Anticipating The Future

The one subject that has been withheld from mankind appears to be the ability to correctly anticipate the future. The future is such a vast subject, and contains so many variables and unknowns that to say the least, it is practically impossible to factor in all the vast quantities of data and the vast quantities of shifting dynamics of social interactions that throw in surprising and sometimes shocking incidents and actions.

Up till now, correctly anticipating the future would have seemed impossible. To predict the future correctly requires detailed knowledge of the patterns of social and human behavior.

The purpose of writing this book is to aid you in correctly participating in, and predicting future events and in whom and where to invest your time, money, efforts, and energies; to unlock your hidden powers, strengths, intelligence, and abilities.



The Zones are the patterns of behavior caused by the quantity of life-force particles plus the composite of your knowledge, intentions, visions, plans, implementations, and outcomes.

I first became aware of a portion of the Zones in 1954 during my third Australian Rules football game in Melbourne, Australia.

I was in superb physical condition at the time, having trained for eighteen months as a light heavyweight boxer. The game of Australian Rules is a very highly skilled physical game. There are eighteen men on each team and when your team has the ball, the whole team becomes offensive players; when the opposing team has the ball, your entire team becomes defenders, and each player wears many hats during the game.

The football playing field is approximately four to five times the size of an American football field. The game is non-stop action.

What made this such a special game was the realization that I had during the game, for on that day we were treated to a superb exhibition of skill, positioning, and anticipation by a fellow teammate, John Mathews.

John was about 5’9″. I was 6’3″ and we were about the same speed. I weighed 195 pounds, John weighed 135 pounds. What John did that day was a demonstration of knowledge and competence versus strength and incompetence.

In our game, we drop kicked the ball between twenty to sixty yards. When a player catches the ball, play stops and the player kicks the ball up the field toward his team’s goal. John caught the ball thirty-one times that day.

What was amazing to me was that I should have caught most of them, but John was always in the right place at the right time while I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Despite superiority in height and strength, he dominated me with knowledge, position, and anticipation. My life changed forever at that moment of realization. I dedicated myself to increasing my knowledge, positioning, and anticipation. This led to my playing professionally.

But in business, it has led me to many fortunes and an international game that has allowed me to be the confidant and mentor to major stars, tycoons, Wimbledon and Olympic Gold Medal winners.

I’ve appeared on national television shows in the U.S., and on BBC, and I’ve lived a fun-filled adventurous life. I’ve been lucky enough to live my dreams and bring them all to actuality.

My discovery and articulation of The Zones has allowed me to go from an illiterate loser to a pretty literate winner, though I still have thousands of areas of subject illiteracy. (Just do not ask me to set the VCR timer).

But the biggest satisfactions are the wins of my students, clients, and their companies that the application of the Zones technology has produced.



You are outside of the physical universe.

You are at cause and creativity over life-force particles of time, space, objects, people, places, events, subjects, motions, whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows and moods, with responsibility and ownership.

You operate above the laws of the physical universe and are totally telepathic.

You can be in or out of, or can expand or contract any location, time, viewpoint, object, body, space, people, places, events, subjects, motions, whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows and moods with responsibility and ownership.

You have total cause over orders of importance.

You have vast quantities of free and positive life-force particles.

You know and honor that the value of a life-force particle is the same as the value of an ounce of gold.

Future Potential: Any way you want that does the greatest good for the greatest number.

Attributes of the Gold Zone: Fully Present.

This is someone who is in the right place at the right time, making things go right.

This person is living their dream, connected to the right whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, subjects, patterns, intentions, and has high mood levels, correct orders of importance and accurate estimations of value.

They are knowledgeable about subjects and things; have high communication, life, and people-handling skills, and operates on knowledge and truth.

They have an abundance of positive life-force particles available and guide and direct the flows of force positively, resulting in them being happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful.

They observe, evaluate, and operate, using the correct orders of importance.

The majority of this person’s life urges are in the Green Zone.

Levels of Existence are from Success Breakout upward.

A Green Zoner knows the value of a life-force particle is the same as the value of an ounce of gold.

Future Potential: Excellent. Very successful, prosperous, and happy. The Green Zoner is able to continuously put self in the right place at the right time. Is continuously playing the right game at the right time.


LIFE Attributes of the Green Zone:

  • The Green Zoner is winning at the games of life.
  • The Green Zoner is friendly in manner.
  • The Green Zoner works with people, places, and subjects.
  • The Green Zoner is expanding all areas of life.
  • The Green Zoner has full comprehension of their opposition.

SKILLS Attributes of the Green Zone:

  • The Green Zoner can talk to anyone about anything.
  • The Green Zoner loves life and looks for good.
  • The Green Zoner is in action without reservation.
  • The Green Zoner delivers what is promised.
  • The Green Zoner is sure of self and is willing to be at risk.
  • The Green Zoner achieves or is achieving their dream.

This is the “daily grind” or “rut” in which the individual doesn’t take risks but works only for security.

The Yellow Zoner has good subject skills, but poor people-handling and communication skills are the norm. They operate on preconceived beliefs in the conservative comfort zone and often are bored.

This person tends to generalize the who, what, where, when, hows, and whys of life and inaccurately manifests real moods. They have few positive life-force particles available and operate mostly on automatic, directing the flows of force with preconceived ideas and habits.

The Yellow Zoner is not sure of what is important and what is not important.

Some of the Yellow Zoner’s life urges, such as handling things, places, and subjects are in the Green Zone. Some–relationships, career, family, sex, and handling people–are in the Red Zone.

This person has very few positive life-force particles available.

Levels of Existence are from Disestablished to Production. Some life urges in the Green Zone, some in Red Zone.

The Yellow Zoner constantly devalues the worth of life-force particles until they cease to have value, or cease to have value under their control.

Future Potential: Mediocre. They are playing mediocre games. They have some small successes but will have trouble handling the massive changes of the future.


LIFE Attributes of the Yellow Zone:

  • The Yellow Zoner is in a state of maybe about most areas of life.
  • The Yellow Zoner is hostile to ambivalent about people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Yellow Zoner only wants to work for others.
  • The Yellow Zoner makes less of life, people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Yellow Zoner clings to the status quo and hates change.
  • The Yellow Zoner is not sure who or what opposition is.

SKILLS attributes of the Yellow Zone:

  • The Yellow Zoner only talks to a few people; is mostly critical.
  • The Yellow Zoner is afraid of life. Is not sure of good or bad.
  • The Yellow Zoner is cautious.
  • The Yellow Zoner has to be made to deliver.
  • The Yellow Zoner is unsure of their safety.
  • The Yellow Zoner’s skills range downward from productive to hopeful.

This is someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, connected to the wrong whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys.

They are engaged in doing the wrong actions and using the wrong intentions at a very low mood level.

They have poor or destructive people and communication skills, and distrust of people is prevalent.

Wrong data, fixed ideas, prejudice, and the use of knowledge as a weapon abound.

This person fights positive flows of force, causing turmoil and negative diversions. This creates opposition and attacks, thus there is no happiness, no money, no space, no time, but lots of failures.

A major portion of this person’s life urges, such as relationships, careers, associations, family, sex, people, places, things, and subjects, and their ability to handle time and space are in the Red Zone.

All of this person’s life-force particles have become negative, being trapped in past, unwanted experiences.

At the Red Zone level, life-force particles are completely unreal and worthless.

Levels of Existence is Hostile and below.

A Red Zoner is in complete denial and will oppose anyone who attempts to make them aware that life-force particles exist and have value.

Future Potential: Disastrous. There is failure, poverty, and unhappiness because they are continuously playing the wrong games in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.


LIFE attributes of the Red Zone:

  • The Red Zoner is losing at the games of life.
  • The Red Zoner has extreme hidden hostilities toward self, life, people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Red Zoner works against self, life, people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Red Zoner makes nothing of self, life, people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Red Zoner is in contraction of self, life, people, places, subjects, and things.
  • The Red Zoner falsely or wrongly identifies oppositions and enemies.

SKILLS attributes of the Red Zone:

  • The Red Zoner is out of communication or only talks behind someone’s back.
  • The Red Zoner looks for bad and doesn’t trust life.
  • The Red Zoner procrastinates or tries to stop.
  • The Red Zoner doesn’t finish what they start.
  • The Red Zoner is dangerous to everyone; is very nervous.
  • The Red Zoner is mistake prone; is very unlucky.



The Zones cover the four basic areas of behavior and span the spread from utter failure and abandonment to super-stardom and super-performance.

The Zones cover how you play your games of life; whether you or those to whom you are connected will succeed or fail in those games.

The Zones are a predictor of future outcomes. They are vital to the ability to know where to invest, in whom to invest, and in what to invest, for there is no more vital activity than that of investment.

Whether your life is one of success, prosperity, and happiness, or one of failure, poverty, and unhappiness, depends totally upon your ability to select the correct game and the correct career at the right time and place.

Any leader, executive, or team builder who is subject-illiterate on the Zones has an enormous gap in their ability to choose and invest in the right people with whom to build a winning team.

All relationships fit somewhere on the Zones. By failing to select the correct high Zone level partner, you could end up with a disastrous relationship.

Your own personal success, prosperity, and happiness depend solely on which level you exist in the Zones. The higher up the Zones, the greater the quantity and quality of success, prosperity, and happiness will be yours.



Contained in each graph is a column that is titled, The Levels of Existence.


EXIST: v. 1. To have material or spiritual being; be real. 2. To have life; live. 3. To live at a minimal level: barely enough income on which to exist. 4. To continue to be; persist: old customs that still exist in rural areas. 5. To be present under certain circumstances or in a specified place; occur: “Wealth and poverty exist in every demographic category” (Thomas G. Exter). [Latin existere, exsistere, to come forth, be manifest : ex-, ex- + sistere, to stand.]

(American Heritage Dictionary)

EXISTENCE: n. 1. The fact or state of existing; being. 2. The fact or state of continued being; life: our brief existence on earth.

LEVEL OF EXISTENCE The relative position on the scale of the mode, manner or condition of being.

The term existence defines the level of beingness or identity and the quantity and quality of intention, vision, game planning, competence, and the size and quality of ownership or accomplishment.

The basic concept of levels of existence and the type or competence of beingness or identity came from my early days in athletics in Australia. Sporting teams in Australia were divided into leagues of competence. At the top were the major leagues then came a gradient decline of competence, skill, fitness, and know-how.

Aussie sporting teams had so many levels that almost anyone who wanted to play, no matter how incompetent or inadequate they were, could find a league of teams that could play against one another.

Thank goodness they did, for I was nineteen-years old before I played any competitive sports, and I was truly terrible–clumsy, uncoordinated, and just plain incompetent and stupid.

As my teammates and I gained knowledge, skills, and “smarts,” we ascended the league ladders to higher and higher quality teams and players.

It is this concept of knowledge, intention, visions, plans, and execution that defines the Zones.

The levels of existence are a gradient, divisional breakdown of each Zone. The span from the top of the Green Zone — mastery of game playing and quality of game — all the way down to absence — the bottom of the Red Zone.

There are seventeen dominant main levels of existence, though there may be thousands of identities in each.

An identity is composed of known or unknown knowledge, perception, intentions, visions, programs, implementations, actions, ownerships, results, accomplishments, and outcomes.

In the Red Zone, however, you replace quality, quantity, and viability with destruction and rejection of knowledge, with misperceptions, destructive intentions, hidden agendas, sabotaging actions, and chaotic outcomes.

Each level of existence is at WAR with the level above, and at DOMINATION OVER the level below.

It is VITAL to know your CHRONIC LEVEL OF EXISTENCE because it will tell you what your future will be.

Your location in the levels of existence depends entirely on the quantity of life-force particles that are available to you.

The quantity of available life-force particles alone determines the amount of presence you have in an area.

The Zones are compartmented into the levels of existence. Each level is composed of specific behavior patterns and problems. Each level of existence represents sequences of action that must be done in order to rise to the next level of existence.

Each level of existence is composed of four basic principals of control.

Sequence One: VISION.

This can be the knowledge, concepts, precepts, policy, or beliefs. Lower in the Zones, this inverts to unknowns, stuck or fixed images, unknown and fixed precepts, unknown and fixed solutions, and unknown or fixed beliefs and ideas.

These set up the software to program the mind to create, knowingly or unknowingly, the identity you will occupy.

Sequence Two: MIND – IDENTITY.

This includes plans and who or what role and position you will occupy. These identities are either knowingly or unknowingly created.

Sequence Three: BODY – ACTION.

This is where the spiritual intentions and visions and the mental plans and programs enter the physical universe. The spirit utilizes the formats of the mind to animate and direct the body to act.

In the Red Zone, the person believes they are the body, thus are at effect of the mind and spirit and consider them unreal or threatening.

Further, the awareness level of the “I am a body” believing identity is very low — almost at a retarded level. They also are very controlled by hormones and sexual urges.

This is where performance, ability, effectiveness, skills, and communication tools are manifested.

Sequence Four: OUTCOMES.

The quality, quantity, viability, degree of excellence, success, prosperity, happiness, and high mood levels.

The above are directly proportional to the alignment of You, the spirit, your accuracy of perception, the commitment of intention, the size and knowledge of your vision, the effectiveness of your mind to align and empower the vision and sequence it to your body in such a manner, with the exact and correct estimation of effort, and the body being healthy with excellent muscle and cell memory that is in harmony with the spirit and the mind.

If the above are so aligned, then you produce huge accomplishments, superb products, fabulous results, and the fulfillment of your dreams that are now beautiful actualities.

You have attained your wants.

The more misaligned the Spirit – Vision – Mind and Body are, the WORSE are the outcomes, until they reverse and you end up with the opposite of what you wanted.

Alignment of your Spirit – Mind – Body and outcomes depends entirely on the level of truth and honesty that is present and being maintained during the playing of your life games.