To Gain or Not Gain Mastery


To command a prosperous, happy future it is necessary that you achieve the ability to GAIN MASTERY for YOURSELF OVER YOUR GAME, ROLES, ACTIONS AND PRODUCTS.


MASTERY: noun,  1. Possession of consummate skill.  2. The status of master or ruler; dominion; control: master of the seas.  3. Full command of some subject of study: a poet’s mastery of the language.

SKILL: noun,  1. Proficiency, ability, or dexterity; expertness.  2. An art, trade, or technique, particularly one requiring use of the hands or body.  3. (Obsolete.) Understanding.  [Middle English skil(e), reason, skill, from Old Norse skil.]

ABILITY: noun,  1. The quality of being able to do something; physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform. 2. A natural or acquired skill or talent.  [Middle English abilite, from Old French habilite, from Latin habilitas, from habilis, able.]

Synonyms: ability, capacity, faculty, talent, skill, competence, aptitude.  These nouns name qualities that enable a person to accomplish something. Ability is the power, mental or physical, to do something, and usually implies doing it well.  Capacity refers to the condition that permits one to acquire that power.  Faculty denotes an ability, inherent or acquired, in one area of achievement: a faculty for mathematics. Talent emphasizes inborn ability in a particular field, especially the arts.  Skill implies recognized ability acquired or developed through experience.  Competence suggests ability to do something satisfactorily but not outstandingly. Aptitude usually implies inherent capacity for, and interest in, a particular activity.  Usage: Ability is often followed by an infinitive ability to think (not ability of thinking).

As you can observe, MASTERY is the ability to do something very, very well.

To do something very, very well takes time, constant application and usually a fair amount of money.  To obtain MASTERY over something involves a heavy investment of oneself.

To achieve MASTERY usually requires long hours of practice and study.  When most people are watching television or goofing off, the intending student of MASTERY is working to attain his objective.

To gain MASTERY, one has to set many of life’s distractions aside.  It takes mental as well as physical control to produce the level of excellence and mastery desired.


To achieve MASTERY one must understand and practice with a great deal of INTEGRITY.


INTEGRITY: noun,  1. Rigid adherence to a code of behavior; probity.  2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.  3. Completeness; unity.  [Middle English integrite, from Old French, from Latin integritas, completeness, purity, from integer, whole.]

In the definition there is reference to a rigid adherence to a code of behavior.


CODE: n.  1. A systematically arranged and comprehensive collection of laws.  2. Any systematic collection of regulations and rules of procedure or conduct: the military code.  3. A system of signals used to represent letters or numbers in transmitting messages.  4. A system of symbols, letters, or words given arbitrary meanings, used for transmitting messages requiring secrecy or brevity.  verb, coded, coding, codes.  1. To systematize and arrange (laws and regulations) into a code.  2. To convert into code. [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin codex.]

A code of behavior to achieve MASTERY should include a set of procedures and conduct that would allow you to assimilate, comprehend and apply data.  The code would direct you to apply your mastery to do the greatest good, be responsible, enhance your and other’s survival.

A code of behavior is VITAL to maintain one’s INTEGRITY toward obtaining MASTERY.  This is called a PLAN.


We have discovered that there is a common denominator to growth, expansion and MASTERY.

That common denominator is the ability to study and apply.


Further, we have found that each and every person has a basic GOAL.  It is where one’s interest lies.  When one pursues something that takes away from one’s GOAL, one’s interest in life drops considerably.  One’s overall MOOD level plummets.

Finding one’s BASIC GOAL can completely revitalize one’s interest in life and the pursuit of MASTERY.

The more losses, failures, defeats, upsets, problems and harmful acts one has had on one’s BASIC GOAL the harder one finds life.  Life becomes extremely stressful.

By unburdening a person’s BASIC GOAL, using our techniques of preceptive analysis and communication, a tremendous resurgence of capabilities, awareness and presence can eventuate.

Too many failures and stops on an individual’s BASIC GOAL can cause the BASIC GOAL to become painful and the person will seek to avoid the area.  If the BASIC GOAL becomes too buried the individual will REFUSE TO GAIN MASTERY.

In so doing, they have doomed them self to a life of mediocrity or worse.


The most basic outside influence is one’s early life and environment.  In one’s formative years, one is the effect of one’s environment and those around one.  This is also the time one is

mentally recording and categorizing one’s perceptions and standards and MAKING UP ONE’S MIND.

By making precepts about life, one is programming oneself on how to RESPOND to given situations.


PRECEPT: noun,  1. A rule or principle imposing a particular standard of action or conduct.  2. (Law.) A writ.  [Middle English, from Latin praeceptum, from precipere (past participle  praeceptus), to take beforehand, warn, teach: prae, before + capere, to take.]

It is these PRECEPTS that set and direct one on the journey of life.  These precepts will set one’s standard of living, who to marry, what games to play, levels of existence, what to perceive, what is OK to have or not have, types of friends, where to live, what to study, how to study, who or what to like or dislike, what is real or unreal, what should be done or not done, levels of honesty, integrity, awareness, harmony, etc., etc.


By REFUSING TO GAIN MASTERY you have made PRECEPTS about yourself and your BASIC GOAL that are restraining your abilities, skills and awareness.

We are living in a society that condones poor study habits, destructive teaching techniques, the cutting of communication, the refusal to apprentice and learn gradiently how to master subjects

and roles, drugs, alcohol, validations, rewards for poor production and penalizing up production.  All of the above are covert methods of causing people to lose in the area of MASTERY.



In the process of growing up, one follows a system of education that has been passed down from one generation to the next.  That system is REPRESSIVE.  It lacks the faculty to gain any form of MASTERY over a subject or area.

So poor is the education system, and so dishonest, that the purveyors of this system grant the student the false status of “You know all about this subject”.

The student, being in a continual state of no-win and in extreme pain, due to violation of his or her basic principles and integrity, ends up forming a comprehensive MISREPRESENTATION of the SYMBOLS OF EDUCATION.

The student, having been taught a system that contains very little integrity, or pretended comprehension or application, and now having prostituted them self by accepting a false passing grade and a false certificate of proficiency, goes out into the market place and pretends to be educated in his area of expertise.

Having spent the most vital portion of their life accepting a false or degraded education, they have now accumulated enormous harmful acts on them self, their parents, teachers and the subjects being studied.  They amasses heavy painful incidents and much mental anguish during their attempts to master those subjects, gives up in the area and now seeks to avoid the area of teachers, parents, and those painful subjects.

Added to this are their fellow workers and seniors, who also developed the same areas of avoidance, and are in agreement to AVOID MUTUALLY anything to do with EFFECTIVE EDUCATIONAL -PARENTAL SYMBOLS OR TEACHERS.

The individual, knowing they have faked this far through life, is terrified of drawing any attention to them self.  Being basically good and responsible, they refuses to GAIN MASTERY over anything, because that would draw attention to them self.

Thus we can see that MASTERY is something to fear and, for many, contains a great deal of pain and mental anguish.

To handle a person’s refusal to GAIN MASTERY, it is very necessary to handle their fears, their pain, and their mental anguish.

This is no easy task because you are going against enormous amounts of MINDSET.

The individual is a trained, manufactured loser and, what is worse, has agreed to maintain that state of existence.

To handle the pain and mental anguish, the individual sets up a pattern of social behavior to AVOID observing the consequences of his lack of integrity.

That behavior, stemming from environmental conditioning, and when used in the company of others, is called SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL MUTUAL CONDITIONING.


SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL CONDITIONING:  Those actions and behavior patterns one does without any awareness, stemming from being unawarely conditioned by authorities’, parents’ or teachers’ transmissions of behavioral characteristics that override the person’s own abilities to observe – decide – act or accomplish.

These SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL CONDITIONING habit patterns are extremely difficult to observe because they have become YOU.  When you are in the grip of these patterns, you act without inspection.

Being unable to inspect, you cannot change for the better.  Being unable to change for the better, YOU LOSE.

So powerful are some of these patterns that you feel you are at war with yourself.

When you decide to GAIN MASTERY over an area or subject, depending on SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL CONDITIONING patterns, you will run into massive MUTUAL AVOIDANCE mechanisms designed to get you to agree to MEDIOCRITY.

By the omission of proper apprenticing techniques and failure to supply the place and time to apprentice, society has positioned the individual so that they have to COMMIT HARMFUL ACTS IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

An APPRENTICESHIP allows the individual to make mistakes, to be wrong, to not know, to be incompetent, to fail, and to take the time to learn to do something well.

When a person occupies the role of apprentice they are able to maintain their own personal level of INTEGRITY.  They are saying, “I do not know, but I’m willing to take the time, spend the effort and pay the price to gain MASTERY.

In denying to our youth the right to APPRENTICE we have almost doomed them to a life of dishonesty, mediocrity and a fear of success.  Worse, much worse, we have forced the individual to adopt a SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL MUTUAL CONDITIONING pattern.  Now the person acts without awareness.  Lacking awareness the person does not learn from their failures and mistakes; thus is entangled in a web of lies, stupidity, destructive precepts and vast unhappiness.


If I’ve painted a gloomy picture, fear not, for there is an answer to this vicious cycle that has entrapped so many.

That answer explains why our clients and students are experiencing such tremendous gains and resurgences in their lives and companies.

We know the levels of potential an individual has, that a person is basically good, is always taking responsibility for acts done and is seeking to survive.  To adhere to his strict code of personal honor, the person, has made PRECEPTS TO STORE THE KNOWLEDGE, however obtained, and in such a manner that if released under the proper conditions the individual will ALLOW them self to be powerful and rise to a much higher level of potential.  They will begin to succeed at their BASIC GOAL.

Many of our clients have, of course, served long, covert apprenticeships at their GAME.  They may well have spent years, vast amounts of effort and huge sums of money to reach their levels of existence.

By the use of PRECEPTIVE ANALYSIS we can unlock the RESTRAINTS the individual has put on them self.  As the restraints go, the knowledge that has been withheld is now available.

Further, as the hidden knowledge is released, the attention bits also are released.  Vast quantities of skills, data, responses, and awareness become available.  The person no longer has their attention stuck in the past.  The result: having regained their ability to focus, and the added horsepower gained by the release of attention bits, plus the availability of lost skills and ability, the person begins to seek to GAIN MASTERY over their life.

As past hostilities dissolve, and the person’s respect for them self, their skills and their honesty level returns, they begin to go into harmony with the positive attributes of society and life.

No longer operating on SOCIAL – EDUCATIONAL CONDITIONING the person is able to ACT with AWARENESS, and life and the games they are playing become therapeutic.  They begin to grow at an astonishing rate.  This growth is reflected in their attitude, their responses, their actions and their accomplishments.  Life becomes fun.  Meeting adversity or new people becomes an exciting adventure.  They become a joy to be around.  The more they gain MASTERY the more fun life is.  They have more control and enjoyment over those areas that once defeated and disappointed them.  They are a WINNER and are willing to help others WIN.

They have gained MASTERY.

And that is the purpose of our training and one-on-one consulting:  TO GAIN MASTERY.