your body can’t assimilate nutrients properly from the food you’re eating, you’re forced to eat more, or you reject the food entirely.

Your body feels lethargic and acts sluggish; it takes much more energy to do something. It is hard to make your life work when you feel like this.

If you are like the majority of people who have consumed large quantities of caffeine, or poisoned themselves with chemical-enhanced soft drinks, you probably have damaged your body’s food assimilation capabilities.

It is amazing how a person’s success, health, wealth, and mood levels rise when they become less toxic. The reason for this is simple.

With a healthy body, the being frees up immense quantities of life-force particles; the body responds more quickly and with greater accuracy. This allows the person to put greater power and focus on his dreams.



Education is the basis of the way in which one assimilates, owns, and disseminates knowledge.

Knowledge handles the “don’t knows” of life.

The ability to disseminate knowledge (nontoxic communication) helps educate others to know.

The ability to learn is vital if one wishes to UPTREND their life so that they can have success, health, wealth, high mood levels, and happiness.

When you lack the ability to assimilate, own, and disseminate knowledge, not only do you become worse, so also do those around you.

Your ability to learn is very much dependent on your degree of honesty.

The proof of your knowing something is whether you can DO IT. The quality of honesty is monitored by consistency and level of excellence.

Total knowledge in an area would mean total mastery.

Education is the basis of integrity. Integrity means wholeness or completeness.

The optimum vision of education would be each subject completely studied until a state of mastery is achieved.

One must study the whole subject, be able to demonstrate consistent, excellent application, and produce high quality, high viability, high production of products or outcomes in the studied area before they can truly say they’ve mastered the knowledge.

If you study only bits of the subject, or pieces of the skill and practice only a little or not at all, you have set up a destructive, harmful act study pattern that will cause you to lose your self-worth or self-respect.

Worse yet, you will have become a piece or a bit of a person, mystified about life and what it takes to make your life work for you.

It is this dishonest, out-integrity teaching method that is destroying the minds and bodies of our students.

It is the failure of educators that they don’t teach, and study, and practice the hell out of a subject until the student can do it again and again with consistent excellence to a level of mastery.

Missing this one vital step creates TOXIC EDUCATION.

The end result is someone who never will become the best that they can be.

This begins the separation between what a person says and what they do. Honesty demands that there be no separation between what is said and what is done.

When one betrays their codes or standards of value, they lose their self-respect and sense of self-worth; they become a dishonest person.

When one can do one thing well, they can then do another thing well, then another, and another, ad infinitum.

Perhaps you think I am down on educators. I am not. I have trained and consulted thousands of teachers; to a person, they are dedicated, and heartbroken that they cannot do better.

The problem is not the educator, for without them the world would be a far worse place, our lives would be much more destructive, and there would be very little hope of success, health, wealth or happiness.

No. The problem is that the educator is being administered by TOXIC seniors who are governed by TOXIC boards of education using a TOXIC system, and is dealing with TOXIC students who are coming from TOXIC families.

When that much TOXICITY is put together, you get TOXIC EDUCATION that produces TOXIC STUDENTS, and dishonest, out-integrity GRADUATES, which produces TOXIC OUTCOMES.



The honesty of man is showing itself throughout the world.

There are new revelations every day of corruption and torture, and reports of atrocities such as genocide, coming from former communist-block countries.

Scandals rock the governments and businesses of Japan and Australia, and many other countries are uncovering vast deep-rooted corruption and chicanery in their business and government leaders.

The business community in the U.S. has been hit by the Savings and Loan scandal, insider trading, and the dishonest actions and behavior of large religious organizations and their leaders.

It is my belief that the world is undergoing a vast cleansing. But the degree of dishonesty, corruption, murder, torture, false imprisonment, locking away dissidents in mental institutions, poisoning of environments by radioactive wastes, and the general toxic behavior of governments, their leaders, parliaments, big business and their leaders, and many religious organizations and their leaders, is more vast than anyone can imagine.

The fact is, there is a worldwide grass roots movement that is attacking these so-called citadels of vested interest.

The world is becoming one; boundaries are slowly disappearing. Truth and honesty are the weapons of the grass roots movement.

The world is discovering that healthy reciprocating communication is vital for the greatest good.

TOXIC COMMUNICATION: Someone speaks. The person who’s listening thinks, “I’ll wait until they shut up so I can speak,” or, “I can’t understand it so I’ll change the subject or say nothing.”

HEALTHY RECIPROCATING COMMUNICATION: You speak, someone listens; they speak, you listen.

Add these eight vital steps to honesty, excellence, quality, and empowerment that handle tacit and other forms of sabotage:

  1. Recognition of ability.
  1. Appreciation of ability.
  1. Acknowledgment of ability.
  1. Empowerment of ability.
  1. Mutual recognition of ability.
  1. Mutual appreciation of ability.
  1. Mutual acknowledgment of ability.
  1. Mutual empowerment of ability.

Dissemination of knowledge (healthy communication) cannot work in the presence of dishonesty. Dishonest people alter, pervert, or stop arrival of the knowledge disseminated. When that happens, relationships between people, countries, and mankind get worse.

Wars and fights are actually desperate forms of forceful attempt to get another to receive and understand communication.

Criminality and sickness both are forms of inability to function.

When a country becomes too toxic, its jails fill up and there is a movement for national health schemes. When a country has been run by toxic leaders and toxic policies for too long, the population becomes sick. If nothing is done to correct this toxic behavior, nature sends in a cure, usually in the form of a plague that wipes out millions.

During the middle ages, the black plague killed millions in Europe. The flu killed millions in the early 1900s. Today, AIDS is infecting and killing millions.

Each of these plagues has been preceded by an era of unbelievable corruption, atrocities, and dishonesty.



The collapse and bankruptcy of the communist world unleashed close to a billion toxic people into the Western World.

The West has just inherited 20% of the world’s most toxic people. Add to this our own toxicity, as well as that of most of the other Western nations, and we may well have a worldwide breakdown of society.

There’s a race going on between capitalism and communism to see which will go bankrupt first.

It has become evident that huge sums of money and resources were channeled into the pockets of communist party leaders; very little was invested in the education and improvement of people, businesses or agriculture.

The only hope of the world is those people who are dedicated to honesty and the elimination of toxicity.

I returned recently from trips to Australia and England. Both countries, as well as Germany, Japan, and the U.S., are on the verge of economic chaos.

Bankruptcies, foreclosures, joblessness, and national debts are rising at an alarming rate. Behind these chaotic situations were major corruption and scandal at the highest levels. Dishonesty may have brought about the beginning of a worldwide depression.

Societies collapse when they become too toxic. Chronicles of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire tell us that the empire was built on honesty, fair play, and exchange of value for value given.

The Roman Empire exchanged its knowledge and market places in return for goods and service. Everybody won. Then came the toxic leaders and their demand for more than they gave; so began the fall.

A government that takes more than it gives is dishonest and trends will go down.

When a business takes more than it gives, its trends begin to go down.

When an individual takes more than they give, they begin to lose.

One who takes and gives nothing in return is a criminal.

An education system that turns out toxic graduates will crash the society because its graduates take more than they give and will drive those they work for into bankruptcy.

With enough of these bankruptcies, the country itself will go into bankruptcy, which is just what happened to Russia.

The reverse also is true. Those who give more than they take find they are on a rising trend. The more they give, the more success, health, wealth and happiness they experience.

Businesses or nations that give more than they take become affluent and powerful. They must maintain their levels of honesty to maintain those states.

But one must not give too much, or they will turn the receiver into a criminal. The optimum exchange is slightly more given than is taken.

Children are spoiled and become criminals when their parents give too much and demand nothing in return.

The problem with welfare is that it makes the recipient feel worthless; it’s very destructive to the individual if they cannot make adequate exchange.

The reverse is also true; a great deal of resentment is created when the giver feels the exchange is of insufficient value.

The main reason ignorant people remain ignorant or illiterate is that they rationalize to themselves that they can’t be held responsible if they don’t know the real cost in effort, finance, and force.

When you perceive someone who is not winning, who is being a victim, who cannot make their life work, who resists knowledge; when you perceive a person who cannot rise up the ladder of awareness, you see someone who is so dishonest that they would prefer to destroy themself than perceive and acknowledge what another has had to do to produce a result from which they have benefited.

My staff and I run into this constantly.

I have spent millions of dollars and thirty years of my life dedicated to this subject. My staff has spent years on low pay and many long hours to help. We have endured a great deal of abuse and make nothing of as we kept moving forward.

We quickly lose interest in a low-life cretin who complains about the cost or exchanges demanded when he sponged off his parents and gave nothing in return.

When they wasted his years at school goofing off, doing drugs, or in general betraying all those who spent time, effort, attention and money to help him have a better life, and who gave back only abuse, condemnation, and blame.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be charitable, but charity should get something in return. It might be that the recipient does something for another — perhaps telling a bedridden person a story.

Or it might be filling a large garbage bag with roadside trash; perhaps scrubbing the toilets. It doesn’t matter what they do, but failure to GET SOMETHING IN EXCHANGE makes him feel worthless.

Life itself disciplines the person, business, or country that fails to exchange properly and no one insists on proper exchange.

Disasters occur, businesses collapse, jobs are lost.

Life has a nasty and often harsh way of punishing and disciplining those who have been dishonest.

Are you all you can be?

Are you giving slightly more than you receive?

Are you in action as regards being more honest?

What are you going to do about cleaning up the toxic people on this planet?



As covered earlier, Man is a composite being, made up of many parts. The three basic parts are the Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Because each entity has its own purposes and functions, a great deal of chaos can result from three different entities operating at once.

Multiply this by the numbers of the human race, the physical universe and other life forms and their purposes and functions, and one has a great deal of activity to monitor, organize, handle, and control.

This universe tends to collapse in on one who is TOXIC.

This is extremely painful and the person ends up doing some very strange things; things such as drugs, alcohol, obsessive/compulsive actions, etc., to get away from the pain.

Puberty is where chaos really exhibits itself.

Most children cannot distinguish between spirit, mind, and body, and the body suddenly is filled with all sorts of strange urges, especially in the reproductive area.

If he or she fails to sort this out, the youngster could think they are perverted or weird. A great deal of shame and regret is caused by them not being able to honestly sort out those urges.

The TOXIC person cannot distinguish which urges, purposes, or memories belong to which entity. This ties up attention and causes even more difficulties.

TOXIC people have little or no awareness of themselves as spiritual beings. They often are controlled by their minds and have very poor discipline over their bodies.

Because it is the spirit that sets the standards, demands honesty and truth, and creates the visions of excellence, they cannot be the best they can be.

A sound mind contributes to a vision of excellence by creating plans and coordinating estimation of effort needed to get the body to implement and achieve those visions.

The spirit uses its ability to intend and create a vision, which in turn programs and directs the mind to come up with the optimum plan for the body to implement so that the outcome matches the vision.

When this is done, one is in high action.



The optimum level to which anyone can aspire is Honesty of Action.

That means you are where you said you would be, when you said you were going to be there.

You are who you say you are and you do what you promise.

Your reason for doing something is the reason, not some hidden or ulterior motive.

You make the effort to learn the knowledge of how to do, to the best of your ability.

You work and act at optimum speed, in the optimum mood level.

And you produce the finest, best-quality product you can produce.

Operating at this optimum level means you are true to yourself and your dreams and that you don’t compromise your vision.

You follow your plans instantly. You implement those plans the best you can, always seeking to do it better. Your outcomes are true to your vision and are what you promised.

You will truly become successful, healthy, wealthy and happy even in the worst of environments or times if you follow this sequence. 

Action alone determines mood, for emotion is the basis of mood.

E-Motion means the amount of effort it takes the spirit to cause something to move. The more in motion, the less effort, the higher the mood.

Action is what distinguishes honesty from dishonesty, truth from falsity, pretense from genuineness.

Champions are people who operate at the optimum action level of their games. Huge crowds come to watch their demonstrations of competence.

A champion must be in the right place at the right time. That requires honesty of perception, prediction, intention, visualization, motion, and competence.

A champion or star must be able to perform consistently and excellently.

All top class performances, whether they be on the sports field, a musical instrument, television, film or any other field of endeavor, all require duplication and honesty of action to be believable and produce the intended result.

To be a worthy person you must have worthy dreams, worthy visions, worthy plans, worthy skills to implement and bring about worthy outcomes.

Worthy people give more than they receive; that is what makes them worthy.

Their action makes a difference. They take away the toxicity; they act now. They don’t let the unimportant and petty block their vision, for their visions and dreams are vast and that makes them vast. No small-time blame and shame, just big-time worthy goals, visions, plans, and actions that create a difference to their life and the lives of others.

Get into action now. Never let it be said that when you had the chance to make a difference you were too toxic to act. If you don’t know what to do, ask us; we’ll help.

Let’s act as a team. With what we know and with lots of action, we can make a vast difference to each other and those around us, and they, in turn, will detoxify those around them.

You must act now or you will never forgive yourself.

Set worthy, sky-high goals to become all you can be and more. Learn the technology to eliminate toxic people.



The greatest area of dishonesty is the denial of one’s basic abilities.

The next greatest area of dishonesty is the denial of the basic abilities of others.

By denying yourself as a spiritual being and substituting lesser identities, you have placed beyond your reach all the knowledge, power, strength, intelligence, cleverness, higher awareness, accuracy of perception, certainty, and velocity of action, warmth, love, enjoyment, spirit of play, causativeness, fun and laughter that are natural for a spiritual being. This is the basis of Tacit Sabotage.

Dishonesty goes on layer by layer. The more layers of dishonesty a being has, the smaller and less aware they are; the less their power and strength; the less clever they are; the less their ability to make things go right; the less their ability to love; the less their ability to enjoy life, the less their ability to have fun and laughter.

When laughter has gone from life, so too has honesty.

A major game played by Red Zone identities is that of trying to convince one another how weak and unintelligent and how much a victim they are.

This is always a lie; sitting behind this lie there are dishonesties.

Shakespeare said “All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.”

We have the power of choice over our roles as long as we do not deny our abilities. The choice of roles diminishes tremendously when one is into denial of abilities.

One didn’t drop suddenly from the state of full potential to a state of struggling to survive.

The decline of awareness and its concurrent loss of potential and abilities have been going on for a long, long time. Actually, one dropped down the scale of awareness layer by layer.

It is important to understand the phenomenon of layers, for one drops down the levels of existence as one adds more layers of dishonesty.

As a being directs its life-force particles into an area, its purpose is to understand the area fully. To do this the being asks questions.

Providing it gets correct answers, the being will expand, become cause, and will be able to exhibit control and power of choice over the area.

As the being expands, it runs into more and more areas of unknowns. The being keeps asking questions, but because of the quantity of life-force particles tied up in the area, the being often ends up with wrong answers to its questions.

A layer of dishonesty is created because the area contains incorrect whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows, whys, and lower moods. The being loses control and cause and becomes controlled by, and at the effect of, the area.

Lacking the right answers, the being has created a trap for itself. To escape this trap, the being decides it wants out, or wants to quit. In order to do this and still save face, the being invents a reason why this area is no longer any good, which is a form of denial.

The being broadly disseminates these rationalizations and justifications and creates agreement, at which time it becomes okay to leave. But in leaving, the being also leaves part of itself locked up in the puzzle of the trap and in trying to find the right answers.

Now the being is not as big, powerful, intelligent, clever, aware, or as certain as it was before. The being starts a new game in this reduced condition and begins another cycle of conquering an area by asking questions and getting right answers until it goofs and finds wrong answers.

The cycle repeats, and again the rationalizations and the justifications occur to make it okay to quit this new area.

This cycle has been repeated over and over again, building up more and more layers of wrong answers, rationalizations, and justifications (dishonesties), until now. These layers actually approximate the Zones.

That is, you are Green Zone, find wrong answers and drop into the Yellow Zone; find more wrong answers, drop into the Red Zone and become an operating wrong answer.

You then quit, leave, and start again in a new area in the Green Zone, drop into the Yellow Zone, then the Red Zone, then quit again.

You repeat these cycles over and over in an ever-diminishing size of self.

Should you intend to transcend this downward spiral and transform yourself to your former full potential, you will experience the reverse of those past cycles.

The sequence now goes: in the Red Zone, find some right answers; rise to the Yellow Zone and find lots of right answers; rise to the top of the Green Zone and find the truth.

You may stay in the Green Zone for minutes or even years; it all depends on how intense is your commitment to the ascension of self.

If you are like most, you will find yourself moving through the Green Zone into a higher Red Zone. If you do not know this data, you will think you have made yourself worse.

Not so!



All you need to do is have the Paradigm Crash Handling materials and you will be able to unlock that next layer of dishonesty.

That is what the Chart of Ascension really is: the map of how you declined from your most powerful states and how to ascend back to them.

I have worked to uncover the way to unlock each layer of dishonesty and wrong answers until there are no more locks on the doors (layers) to freedom. I completed this research work on the 28th of August 1991.

The Paradigm Crash Handling was the last missing piece of the puzzle.

So don’t get stuck in your next layer of dishonesty.

Move through, again and again, until all the layers have been unlocked and you are back to full operating potential with restored power, strength, intelligence, cleverness, and abilities to perform miracles.

There are no short cuts. You must correct ALL your wrong answers to life.

Your case is your collection of wrong answers to life.

Many of you have tried other philosophies and had great wins until you ran into your higher levels of dishonesty.

Don’t discount what you’ve gained; come in and we can easily correct your past wrong answers and help you continue toward your dream and attainment of transcendence.

This is the basic purpose of training and processing.

The purpose of processing is to unlock the layers of dishonesty that were caused by finding wrong answers and acting on them, causing harm, false existences, and false reality about life, thus putting yourself into a lowered state.

Processing reverses this condition by helping you find the right answers, therefore the truth, which will set you free.

The purpose of training is to give you the skills and knowledge to find right answers and truth and be able to set your clients free.

The end product of training and processing is a being who is back to full potential, full love, and full operating abilities and who can help others ascend to that state.

The end product of the ultimate learning center is the world population set free of the traps of wrong answers and living lives of truth and love.

It will be a planet of gods. It is worth the price.   PAY IT.

Be true to your pursuit of knowledge. If things are not going right, realize that you have moved UP into a new level of dishonesty and are operating on those old wrong answers. Cut it out and get some processing.



Ascending the Zones requires several exact abilities.

The Zones open up the games of life; the winning and losing, the fun or pain, the rewards or punishments, the good or the bad, the rich or the poor, the excellence or the shoddiness, the empowerment or the disempowerment, the levels of responsibility or irresponsibility, the cause and effects.

The Zones are a step-by-step ascent or descent of how you play the games of life.

The question is, what monitors and accelerates the ascent? The answer is: Honesty.

No other attribute or ability has a greater bearing on rising up the Zones than Honesty.



HONEST adj. 1. Not lying, cheating, or stealing, or taking unfair advantage; honorable; truthful; trustworthy. 2. Characterized by integrity and truth. (American Heritage Dictionary)

HONESTY n. The assimilation and dissemination of the exact who, what, when, where, why, how, and mood. It is the exact permeation and duplication of what is.

Honesty must be present in order to observe accurately and truly, and experience accurately and truly what is there to be perceived, to be intended, to be envisioned, to be planned, to be positioned, to be performed, and to be accomplished.

All games have to do with truth and honesty. For example: the game of golf.

The ultimate truth and honesty of positioning, performance, and accomplishment in golf would be eighteen shots for eighteen holes.

As one moves away from exactness and preciseness of permeation and duplication, the number of actions needed to perform begins to rise.

The more you are in the wrong position and the wrong time, the more you have to correct your wrongnesses — your score rises; you take more strokes.

The same principles apply to any game. It can be to such a degree that it may seem you are doing something totally different.

If you were to watch me play golf, for instance, you might be led to believe I really was out to plow the field; I am totally in the wrong place, when, and how, and definitely at a low mood level on the subject.

I have too many wrong answers based upon too many wrong perceptions of the subject of golf, thus I plunge downward to the bottom of the Red Zone on the subject of golf.

Honesty of perception includes the exact and precise taste, smell, motion, sounds, and sight. A misperception of any of these basics can cause a great deal of trouble.

For example: your wife or girlfriend has bought a new perfume, but when you notice this odor, it smells to you as though there is an electrical fire somewhere in the room.

You will cause upsets with your partner and with the fire marshal when you explain why he was called.

As you can perceive, if you had a dishonesty of sight or sound, you would have tremendous difficulty at school, in business or investment, for you would be investing your time, money, effort, and attention in false situations.

Honesty of intention requires that you make your intentions work, that you deliver what you promise, and that you arrive at the right place at the right time.