Opponency – Games Matrix VIII

Have you ever wondered how you lose your power?
How you lose your awareness?
How you lose your infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strength, and infinite skills?
How you get created as an identity you do not want to be?
How you end up doing what you don’t want to do?
How you end up not having what you want out of life?
How you end up playing Red Zone Games – in the wrong place, at the wrong time – with the wrong people?
It all boils down to one secret action – that secret action is contained in the answer to this vital and incredibly important question:
        Who or what are you unknowingly and reactively creating yourself as?
To answer that question requires you to inspect who or what are you relating to – for you always create yourself on a matching and equal parity with what you are creating someone else as.
As I was writing this report – the phone rang – my immediate reactive response was to ask the negative question of: “Who is this idiot?” – this led to the immediate projection of the image of “An interfering idiot!”- I instantly went into a Red Zone opponency with the caller – for in order to be on a matching parity with my “imagined” opponent I unknowingly created myself as “A righteous idiot!”
I had to make myself very small in order to play this game – what was worse a hidden unknown Red Zone destructive games condition went into play of “The war of the idiots!” and the warring identities or players of the game – being me as “A righteous idiot!” – versus – the innocent phone caller as – “An interfering idiot!”
Luckily, I sheepishly confessed to my righteous idiocy and we had a good laugh about it. But for both us it brought to view the 1,000’s of times we had reacted in this manner.
Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his book RELATIONSHIPS:
“The act of relating is the MOST important phenomena of our lives.

Without relationships, “we are nothing.”
The reason for this is; “in the absence of anything else, WE are not.”
If you should put yourself in a void of nothing – there would be no honor or dishonor – no up or down – no big or small – no worth or not worth – no good or bad – no beauty or ugliness – then you would be just as void – as you would have nothing to relate to – nothing to want – nothing to desire – nothing to compare to.

The moment there is something to relate to – you can compare – you can desire better or worse – bigger or smaller – want or not want – to be or not be – to do or not do – to own or not own.”

*       *       *

It is the spiritual, mental, and physical knowing awareness and acts of exactly who, what, when, where, how and at what mood level we relate to someone or something, places, subjects, areas or zones that defines our RELATIONSHIPS.

Who or what you choose to put into your space and time and fully relate to sets the parameters as to the bigness, quality and depth of your standards and virtues in relationship with and for yourself – of what games you will play – what mood levels you will play your games at – who and what you will love – honor – know – be – do – and own about yourself.


 There is nothing more important in regards success, prosperity and happiness than  your choice of disciplined, worthwhile, far reaching, willing to learn and improve skills and abilities teammates and your choice of games that are worthwhile, far reaching, which will also allow you and your teammates further ways to be willing to learn and improve skills and abilities to play those games.
There is a secret to making the right choices – a secret to picking the winning teammates and games – a secret to greatness – a secret to obtaining great wealth – a secret to being truly happy – that secret is contained in the answer to this 2nd vital and incredibly important question:
        Who or what are you opposing?
You choice and size of game – your selection of teammates – your choice of locations – your ability to Be – Do – or Have is directly monitored by what you oppose.
For it is your opponency to people, places, subjects and things that causes you to be continuously too accessed and too over-charged to win.
It your freedom from opponency with people, places, subjects and things that allows you to be free of charge which allows you to win big.
It is your choices of what you oppose – that causes your Prime Goals to become slowed, stopped or nullified.
The problem most people have is they unknowingly reactively fear and oppose strong, knowledgeable, intelligent, powerful, affluent people, places, subjects and things – thus they are fighting unknown fears and unknown opponents.
The biggest losers in life reactively and unknowingly fear, oppose and destructively fight that which their survival depends upon.
Most people are completely unaware of what they are really opposing – even the most common simple life enhancement actions are often what they heavily oppose.
Can you imagine being in opposition to:
Study – yet many will do anything to get out of studying.
Positions of Power – few people can allow others to be in positions of power – most often they undermine them, talk     behind their backs, and resist doing what needs to be done.
Space – many feel very nervous in big spaces.
Time – few can arrive on time or follow a schedule.
Motion – most want to control all motion.
Energy – there is often great fear connected to people, places, subjects and things that have too much energy.
Mind – very few people are in harmony with their minds – often they are in a state of continuous war with them.
Presence – most people feel very uncomfortable and threatened being around someone with a lot of presence.


There is a positive side to opponency – you can be an opponent of being poor – or – being illiterate – or being in the Red Zone – or being ignorant – or not being a master of the Games of Life, etc.!

The question still is:
        Who or what are you opposing?
Which often really means: Who or what are you using as an excuse to stop, slow or nullify yours and others Prime Dreams, Goals and Games in order to limit yours and their ability to be omni-responsible for all parts of the Games and the people, places, subjects and things you are connected to – in order to restrain yourself and others people, places, subjects and things from having back their full power and thus becoming a threat to you?
The correct questions to use – the answer to which will remove a tremendous amount of negative opponency out of your life is:

         Who or what are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

         What part of Knowledgism are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

         What part of the ranch are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

         What part of the game of getting better and more optimum are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

         What part of the game of increasing your skills and abilities are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

        Who and what part of your life and connections are you willing to be omni-responsible for?

        Add to the list any other areas you need to be omni-responsible for.

By doing this you go to the highest level of Game Playing – this will take you out of playing meaningless, petty, trivial Red Zone Games!

I know this works – as I used these questions and their answers almost 50 years ago – I’ve come a long way since that time! A very long way!

Alan C. Walter