Why People Involuntarily Play Destructive Games

Mastering the Games of Life 12:

We live on a planet that is spiritually illiterate, it is inhabited by beings who create much more charge on people, places, things and subjects – than they erase – thus they get back in return more charge on themselves, and more charge on the people, places, things and subjects they are connected to.

The only reason a person cannot have unlimited reach is because the area they are reaching into has more charge on it than they can handle.

(By the way – if you cannot take the time to study this material – then you are pathetically overcharged.)

Most people violate the Golden Exchange Rules of Existence:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“As ye sow – so shall ye reap.”

If you add more charge, upsets, problems, confusions, unknowns, conflicts, out exchanges and arguments on to another or others – it is self-evident what you will get back in return!
It is vital you learn how to handle charge and by-passed charge.
If you do not learn how to handle charge and by-passed charge you will be a victim to charge and by-passed charge for eternity.




CHARGE is defined as stored energy or force emanating from a spiritual being. It is outside time and space thus it is always here now.
Charge is used to impel the beings intention.
An Omni-Sovereign being takes a position that is capable of creating or co-creating the emanation point A and the receipt point B. the impelled particles that make up the intention or goals flow freely back and forth between the point A’s and B’s.
If the impelled intention accumulates friction causing resistance, the beginnings of unwanted negative charge appears, if too much friction the being will stop creating or being responsible for the point B.
The being drops from Omni- Sovereignty into the lower state of Sovereignty.
At Sovereignty the being will encounter even more friction and counter effort to its intentions, often to the degree that the being drops below Sovereignty to an even lower state of becoming created as or becoming an ‘artificial me’ that needs other determination to impel them and their intentions.
This last state of having to rely on another to impel them is a dreadful degraded state as that being is now so overwhelmed by negative charge and feels so utterly degraded that they cannot hold a position unless they sacrifice their Sovereignty and Omni-Sovereignty to the being they have elected to have power over them.
BY-PASSED CHARGE is defined as the unwanted present time spiritual or mental energy or mass that has been accessed by a present time ‘slow’ or ‘stop’ that by-passed or missed the real time charge stemming from a more basic area of stored spiritual energy emanating directly from the spiritual being or GAMES MATRIX.
All you are doing when handling BY-PASSED CHARGE is locating and indicating the present time ‘slow’ or ‘stop’ that is interfering with the spiritual beings ability to get their intention and holographic vision (mock-up) to arrive and manifest as they want.
A ‘slow’ or ‘stop’ can be anything that impedes the beings intention; it can be a counter intention, a mis-understood word, an area of subject illiteracy, a wrong item, a wrong game, a fear, a games package, a past incident matching present time, a lie, etc., etc.
An environmental ‘slow’ or ‘stop’ can be someone in front of you is driving to slow, lateness, can’t find car keys, not returning a call, failure to show up on time for an appointment, not delivering what was promised, or even a cataclysmic event like a plane crash or being hit by an earth quake, hurricane or tsunami.
Masterful by-passed charge handling causes the being to un-become that what they became. At that point of separation you get a sudden rise in mood, the being is now bigger than what they became. As the separation becomes more stable the being recognizes that they are not the becomingness, thus become more themselves.
You are NOT fully handling charge. You are just moving it out of the way so the client can get more present and here, now so that they and their intentions, goals, and holographic visions (mock-ups) can arrive as wanted
You are de-accessing or keying out the charge, that is occupying the space that the being should be present in.
Full charge handling to erasure is a completely different subject, one that Scientology has no workable technology to handle, it does not even address the subject.
Yes, you get inadvertent bits of charge handled when you run a process, but not the main area of charge.


POSITIVE CHARGE is defined as stored spiritual power, energy or force that contains positive thoughts, creativity, love, truth, harmony, knowledge, responsibility, control, value and integrity.
Positive charge emanates from the spiritual being itself or from one of the high Sovereign or Omni-Sovereign energy packages.
NEGATIVE UNWANTED CHARGE is defined as unwanted charge that has accumulated from abrasive friction plus stored anti-spiritual power, energy or force that contains negative thoughts, destructivity, hate, lies, disharmony, ignorance, irresponsibility, no control, worthlessness and incompleteness.
Negative unwanted charge emanates from a low sovereign or substitute me’s or artificial me’s. It gets its destructive power from one of the higher high Sovereign or Omni-Sovereign energy packages.


They are very similar to a battery in that they have a Positive and a Negative Polarity.
The definition of ENERGY leaves much to be known.  At a spiritual level the particles are life force particles.  Further it would get very tiresome if the static being had to continuously create life force particles and postulate the impulses to direct the life force particles to the receipt point.
Thus the being creates storage containers of life force particles, these storage containers also contain imprinted patterns and packages for the energy to move around.  These are known mainly as a GAMES MATRIX which contains all aspects of a game, its goals, visions, identities, opponents, good or bad problems, solutions, good or bad conditions and outcomes; but any creation can have the capabilities of energy storage.  A healthy, whole storage container can store, send or receive huge quantities of life force particles.
The GAMES MATRIX energy containers are created by an Omni- Sovereign spiritual being outside time and space and thus they are always here now.
When a static being creates a three-dimensional, holographic creation or mock-up these always contain the energy containers.
When two spiritually healthy beings make contact the flows of energy exchanges effortlessly, a high mood level movement` back and forth.
Charge is vital to impel the particles of your intentions and their subsequent holographic creations into any universe you so choose; but especially the physical universe.
What is easily observable in life is the velocity of the life force particles in motion, the faster the motion the higher the mood.
When you observe a high mood level being that enhances all they come in contact with in operation you are observing the positive use of charge.
                   the two major causes of UNWANTED CHARGE AND pain

Charge becomes a problem and begins to turn negative when the following circumstances manifest:
1.      ABRASIVE FRICTION.  This is the action of someone or something causing slows or stops to your prime intention.
The abrasive friction can get more intense by someone or something using counter-force, disruptive imagery, or rubbing or being in conflict against someone or something. 
Where you have abrasive friction you have a slow buildup of an accumulation of unwanted charge and pain.  It can take years for the accumulation of unwanted charge to build up to a level of pain that produces a wanting or need to avoid the area.
Abrasive friction-caused unwanted charge and the subsequent pain is caused by a subtle, gradual accumulation of unwanted charge until it becomes pain and becomes unbearable, at which point you are forced to be absent or leave the area.
2.  IMPACT.  This is the sudden forceful collision with someone or something that is stronger or more powerful than you.  Such impacts cause immense unwanted charge, pain, shocks and collapse universes.
When you are impacted suddenly, an area of unwanted charge and pain is created.  That unwanted charge and pain can be so severe that it can ruin your life.
Death of someone you love, the loss of a game, the loss of a partner, a car crash, being fired, failing an exam, an explosion, constant abuse, etc., etc., all cause overwhelming unwanted negative charge and pain.
That unwanted negative charge and pain can be impacted in the body, the identity, the mind, or you, the spirit.  The most savage unwanted negative charge and pain are impacted instantly in all four areas simultaneously.
To fully erase this charge and pain requires several different techniques.  All are easy to do, but require bravery, time, money, and the commitment and intention to handle fully the source of the unwanted charge and pain.
These are some of the subsequent consequences caused by friction:
3)Heat caused by contact, abrasive friction, or impact.  Too much heat causes unpleasant sensations.
4)  Cold, which is caused by a vacuum, distance, enforced separation or low temperature.  Too much cold causes unpleasant sensations.
5)  Polarity conflict that is generated by the rapid changing of particles backward and forward from positive to negative polarity in a repeated, violent manner, causing unpleasant sensations. 
6)  Electricity that is generated by the differing wavelengths of life-force particles impacting or dispersing from an area.  Too much electrical randomness can be extremely uncomfortable.
7)  Magnetism.  The constant compulsive or obsessive attraction or repelling of life-force particles and holographic spiritual and mental imagery into or away from a specific area of abrasive friction or impact.  Too much inward pulling causes sensations of entrapment; too much dispersal causes unpleasant sensations of scatteredness or dispersal; the desperation of attempting to get in and connect but cannot.  Either way, your ability to concentrate or focus your attention and have your intentions and vision manifest themselves in the exact place and time you want is greatly diminished.
8)  Trapped life-force particles.  Areas of unwanted charge and pain are, in actuality, compressions of space, time, energy, and life-force particles that are impacted inward in a specific place and time.


BY-PASSED CHARGE is defined as the unwanted present time spiritual or mental energy or mass that has been accessed by a present time slow or stop that by-passed or missed the real time charge stemming from a more basic area of stored spiritual energy emanating directly from the being or GAMES MATRIX.
MASS is solidified energy.
The accessing stems usually from the abrasive friction that a slow or stop causes to the beings intention to complete what they are intending to do now.
What the being is intending to do now is always connected (no matter how far removed) to the being latest GAMES MATRIX creation.
Thus you when you get a slow or a stop to your present time intention you get massive hits of unwanted energy and charge impacting your present time existence.
Unwanted negative charge is purely spiritual in nature: It is not truly case related; your case is an accumulation of solutions to handling your unwanted negative charge.
Even a GAMES MATRIX is a mechanical solution created to handle the problems caused by attempts to handle unwanted negative charge
The source of the by-passed charge that the individual is sitting in is partially or wholly unknown to that individual and so is capable of affecting him adversely.
In the presence of by-passed charge caused by a slow or stop, you get an overwhelming jolt of energy far greater than the slow or stop deserves, possibly the most common demonstration of the accessing that a slow or stop can manifest is when you are driving and you have the intention you must be at a certain place at a certain time, you get cut of and slowed by another driver, instantly you get enraged. Some even go so far as to kill the other driver. (It is commonly known as road rage.)
The ‘slow’ accessed earlier times you had been slowed or stopped – which in turn accessed and brought into the physical universe the full force of the charged energy and power contained in a GAMES MATRIX.
The target of handling by-passed charge is to get exactly what is triggering the GAMES MATRIX by locating and indicating what accessed the GAMES MATRIX charge. That action alone will cause the GAMES MATRIX to go back to its natural position.
When By-Passed Charge is present then the flow of energy changes wavelength.  (Change of mood or emotional level.)
The content or significance of what the energy flow relays is not meaningful.
By-Passed Charge present means there is something wrong with the mechanical aspects of the energy container, pack or the carrier path or lines.
There are numerous effects apparent when damage has occurred in this area.
SHORT CIRCUIT = Client unable to communicate, unconscious, comatose, usually in great psychosomatic pain and unpleasant sensations.  Client not available.  Absent.
No path or lines to other terminals, no (itsa-maker or eductive line) data access path reply.
= Client very snarly, bad tempered, attacking the processor, the tech, the subject, etc.  Negative identity in control.  Client not there.
No path or lines to actual terminal in front of him, no (itsa-maker or eductive line) data access path.
Constant wondering about case.
Sudden mood or emotion drops, roller coaster. Client moving in and out, but uses mainly substitute identity.  Weak presence.
Low emotion or mood level.
Basically, anything at hate, anger or below is a sign that there is by-passed charge.
This means the client is in a chronic negative identity.  A single pole condition.
The processor is needed to cause the CHARGE to transfer from the NEGATIVE to the POSITIVE.
The processor acts as a POSITIVE receipt point.  This causes the charge to go into motion.  The motion causes the client to rise in emotion or mood level.
A well trained processor who has command over his tools sees these conditions immediately, and will not go into the main body of the session until they are remedied.


During the 50’s and early 60’s the mood scale was the basic indicator of Charge and By-Passed Charge for most processors and clients.
The mood scale is how a being BE’s – DO’s – and OWN’s or HAVE’s at different emotional levels.
EMOTIONS are the velocity of energy traveling from point A to point B and returning.
E-MOTIONS are the language of the Spiritual Being.
E-MOTION is the combination of the velocity, wavelength and resistance encountered of the postulated life force particles being in motion from the emanation point to the receipt point, and returning back from the receipt point to the emanating point.
E = Energy used to move something.  MOTION is the movement of the something.
Effort is a form of concentrated Energy.
The Mood Scale is in actuality the perception of a series of sensations that occur between a point A to point B energy in motion phenomena.
The higher the mood – the greater velocity and quantity of life force particles in motion.
As a being descends lower on the mood scale, the effort to impulse the life force particles become harder and the resistance is greater.
At Anger there is the use of energy to stop energy.
Below Anger the being is now engaged in attempting to get back his energy or assigning his energy away.
By accurately observing the mood level of the being, identity, game, or environment you are a part of, it is easy to observe the amounts of By-Passed Charge that need to be handled.
The size of game a being is playing and the level of success is directly proportional to the amount of free energy, or life force particles available to play the game, etc.  The ability to handle By-Passed Charge on self or others as you are playing a game is a very useful tool.
Example:  If you notice that every one around you is fearful, then the By-Passed Charge is connected to anger and above.  The charge and By-Passed Charge is ALWAYS ABOVE YOUR REALITY and AWARENESS.
The stupidity of always seeking a suppressive person to handle or explain By-Passed Charge or lower conditions is in actuality a form of misdirection.
There is far more By-Passed Charge on mishandled beauty, or glorious love, lost abilities, or a fall from a power position, than on being ugly, poor or inept. The single biggest cause of By-Passed Charge appears to be violations of one’s own Codes, Virtues, Integrities, Truths and Principles, for they are the boundaries that the GAMES MATRICES who/identity is created from.
When one’s own Codes, Virtues, Integrities and Principles are violated the being pulls in its space, thus solidifying the amount of life force particles it can control, send or receive.
Just switching from being at one with God mode to humanoid mode can cause immense By-Passed Charge.  Not just in your universe, but all those connected to you.
In the presence of too much By-Passed Charge the being tends to go out of communication, put distance between their terminals or containers, to seek a more solid reality.  This causes the being’s spiritual mock-ups to collapse.  The being crashes down the levels of life.
Lost dreams are caused by too much By-Passed Charge.
Lost power identities and beingness are caused by too much By-Passed Charge.
Lost positions are caused by too much By-Passed Charge.
A masterful By-Passed Charge processor would get the previous ideal, goal or dream re-stated and process the By-Passed Charge from the higher expected state.
The reason for this is to re-establish the client’s Positive Polarity.  This then allows the Negative Charge to dissipate
To process By-Passed Charge successfully you must process against the client’s optimum scenarios and most optimum operating conditions, no matter what present time state the composite being is dramatizing.  Establish the POSITIVE POLARITY.


By-Passed Charge processing demands that the processor holds a POSITIVE POSITION. 
To occupy this positive position the Processor must honor the highest levels of the Spiritual Being and have the same level of expectancy for the client.  Anything less is a degrade of the client in front of you, and that alone will by-pass immense quantities of charge.  You are, after all, dealing with a being who once the charge and by-passed charge is erased is a seeker of truth, who also seeks to be at one with God or the Supreme Being.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR the GREEN ZONE TRUTH PHENOMENA and help to expand them in session and in life.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR their observations of BAD INDICATORS and be willing to demand that they be handled and eliminated in session and in life.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR the exact who, what where, when, why, how, mood, etc.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR that the exact cause of the By-Passed Charge is what is the exact cause ­ even if it makes the Processor totally wrong.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR the upper levels of the mood scale and Zones.  And until the client is manifesting those high Zone or mood levels there is MORE By-Passed Charge to handle.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR and seek to expand the “in session” and “in life” phenomena of freedom manifestations.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must HONOR and never explain, justify or make excuses for the lack of GREEN ZONE INDICATORS both in session or in life. 
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must continue to HONOR the GREEN ZONE and handle, if wanted, the RED ZONE INDICATORS.
To successfully handle By-Passed Charge the Processor must educate and restore the client’s ability to HONOR their own truths and never accept wrong items, wrong indications, wrong processes.
I realize the above looks very daunting, but it really isn’t.  What is daunting is for the processor to do nothing about the client’s By-Passed Charge.
Realize as the By-Passed Charge accumulates, the Processor’s clients will have less and less point A’s and point B’s to go towards.  To that degree they are dying as a Spiritual Being.
The absence of point A’s and B’s causes a being to go immobile.  That is DEATH to a Spiritual Being.
The first thing that hits most beings when they leave previous practices or retire is the absence of point B’s.  The loss of friends, games, places to go, worthwhile states to strive for, huge dreams all contribute to making the handling of By-Passed Charge too much bother, a state of apathy.  Once that has set in you have reached END OF GAME = DEATH as a Spiritual Being.
The way out?  Is for you to start co-processing with someone.  This alone will act as an approximation process, which is the most basic form of By-Passed Charge processing and handling there is!
Just knowingly sitting opposite someone will activate the charge, force and masses.
Do it on a very slight, light touch gradient;  i.e. for 1 minute.
Then ask:  “What happened?”  If uncomfortable feelings turn on, ask:  “Did you get reminded of something?  Tell me about it?”
What will come to view doing this will be past By-Passed Charge.  By telling you about it, the being will begin to run, then and now forms of locate and indicate By-Passed Charge handling.
Just repeat, alternating with each other, until you can be comfortably present.  It may take several weeks of this.  It depends on how brutalized you or your partner have been.
When my top processor first came in it took three months before he could stay in the office for more than a couple of hours.  In the beginning, he could only walk in the door, and had to leave almost immediately.  It took several years to fully bring the past practice abuse to view and run out the By-Passed Charge that had been laid in on him.
By-Passed Charge can run deep and long.  Especially if this life activities have been very abusive.
Light touch is the key to handling By-Passed Charge.


Past Ascension Experiences are often a huge area of Charge and By-Passed Charge as the being has risen into uncharted, unmapped areas of GAMES MATRIX unknowns.
Ascension Experiences are a double whammy! As they often exceed the awareness and havingness levels of those around you.  This can cause By-Passed Charge from you to them, and By-Passed Charge from them to you.
When the being soars into a high POSITIVE STATE it can cause all those around them to need to get off the now no longer tacitly agreed-upon areas of sabotage.  This can be very difficult if the Ascender does not have an effective communication cycle.  Usually it ends in lots of By-Passed Charge.
Almost all lower “ethics” conditions were preceded by Ascension Experiences.  The lower condition assignment acts as a wrong item, plus is also a wrong indication, and can severely cause major amounts of charge to get by-passed and destroy your dreams and aspirations.  These can cause a SHORT CIRCUIT and ends up sticking a being into a losing identity that acts as a continuous NEGATIVE POLE.
It takes a great deal of patience to handle someone who has been violated by the mis-application of the “administration”, “technology”, and “ethics” of previous practices.
Not only has it been done to you, but you have, in turn, done it to others.  That’s never easy to confront.  But you must HONOR the GREEN ZONE and handle, if wanted, the RED ZONE INDICATORS by getting into action and demand of yourself continuous GREEN ZONE INDICATORS in life.
Again, it is not the content that you are after; it is the REPAIR OF THE MECHANICAL ASPECTS OF THE CREATION the client has constructed and is now sitting in front of you.
The Processor must have the ability to let go of their POSITIVE POSITION and slowly allow the client to assume a more POSITIVE POSITION as the client begins to rise up the mood scale or Zones.
As the client begins to correctly spot the By-Passed Charge causes, the client’s (itsa-maker line) data access paths or eductive line will go in better and better.  Not only that, they may even become willing to be fully responsible for the whole session.  At that point the Processor is now occupying a NEGATIVE POLARITY.  The POLARITIES will shift back and forth as the session goes along.
The prime goal here is to bring the being up to Omni-Sovereignty over his GAMES MATRICES and LIFE PROCESSESS. To train the being so they have the tools and spiritual literacy to allow life to be their positive processor.
A well running client can span the full spectrum of the Zones and all scales, able to be Positive or Negative at will.
To completely handle all charge and by-passed charge – requires the erasure and rehabilitation of the being complete GAMES MATRICES.
Once this is done the being will free of unwanted negative charge and will have restored fully their free will and powers of choice over their life and creations.
19 November 1997
Revised 30 September 2006