How The Attention Bit Locator Works

In the case of the Attention Bit Locator the electrodes are normally held by the hands in such a way that the maximum numbers of nerve endings are in contact with the electrodes.

The hands have among the highest density of nerve endings in the body.

The current flow between the electrodes is going to predominantly pass through the nerves up to the brain and across the brain interfaces, and back down to the other hand.

In the case of one hand electrodes, the current will flow up one set of nerves and back down the adjacent set.

Since there are millions of these nerves carrying the already small current, the voltage will be modulated by the average nerve connections in the brain.

Hence the Attention Bit Locator will essentially measure the degree of nerve connection in the brain.  It will respond to the electrical activity in the brain, in other words.

It is fortunate that this is so, and no doubt was not at all foreseen by any of the people who developed lie detectors or similar equipment.

However it turns out to be an elegant way of monitoring brain activity, at least in the aggregate.

All the rules of an Attention Bit Locator operation – like instant manifestations, freedom manifestations and so on, are empirical.
Researchers and others merely observed the correlations and codified them.

This obviously does not negate their validity at all.

An identity is a created container of energy – as such most identities surround the body, in many cases they are of a much greater magnitude than the body, thus they include the body inside their sphere of influence.

When you focus the identities energy on an area – you get an electrical interface with the brain and various parts of the body – this is what mostly registers on the Attention Bit Locator.

Spiritual and mental thoughts, precepts, creations, intentions, visions, plans, actions, results, pictures, problems, upsets, trapped attention, confusions, masses, etc., all contain some electrical charge of energy – it is this electrical charge of energy that causes the Attention Bit Locator to register the changes of manifestation.

Sometimes the client’s identity is so over-accessed and charged up that the Attention Bit Locator only responds to body manifestations or does not respond at all.

Other times the client can be resisting something so hard the resistance arm will manifest at a very high level.

That which interests (interest is focused or fixed attention) the client and manifests on the Attention Bit Locator is our target..being aware of this simple datum can prevent the processor from processing wrong areas, or wrong subjects – this alone can save 1,000’s of hours of unnecessary processing.

The purposes of the Attention Bit Locator are to find areas of locked up life force particles and attention – and unlock them by finding the “unknowns” that keep the life force particles and attention trapped – so that they can be released and are restored back under the clients’ full control.

The more life force particles and attention you have available and under your control the more present and powerful you can be.

The only reason a persons intentions do not work in the physical universe is because the person does not have enough life force particles and attention available to impel the intention so that it manifests fully in the physical universe.

12 September 2006