The Perfect Or Ultimate Game

1.  It is what you really love and want to do, with the people whom you want to do it with.
2.  It has an extremely worthy purpose.
3.  It has a worthy vision.
4.  It has a worthy, doable plan.
5.  It is to be played at very high levels.
6.  It can be played at the location of your choice.
7.  It has plenty of freedom.
8.  It is very portable.
9.  It is self-enhancing (causes expansion of your Presence, Creation, Love, Truth, Harmony, Knowledge, Responsibility, Control, Value, Integrity, Honor, Honesty, Prosperity, Happiness, Skills, Communication lines, and Contacts as you proceed to act.)
10. Your fellow players are big winners.
11. It is FUN!
12. It can be very profitable.
13. Your product is on the power carrier and communication lines of the world and as such takes a minimum of marketing once good results are produced.
14. It continuously creates expanding worthwhile futures that puts you in a much better position to be a Master of your Games of Life and much more in  control of your life and environment.