What Makes a Red Zone Dominator Identity?

The knowledge in this bulletin may well be some of the most important discoveries I have made.

For years I wondered what stopped people from rising to their full greatness – why do people only reach so far?

Why do people who have infinite intelligence, infinite power, infinite strength, infinite cleverness and infinite skills and abilities settle for mediocrity?

This bulletin has many of the answers.



One of the biggest problems in building a team of super star champions and unlocking a person’s full greatness is that they often get trapped in their own past, present and unless handled their continuing into the future collapsed universes and Red Zone destructive games conditions that resulted in having unconsciously and reactively created the Red Zone Dominator identities.
It is a level we all have to go through – I doubt there is a person alive who has not acted this way.
The Red Zone Dominators identities purpose is distorted – it is usually a solution to a problem.
The problem is most people have a chronic a fear of power and several very destructive abuse based solutions which keeps them in a state of chronic fear and anxiety.
They have a horrendous FEAR OF THEIR OWN POWER – thus they Fear and Distrust others power.
There are two basic solutions to handling constant chronic fear and anxiety that stems from abuse and insecurity: TO BE PERFECT or TO GET AND MAINTAIN A DOMINATING POSITION.
The Red Zone Dominator identity drives itself to become the top in their position.
The Red Zone Dominator identity is a destructive narcissistic winning identity.
It is trapped in the Win – Lose or the lower Lose – Lose level of Game playing – it was manufactured as a last resort to solve the problem of – lack of worthwhile games – that deteriorated into lack of any Games – thus “ANY GAME IS BETTER THAN NO GAME!’
They get the position and begin to use it to get rid of competition 
The Red Zone Dominator identity substitutes STATUS for statistics.
When a person substitutes STATUS for statistics they begin to live in the past – before long they are hopelessly out of date. Also they no longer do what made them successful – that is study, train, practice or seek to reach out.
Then they start quoting and threatening: “I’m a PHD in English – without me you will fail!” or “I’m the highest trained BLAH in my field – if you lose me you will fall apart!” or “I’m indispensable – without me you will lose!”
The most deadly is when you have invested years of work and turned over many hats to them – they begin to withhold vital knowledge from you and others – there are two reasons for this:
1. To solidify their dominance and control by covertly making you and others feel, look and act stupid.
2. To covertly make you and others dependent upon them.
Added to this is their unstated but ever present emotional blackmail of – “if you upset me – I will leave!”
They spend a lot of time convincing others of the above – the whole group will begin to feel insecure and dependant on these people.
They sabotage recruiting, marketing, team building, study, training, coaching and processing. Nothing builds around them.
They ignore stats – they seek to covertly dominate and control by building allies who support their dominance.
There are 14 major things a person who wants to recover their greatness must Spiritually, Mentally and Physically INCREASE, they are their:
1.      RESPONSIBILITY (this is without doubt is the key to everything – when a person backs off from or refuses to take responsibility
        in an area – automatically the unconscious or reactive mind will take over and begin to create you as a false or artificial self in
        that area.)


3.      EFFECTIVE REACH (Specifically targeted objectives.)



6.      QUANTITY




10.     EFFECTIVE UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES (money, time, attention, life force particles and their ability to invest correctly and wisely)

11.     QUALITY (this includes the ability to complete a cycle of action.)


13.     MORE KNOWLEDGE AND KNOW-HOW by greatly increasing the intensity of their study, training, practice, application and
        seeking better ways to reach out.


These 14 steps when taken gradiently will take you through the Yellow, Green and into the Gold Zone levels of existence in any area you so choose.
The problem is the Red Zone Dominator identity is in violation of all of the above steps – what is worse they actually are in opposition to and anti the Yellow, Green and Gold Zone levels of existence – once they get their position of dominance they will resist study, training, coaching and processing – not only that they constantly stop others from getting their study, training, coaching and processing.
These are gross leadership violations – if they have been in a dominant position for a long time; it will be nearly impossible for them to face up to their constant violations.
Expect to be attacked because that is what we all do when we cannot face our violations – attack the person who is attempting to get you to face up to those violations.
Remember it is a level we all have to go through – I doubt there is a person alive who has not acted this way – the secret is bite the bullet and face up to your violations.
For if you do not – you will spend the rest of your life and eternity blaming others and assigning away your power.
The Red Zone Dominator identity is very insecure, full of fears and anxiety, very charged, they feel threatened all the time – many of their fears and anxieties are imagined – they especially fear powerful people and groups and imagine all sorts of crazy and weird ideas about what the power person or group thinks about them.
The Red Zone Dominator identity has a very limited ability to Be – Do – Own or Have.
The Red Zone Dominator identity is an old reactive substitute for you the spiritual being.
The Red Zone Dominator identity also violates the Success Breakout formula.

*          *          *

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

                                                                                    Albert Einstein  (1897-1955)


Occasional successes start to happen and you and your Learning Unit begin to be noticed.
At this level, you and your Learning Unit begin to feel at cause over the game you are playing. You start having big wins, sudden surges in income, and production and sales become abundant.
Now is the time to improve the quality of your products.  Without changing what works, a good quality-control activity will strengthen the demand for your products and services.
 A very important step in Success Breakout is how you handle your sudden abundance of money.  Many people and companies destroy themselves by neglecting this step.  By correcting this step, you increase and strengthen your financial discipline.  This is done by cutting out any waste areas, buying only what you can pay cash for, and eliminating any negative cash-flow areas.
Don’t use credit cards or buy anything on credit.  Eliminate all debts and pay anyone to whom you owe money.  Keep doing this until you owe nothing. Now, maintain all purchases on a cash basis only.  The objective is to get out of debt and build reserves.
This is a vital step, as all economies fluctuate.  Should a recession or depression hit, you can ride out the financial storm comfortably.
Next, invest a large percentage of the remaining income in things or services that make it possible to produce and deliver your product more effectively.
Now isolate, exactly, those successful actions that caused you to experience the abundance. Reinforce and expand these actions.
At this level, it is very important that you keep good records of what is causing your statistical scores to go up.  Often at Success Breakout the individual or company will change what worked and the statistical scores will decline.  Without records there will be no way of going back to see what the successful actions were that actually caused the scores to go up.
As you continue to gain higher statistical scores, you will find that all areas in your life and business are expanding at a very fast rate.
Success Breakout Formula:
1.         Review what caused the success and strengthen it.  Don’t change what is working.
2.         Get out of debt. Gather all past debts and pay them.  Be totally solvent.
3.         Build reserves.
4.         Increase self-discipline by better use of your time.  Delegate your least important roles.
5.         Don’t buy anything on credit or anything that requires long-term future payments.  Don’t let others buy anything on credit.
6.         Invest in your Learning Unit and your own enhancement by finding services that make it possible to produce and deliver your product more effectively.
7.         Keep improving your own and your Learning Unit’s personal skills and knowledge.
8.         Keep improving your products.
9.         Review your paradigms and optimum visualizations.
As you have risen this high knowingly, repeating this formula will cause you and your Learning Unit to sustain success.  Should some reversal cause you to drop into a lower state, just apply that formula and you will again begin to rise.
Handling failure has always been fairly easy for me, but handling success has been a nightmare – I never understood why until the discoveries of collapsed universes and Red Zone destructive games conditions that resulted in having unconsciously and reactively created the Red Zone Dominators identities.
The being instinctively knows there is something wrong about this state of Red Zone Dominators identity and they will begin to self destruct in order to restrain themselves.
It is our Red Zone Dominator identities that are making life insecure and hell for all of us.
Let us each take full responsibility for breaking this never ending destructive cycle and help each other erase our past, present and unless handled our future collapsed universes and Red Zone destructive games conditions that has resulted in us having unconsciously and reactively created our Red Zone Dominator identities and put our true spiritual self back into being able to maintain a continuing enhancement of our knowledge, responsibility, control and integrity.
It is self destructive and sabotage to not get trained and help others get trained on this material – as we are all in this together.
All it will take is for each of us to take a little more responsibility – and we can make a high Green and Gold Zone heaven present for ourselves here – now!
June 9, 2007