Many people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their relationships.

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Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his book RELATIONSHIPS:
“The act of relating is the MOST important phenomena of our lives.  Without relationships, “we are nothing.”

The reason for this is; in the absence of anything else, WE are not.”
If you should put yourself in a void of nothing – there would be no honor or dishonor – no up or down – no big or small – no worth or not worth – no good or bad – no beauty or ugliness – then you would be just as void – as you would have nothing to relate to – nothing to want – nothing to desire – nothing to compare to.

The moment there is something to relate to – you can compare – you can desire better or worse – bigger or smaller – want or not want – to be or not be – to do or not do – to own or not own.”

Walsch makes several references to his relationship with his wife Nancy and how their relationship, empowers, builds, and creates, and does not limit, tear down or hurt the other person.

He asks the reader:

        What can we empower?

        What can we create?”

Each of you needs to ask her/himself those very questions:

        Is your relationship empowering you and allowing you to create the whole, possible you?

Quote: “Relationships that are based in real love – a love that is true – are relationships that are totally and completely free. Freedom is the essence of love. When we love another, we never seek to limit or restrict them in any why whatsoever. Love does not limit, does not own, does not hold in, but expands, lets go, and releases, the grandest part of who all of us are.”

“Relationship is the only experience in life that brings you an experience of yourself in life. Not only do I know myself out of my relationship with you, but I literally define myself as well. I can only see in me what I see in you”.