The Secret of Getting Clients and Students Gains

The secret of handling the clients and students is getting the client or student wins he or she can have in the world he or she is living in, and getting more and more such wins, until new gains are acceptable, expected and therefore stable.
It does not matter what is run in session or what is run on a course if it does not equate to getting the client or student wins he or she can have in the world he or she is living in, and that they are continuing to getting more and more such wins, leading to more and more new gains that are acceptable, expected and therefore even more stable.
After that, you can “go for broke” in cleaning up, restoring and taking to mastery specific areas, such as relationships, finances, study, communication, life goals, etc.
And when you have cleared and restored enough of the client or student areas, they can begin to stand unaided and get right answers in the existence he or she is living in, you can again go for broke with the Vital Fundamentals.
And you eventually will have an Omni-Sovereign Operating Being
It is at the beginning and thus lowest place on the route up, one finds the roughest processing and training conditions.
There is no heroic effort that will produce an instantaneous and permanent gain.

One can produce a fast gain that is so fast it destabilizes the client or student. It’s all too sudden and new and the client or student cannot take it so quick.

Witness the fate of a client or student who has a sudden Ascension Experience and is suddenly “exteriorized”. “Deprived” of a body even for a few minutes in processing, training or life no matter how much better he feels for those few minutes, the change is too quick.
You can cause a sudden Ascension Experience and cause any processing and training client or student to explode into an exteriorized state. That’s too sudden and too fast and consequently too impermanent.
So the Ascension Experience is a gradient research tool for the client or student, not the main target for a processing or training procedure.
You possibly could Ascend somebody by some lightning fast means, but down he’d come again.
Because you haven’t cleared enough Vital Fundamental areas, that’s all. You left too many wrong answers on the clients or students case for the case to be right in a new state.
The correct answers to life and how to handle people correctly are covered mainly in training. Processing removes the incorrect answers to life that are stopping you from getting the correct answers to achieving your goals so that you can arrive for more training and become a knowledgeable master at playing and winning big at your chosen games of life. 


I speak now from a very well substantiated technical experience and height which began by taking gradient step by upward steps throughout each and every day of the fifty years since I began these studies.
The mark of an expert is ease of competence so they produce what they intend and thus deliver what they promise.
I find cleaning up Vital Fundamental areas of a person life can be done rather easily, if it is done from a gradient step to upward step and not subjected to an impatient hit or miss confused scramble.
This is not to say it takes a long time.
It takes rather a steady and orderly time, not flying before one can walk or crawl, and being able to look up without getting overwhelmed and to look down without being smug or arrogant with the superiority and grandeur of one’s own climb.
Being able to do it with ease and comfort are Mastering the Games of Life bywords.
People en-route at an easy comfortable rate are often actually unaware of gains! They just take them for granted.


The instructor or processor’stask in handling the client or student’s case is to gradiently guide the client or student upward and again gradiently upward to comfortable, acceptable and expected wins, which the client or student can have and which, therefore, will be permanent.


In order to help anyone, much less make high a Green Zoner or Gold Zoner – it is necessary to keep the client or student to continue to get processing and training.
That sounds rather easy at first glance with all the dazzling goals that can be set for him
or her. Yet, it at this point in actual fact that this is the only place instructor’s or processor’s fall down.
Obviously you can’t help anybody maintain their Vital Fundamentals with life and themselves, regardless of the techniques you have, if the client or student won’t keep on getting training or processing.
Give a processor a client to process and processor’s do very well indeed. But when the client leaves because they saw something they did not want to face up to, or just doesn’t turn up any more, what then? That’s the end of growth, isn’t it?


So the basic problem of making and maintaining high Green Zoner’s and Gold Zoner’s is not getting clients and students to have processing and training. That’s easy, really.
It’s getting clients and students to KEEP ON getting processing and training. And there is where the instructor or processor’s, yes and Case Advisors, fall down.


There are several reasons why it is hard to get a client or student to go on getting processing and training. They add up under the heading, WINS.
If a client or student is not getting wins, then two things happen:
(a) Since the client or student is not getting more able, the client or student is not earning fast enough or finding the additional time necessary to have processing and training.
(b) The goal of attaining a higher state is thwarted, and this stops, slows or nullifies the goals of the client or student and creates a massive upset in the client or students set-ups for Mastering the Games of Life.
If a client or student is getting wins, then:
(a) The client or student gets more able, earns more or finds more where-withal, and produces and accomplishes much more in a given period of time, thus leaving more time to use for processing and training;
(b) The minor upsets or discomforts which accompany even the smoothest processing and training are disregarded.


 To truly be rich and have abundance in life it is vital that you have an abundance of life force particles, time and money.
I apologize for having to mention economics, but these play their role. Operating in a society full of economic traps and snares, one has to have a solution to them or falter.
This applies to both the instructor and processor and the clients and students, regardless of whether there is any charge for the processing or training or not.
Freedom from economic, acute duress means freedom for you to have an abundance of life force particles, time and money in order for you to get processed or trained or instruct or co-process, and such freedom is bought more easily by ability than chance. But a person’s progress improves the person’s control over things long before the high Green Zone and Gold Zone states are approached – actually long before consistent getting better is realized.


People don’t realize how long the road is — they don’t want to confront it. But there’s an awful lot of aberration between an ordinary being and a high Yellow Zoner, much less a high Green Zoner.
A de-accessed being who is released from their destructive games conditions is one who knows he isn’t going to get worse.
The command of a release over his time and possessions, while not overwhelmingly great compared to a high Green Zoner’s, is yet fabulous compared to one who was never processed or trained at all.


 So it is vitally necessary to keep the client or student getting wins, no matter how small, to keep the client or student getting processed or trained. This is sometimes hard to do.
Most people after their training or processing go back into environments where the people they are connected to have had no training or processing – consequently the traps of life are always seeking to snare the person near the bottom. In fact the closer the person is to the bottom, the more likely he or she is to fall into one of life’s snares.
Therefore, the closer to the start the person is, the more necessary it is to get him wins; for the easier it is for him to be thrown about in his routine daily existence.
As catastrophe is simply arrived at just in day to day living while quite illiterate, loaded with uncleared wrong answers – consequently the person’s answers in that state are not likely to have a high percentage of accuracy, the easier it is for him to get into a condition where he can’t receive further training or processing for economic, social or other reasons.
It takes literacy, wins and know-how to surmount all that.
If a being at any point on the route “blows (departs) for good”, they’ve lost the final attainment, even if they did have benefits.


Given any kind of competent training, the instructor or processor must realize only these things:
(a) If a client or student be kept getting processing or training, the most dazzling results can be obtained by following the processes for those results
(b) If the client or student can’t be kept at processing or training, no results can be obtained
(c) That the client or student who gets regular wins, acceptable to the client or student, will keep on getting processing or training.
(d) That the client or student who doesn’t get his small quota of wins will blow (run away); and
(e) That the blowing client or student is the only remaining, generally unhandled problem in any processing or training activity
(f) That the client or student can be handled so as not to blow and to get wins.


The five Vital Fundamentals with life areas which prevent wins are:
(4) THE HARMFUL ACT (with its secrets, kepts and restraints of all varieties); and
(5) THE UPSET (a sudden shattering of your set up that leads to a massive inhibition in your abilities to operate with full Love, Truth, Harmony, Knowledge and Reach (Communication)).
The following facts are some of the most consistent and substantiated facts in the whole of our technology:
When a master high green zone or gold zone
processor or instructor processes or trains you – they process and train the true spiritual you.
Most people play their Games of Life with substitute or artificial identities, consequently when you go back into life you are re-created as the substitute or artificial old identity. This by-passes the true spiritual you, this makes you smaller and less powerful and less effective.
You feel off purpose, out of position, unhappy and lost.
One of the greatest attributes of being in the high green zone or gold zone; is the ability to find correct answers to life’s problems and to put order and control into life’s confusions.
Not being around like trained, processed and like minded people you can quickly be inundated with incorrect answers, lies, false data, confusions and unknowns.
Your dreams and goals become unreal to you, you start to make mistakes, be bad tempered and somewhat overwhelmed.
The presence of a Present Time Problem in a session, in training or in life, unless handled, will prevent all forward motion or gain. If a “Present Time Problem” exists in the client or student and you try to train or process something else and ignore the Present Time Problem, the client or student who’s Life or Skills Analysis Graphs will show no change, the Resistance Arm of the Attention Bit Locator will not move well, the client or student will not make his or her session or training goals and their training or processing and big life games may eventually cease.
In the presence of a Harmful Act undisclosed to the high green zone or gold zone processor or instructor and withheld from him, no matter how openly it may once have been done, the processing or training cycle of communication between high green zone or gold zone processor or instructor and client or student cannot occur, as the client or student is withholding its secrets, kepts and restraints of all varieties.
Therefore, nothing can vanish in the client or students different minds and training or processing becomes painful.
The client or students life or graph will not change, it may even get worse.
In the presence of an UPSET, the client or student attention is so distracted by the
charge that has been by-passed (accessed, but overlooked by both client or student and processor or instructor) and the need to restore their set ups that the strain of splitting attention between the charge that is emanating from the stops, slows or nullifications from past incidents or shattered set ups and the processor or instructor insistence on continuing over the top of these UPSETS that will destructively act to worsen the client or students case and life, reduce the client or students graph and freeze the resistance arm of the Attention Bit Locator.
Therefore, one must not pursue a training or processing cycle during an UPSET, but may only locate and indicate the by-passed charge until the client or student has restored their SET UP.


If a processor or instructor doesn’t handle these five things competently, the client or student will eventually cease to pursue training or processing.
Now recognizing that these five things, (1) THE LOSS OF THE TRUE YOU; (2) THE LOSS OF A HIGH GREEN ZONE OR GOLD ZONE PROCESSOR OR COACH; (3) THE PRESENT TIME PROBLEM; (4) THE HARMFUL ACT; and (5) THE UPSET, are all that really forestall continued training or processing, it becomes necessary for the processor or instructor to know his or her bulletins and be skilled in practice, and to be successful in releasing, healing, cleaning up and restoring high green zone or gold zone clients or students.

 13 November 2006