The House Of Mirrors Trap

Almost all people are trapped in their own unknowingly created holographic house of mirrors. Their “distorted or false realities of what is there” are created by them in an effort to handle threats of loss and their fears.
These “distorted or false realities of what is there” kick-back on the being who feels they are being bombarded by their own superimposed “it’s got nothing to do with me” reflections and automatically created unwanted holographic images.
These solutions to handle threats of loss and their fears superimpositions are deadly as they block the truth of now.
If you have ever experienced the anguish of being “heartbroken” – the rest of this knowledge is vital to you – for it will erase the “heartbroken” incidents and solutions of the your often destructive attempts to solve the pain and anguish of the past and smash your self created Houses of Mirrors Traps for you.


Main Entry: su·per·im·pose
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1794
1: to place or lay over or above something <superimposed images> <superimposed a formula on the stories>
su·per·im·pos·able  adjective    su·per·im·po·si·tion  noun
When you are hit by a fearful situation or seriously threatened and subsequently experience a heavy feeling of loss.  (Threats usually consist of you being terrified of losing something.)
Your Wants and Dreams source your three-dimensional, holographic imagery, visions and games.
The biggest loss for a Being is himself then his dreams and when he is lost the dreams are lost so to are his 3 dimensional holographic imagery, visions and games.
When this happens there is an instant automatic response to solve this potential loss of self and the three dimensional holographic imagery, visions and games.  This automatic response causes you to spontaneously and involuntarily create safeguards against the threat, whether the threat is real or imagined.
Further that which frightens or threatens you, spontaneously causes you to create an instant counter intention which in turn creates a negating attitude towards handling by nullifying or destroying the threat. 
The counter intention and negating attitude brings about an instantly destructively labeled threat and accompanying full three-dimensional, holographic counter creation that is then superimposed over the threat.
The threat can be a person, group, place, time, subject, thing or an entity of some kind.
Often when the superimposition occurs it is superimposed on everything connected to the threat.
In processing you are only really dealing with three basic subjects.
            1.  The significance.
Too much, incorrect or false significance can prevent you from making contact with your mental creations or the physical universe actuality.
            2.  The mentally created charge, mass, force and trapped life force particles that you have affixed to an actuality.
The affixed charge, mass, force and trapped life force particles can cause you to be so separated from the actuality of what is there that you cannot make actual contact with the actuality and thus you are prevented from and can never really be at cause over the area, consequently you also cannot have or own in the area.
The more charge, mass, force and trapped life force particles that are affixed to someone or something the lower down the levels of existence you are pushed until there can be so much charge, mass, force and trapped life force particles that you end up at the bottom of the Red Zone at Absence in the area.
            3.  The actuality.
When you are present and can have the actuality you are operating in present time in the exact right time and the exact right place, plus the exact who, what, where, when, how, and moods.
You are present – here and now.
You are observing and operating in life exactly as it is.
You are being what you are being when and where you are being it.
You are doing what you are doing when and where you are doing it.
You are having what you are having when and where you are having it.


Usually the Being is in an ascended state and as such the Being is connected to other powerful, upscale Beings, lines and games.
The Being’s Positive and Negatives are continuously in the high Green or Gold Zone, the ebbs and flows of force and power are in a “work with” each others mode.
The flows are harmonious and have superb estimations of effort towards each terminal and along the lines.
The lines and terminals are often quite extensive.  There is a sense of oneness yet each is an omni-sovereign unit unto itself, able generate its own power and able to receive and originate at will.  The scope and sphere of influence is quite vast.
This is a sovereign or omni-sovereign operating team of high level awareness and high powered Spiritual Beings.
When a threat and loss occur the Being snaps onto the threat and this causes an involuntary individuation by disconnection from the team by snapping onto and trying to handle the threat.
The Being spontaneously implodes their space.
This implosion can also cause the team they were connected with to also get a threat and loss.
The disconnection and resultant implosion can cause a ridge of charge and force to be created between the Being and its former teammates.
The implosion, individuation and spontaneous counter creations can cause serious damage to the Being’s relationships and will destroy their ability to be on purpose and make it almost impossible to follow their dreams.  Worse, they will impede others from being on purpose and following their dreams.
It is the snapping onto the threat, implosion, individuation and spontaneous counter creations that causes the Being to lose it Super Being or Operating Spiritual Being state, to create negative attitudes, which in turn emanate negative emotions.


There is a sequence to the fear or threat and loss:
1.      Fear or Threat.
2.      Implosion.
3.      Disconnection and Individuation from prior power teammates and spheres of influence.
4.      Heavy sense of loss.
5.      Spontaneous downward change of position in order to create a counter force to handle the threat and potential loss.
6.      Intention to counter the threat. This intention can be quite destructive, evil or threatening.
7.      Creation of negative attitudes to counter the threat.  These negative attitudes can be quite destructive, evil or threatening.
8.      The intention, negative attitude and actions create a Negative Want.
9.      Assigning a derogatory label stemming from the destructive intention to the threat.  (Makes it okay to implement destructive and harmful actions.)
10.  Creating a destructive three-dimensional, holographic mock-up that fits the label.
11.  Superimposing the label and destructive three-dimensional, holographic mock-up on the area of threat.
12.  Now the threat is identified and labeled as okay to harm.
13.  You create a matching opposing identity to the counter creation.
14.  Now you and your lower created opposing identity have the justification, rationalization and okay from self to commit harmful acts against the labeled threat.
15.  The threat now taking counter measures to annihilate you as you have now become a threat to him.
16.  Continuous present time destructive problems and the creating of destructive solutions.
17.  Immobile; area and threats destroyed or locked in mortal combat.
18.  You and threat and environment devastated and in a poverty condition.
19.  Refuse to go near the area again. Absent.
20.  Stuck in a broken identity without a game to play.
21.  Extreme feelings of loss and depression.
22.  It should be noted that once the Being begins to superimpose, the Being no longer observes the actuality. The Being is now trapped in their Hall of Mirrors fighting their own reflections of life, people, places, things and subjects.
When handling this area, it is vital that the superimposition is separated from the actuality.  Then a differentiation is made between the mental mock-ups and the actualities.
The counter creation, the destructive intention, the negative attitudes and identities, acts and outcomes all get their power from the positive dream that was threatened.
It is the above cycle that slows, stops or nullifies powerful Beings and causes them to become ineffective and humanoid.  The above cycle robs the Being of their ability to honor their codes, integrity, mastery, virtues and principles.  This then leads to a massive loss of self worth, self esteem and self respect, which in turn brings about a tremendous loss of strength, cleverness, and size and traps the Being in smaller, trivial games.
What is even more destructive is that when the Being goes to the 5th step (5.    “Spontaneous downward change of position in order to create a counter force to handle the threat and potential loss”) they not only oppose the threat, but oppose the power and the lines the power is connected to.


The concept of the House of Magic Holographic Mirrors is taken from the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) it was the first full-length animated feature (83 minutes in length) in color and with sound, one of Disney’s greatest films, and a pioneering classic tale in film history.
This excerpt is a scene from the film:
“Each day the vain Queen consulted her Magic Mirror, ‘Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who is the fairest one of all?’…and as long as the Mirror answered, ‘You are the fairest one of all,’ Snow White was safe from the Queen’s cruel jealousy.
The camera tracks in toward the castle, filming the animation as if it were a live-action film. As one of the windows of the castle comes slowly closer, it dissolves into the mirror in the Queen’s chamber. The vain Queen approaches her Magic Mirror one more time to question it for reassurance:
“Slave in the Magic Mirror, Come from the farthest space, Through wind and darkness, I summon thee. Speak. Let me see thy face!”
In a highly dramatic scene, fiery flames burst into view and a moving, masklike face appears. The agent of deception asks the Queen (and the audience):
“What wouldst thou know, my Queen?”
The Queen asks her Magic Mirror the famous question:
“Magic Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest one of all?”
(The Magic Mirror is a two-edged sword – it can cut both ways – positive or negative.”)
The Magic Mirror cannot lie, and must admit that there is someone else other than the Queen who is the fairest in the land:
Mirror: Famed is thy beauty, majesty. Behold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee.

Queen: Alas for her, reveal her name.

Mirror: Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.
To the Wicked Queen’s horror, her worst fear is confirmed. She realizes the mirror has described her scullery maid, Snow White.”
Each of us has a Magic Psychic Mirror.
Many live in a Hall of Mirrors – everywhere they look they see a reflection – sadly they do not see what is truly there.
They cannot connect to the real world – the truth of what is actually in front of them in the physical universe is overlaid with super-imposed false reflections.
They do not make contact, see or permeate and understand people – they see their reflections of their super-impositions on people.
They do not make contact, see or permeate and understand places – they see their reflections of their super-impositions on places.
They do not make contact, see or permeate and understand subjects – they see their reflections of their super-impositions on subjects.
They do not make contact, see or permeate and understand things – they see their reflections of their super-impositions on things.
The reason for their inability or refusal to make contact, see or permeate, understand and put on their reflections of their super-impositions is: FEAR.
FEAR of the TRUTH.
FEAR of PAIN, and many other FEARS.
FEAR causes a person to negatively invert their visions. Instead of creating and manifesting a positive holographic vision or image there – the person creates and manifests a negative holographic vision or image of what they FEAR there.
Some are in so much terror they cannot even create or manifest a vision or image.
Those Magic Psychic Mirrors hang on the walls of our psychic boxes. It is always what we look at when we need to decide and act.

You can use the self listing question:
“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest (dumbest, evil, incompetent, unreliable, stupidest, etc.) of them all?”
The Magic Mirror cannot lie, it must admit the truth.
Failure to handle your House of Mirrors is what traps you into mediocrity, poverty or worse. It blocks you from being all you can be.
To smash through and escape the traps of your House of Mirrors all you have to do is cause a break-out by being more present and reaching out further and contacting presence time and actuality – then you can gradually become all you can be.

Alan C. Walter