Indicators of Trance States

What is known as A.D.D. or Attention Deficit Disorder most likely stems from moving in and out of chronic trance states.
When you are in a trance state you, your attention and life force particles are tied up.
These are the some of the common indicators of trance states:
These are also ADD horror situations…
Situations like:
“I walked into the kitchen to get something – when I got there I did not know why I was there.”
“I forgot my dentist’s appointment.”
“I forget people’s names.”
“I forgot my wife’s birthday.”
“I forgot to renew my driver’s license.”
“I forgot to show up for my meeting–and now I’m fired!”
Or how about:
“I’ve started twenty projects, and just can’t seem to finish any of them.”
“I’ve invested in six new businesses but I can’t focus on any of them­, I’ve lost all my money and am now heavily in debt – maybe I should just file for bankruptcy.”
“I was so embarrassed when I got arrested, because of an outstanding warrant! – I just failed to remember to pay my speeding ticket fine!”
It’s true…
Sometimes these stories are funny…
But sometimes they’re not.
Forgetting to pay a fine is one thing…
Never realizing your dreams is another…
Never having any dreams is even worse…
Losing your job, your boyfriend or girlfriend because of being in a constant trance state isn’t funny.
Neither is losing your present time and future….which then leads to losing your trust, certainty, self-respect, or self-esteem in yourself.
Others cannot rely or trust you to deliver what you promise – thus you cannot get referrals or high paying jobs.
These trance states have caused massive losses of income and opportunity to each of us and the cost to society must be astronomical.
The appalling thing is — when your in a trance state you are too numb and stupid to care.

1 August 2006