Love Relationships and Love Incidents

The key ingredient of LOVE is the beings ability to be able to create PERFECT THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC DUPLICATION.
By being able to create a PERFECT THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC DUPLICATION of anything or anyone you can then attain oneness with anyone or anything.
Life itself is a composite of continuous Three-dimensional Holographic EVENTS.
Consequently destructive LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and destructive LOVE INCIDENTS can destroy the beings ability to create THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC DUPLICATES. Thus you get compulsive mis-positioning, (wrong place, wrong time, wrong people, wrong who, what, how, why, etc.) separation, apartness, inability to communicate, disassociation, denial and disconnection.
Obviously a destructive LOVE INCIDENT is most often the end part of a composite of very important life processes.
LOVE INCIDENTS can be connected to god, universes, games, people, groups, teams, places, subjects or things.
LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE INCIDENTS contain many highly charged, confusing, stupefying blackness and mass filled areas of life, as well as a tremendous amount of fear. Fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of betrayal, fear of being taken over, for of loss of self, fear of committing harmful acts, fear of becoming abusive, fear of losing control, fear of losing power, fear of power, greed, jealousy and envy. Therefore it is vital that you handle charge, confusion, blackness, stupidity, mass or fear when it manifests.
Without doubt the most destructive trauma a person, team or nation can undergo is a FAILED LOVE RELATIONSHIP AND FAILED LOVE INCIDENT.
Nothing messes up a person, team or nation’s life, living, dreams, aspirations and case more than being the effect of a FAILING LOVE RELATIONSHIP AND FAILING LOVE INCIDENT.
For it sets in place a compulsive constant Red Zone causing negative process mis-duplicating action level.

That highest quality of spiritual holographic recognition and perfect holographic duplication that observes and respects, admires and validates those spiritual, mental and physical qualities, assets and capabilities of another or others and oneself as spiritual Beings.  Thus comes about an enhancement of the quality, assets, prosperity, and happiness of each Being.  
Love requires closeness to.  Total Love is defined as being able to create a perfect holographic duplication that creates an at one with someone or something
LOVE: n.  The perfect holographic duplication or degree of closeness, warmth, and/or at-oneness with the correct and precise spirit,  knowledge,  game,  perception,  intention,  vision,  plan, whos,  whats,  wheres,  whens,  whys,  hows,  importances,  values,  moods,  responsibilities,  motions,  and actions, with accurately predicted consequences,  outcomes,  and  accomplishments.  
Love is one of the most powerful of our god-like abilities and is composed of the principles and action contained in these attributes in their purest form and ideal.  These attributes in their purest form set the principles and standards by which every god-like Being condones or judges itself and others.  
1. A definite, distinct occurrence; an event. 
2. An event which a spiritual Being holographically recorded and placed the recording in the mind with ALL perceptions, in spiritual, mental, physical and environmental holographic image form.


Are you addicted to love?

Or, are you addicted to sacrificing yourself for love?

Have you ever uttered the self and power abandonment phrase; “you are my reason for living!”?

Have you ever given yourself and your power completely away to another, by believing and using such a precept as: “Without you I cannot exist!” Or, “Without the love of another I cannot exist.”?

Love can be the greatest Ascension Experience imaginable – it contains the absolute zenith of the 10 attributes of greatness.

Love is a high that can be matched by no other sensation – that moment of perfect holographic duplication – the moment of serene oneness with someone or something – it makes you feel invincible – it causes you to be huge – time and space are limitless, often you are outside time and space. These are what ALL addictions have in common. The addict is seeking to get back that moment of perfect duplication and serene oneness.

Love fully experienced creates the perfect holographic duplication, that perfect oneness. It is instantaneous – it is forever more, but is it?

The moment Love becomes non-duplicated or unaccepted or not fully duplicated and rejected. – That non-duplicated Love could be stated as the basic event that ALL “black core” incidents stem from.

It most often starts when the Being sacrifices itself totally for another person or thing – by totally giving itself and its power to another person or thing – it ends when the other cannot accept or rejects that sacrifice – this is the basic source of compulsive must hold a position, can’t hold a position – must have – can’t have – must reach – can’t reach – must be compassionate, can’t be compassionate- must be loving, can’t be loving –  abusive, obsessively playing at being a victim, weak, remorseful, blaming, shameful, regretful, heartbroken and depressed.


Love Level ONE:          FULL PRESENCE

This is you being your full spiritual self with your awareness of your infinite power, intelligence, skills, abilities, strengths and cleverness, fully here now, fully capable of perfect holographic duplication of god, or any universes, games, people, groups, teams, places, subjects or things.
You and your ability to love are a oneness.
You are capable of and have the knowledge and know-how or know how to get the knowledge and know-how of complete spiritual, mental, physical and environmental mastery combined with the people skills of a master leader, coach, and processor.

This state requires several loving areas of spiritual, mental, physical and environmental mastery, that a being is where they love to be, working with those they love to work with, playing the games that enhance the most people, places, things and subjects.

They are master leaders, coaches and processors of life and people.

They are truly in harmony and unity with all aspects of life, consequently they are fully being what they love to be, fully doing what they love to do, fully owning or having what they love to own and have.
Love Level TWO:         SOVEREIGN LOVE

This state is your own specific areas of love, there are several high degrees of liking and loving areas of spiritual, mental, physical and environmental craftsmanship, that a being knows where they would love to be, working with those they love to work with, know what games that enhance the most people, places, things and subjects.

They seek harmony and unity with all aspects of life, consequently they are well on their way to fully being what they love to be, doing what they love to do, owning or having what they love to own and have.

They are working towards becoming master leaders, coaches and processors of life and people.

They are becoming very aware of their capabilities and what they know and can do and what they do not know and need to study, practice and master.

This state is painful as you cannot seem to be happy, there is little laughter or    happiness. It is brought about by becoming over accessed in life which is caused by a lack of people handling and processing skills.

Basically you and your partner(s) have nullified each others dreams and goals.

This state is caused by too many upsets and problems. Most often you have been taken over by the domination of a partner. You have completely lost your dreams and goals. No laughter, no happiness, no self respect, no success, no prosperity, life is a grind.

They are opposed to study, training, processing or anything that would help people get better.
Love Level FIVE:           NO SOVEREIGN LOVE
                                    You are under the control of and, being created as and owned by another or others                                                                  determination. This puts you in a low level trance state. Dramatizing Artificial Me’s.

This state is caused by being relationship illiterate, people illiterate and people handling skills illiterate. Added too that are failed previous relationships.

Most likely you were programmed by relationship illiterate abusive parents, teachers and bosses.

You feel weak and the effect of life. You chronically keep yourself apart from people and life because you know you are weak and robotic in the area, having little or no will power of your own (or worse you are addicted to sex or destructive abusive relationships.)

You have no close friends, you are unwilling to communicate, you are thoroughly stuck at the bottom of the Red Zone.

You are to weak and too poor to control your time, space or attention to focus on or to cause yourself to study, train, process or do anything that would help you or other people to get better.


When a person experiences the highs and ecstasies of love there is a period when life and your relationship are golden. It is an Ascension Experience of great magnitude for not only does it zoom you to the greatest heights but it also opens up you full capabilities, for in that moment you can perfectly holographically duplicate your full power and your areas of weakness which are momentarily visible.

The most often destructive thing that takes place is that all your areas of weakness become accessed. You begin to act out your weaknesses, as does your partner.

If you had the people skills of a master leader, coach, and processor you can handle those weaknesses as they appear – but lacking those skills often the relationship deteriorates into an unholy mess.

If a person is illiterate in the people skills of a master leader, coach, and processor then the relationship can become incredibly destructive not only to each partner but to the children all the people connected.

The love relationship can implode and crash the person into the level of no love and no hope of recovery.

Occasionally you get some hope the relationship will recover and you zoom back to the high, then another violation occurs and you plunge back to depths. A continuous roller-coaster life with wild mood swings becomes part of your everyday existence. Until one day the whole relationship collapses into an unsolvable mess leaving you heartbroken and in anguish.

Being able to fully identify, recognize, understand, own, and utilize the knowledge, data, indicators and behavior patterns contained in each of these OWN OMNI-SOVEREIGN FREE WILL, SOVEREIGN or OWN DETERMINATION levels will give you leadership qualities, life and people handling abilities beyond anything you ever imagined.

Defining and restoring this knowledge and love alone can restore immense upgrades in yourself, your life, your mood levels, leadership, coaching, processing, worth, power, wealth and clarity to you.

To attain the highest levels of love the first and most basic step is for you and those you are connected to:


Then take step two of the restoration of:


The basic secret of living a life filled with success, prosperity and happiness is to Be what you love being – to Do what you love doing and – Own and Have what you love to own and have and that requires the ability to be capable of perfect three-dimensional
holographic duplication.

May 14, 2006