Games Matrix Self Sabotages

It appears the Games Matrices and their game playing devices were designed and put on automatic creation by us as a frame of reference program and a rewards and penalties set of systems.

The Games Matrices and their game playing devices are an artificial creation designed to automatically make the Games, playing fields and player identities persist and make the individual organizations, teams and player identities oppose each other and at the same time survive and be right.

The major measuring standard of wholeness or integrity of the chosen game was based upon the complete honoring of exchange.

The reward system is codified against honoring the integrity of the game being played.

As you honored the integrity of the game being played you allowed yourself to know more and have more energy for use in enhancing the playing of your chosen worthwhile game.

If or when you violated the integrity of the game being played then survival mechanisms would activate to stop and punish ourselves when or if we commit continuous harmful acts and to stop, hide, make ourselves invisible in order to shift the blame and responsibility onto others, to makes ourselves right and to stop ourselves from being found out.

Consequently the Games Matrices have a built in enhancement and empowering or rejection and self protection programs.

As the game deteriorates the games get more and more difficult to play – the reason for this is you begin to use your infinite powers, strengths, intelligence, skills, abilities and cleverness to inhibit and restrain your reach and yourself.

Each time a being violates the integrity of the Game or commits a harmful act of out exchange – either of these violations will activate the rejection of the Game and the rejection of others and put in place an individual inhibiting self protection program.

Don’t think for a moment a person who is violating their integrity by betraying their loved ones, lying, cheating, not doing what they know they should do, letting people down, not honoring their word, compulsively playing Red Zone Games, etc., will let themselves have their infinite powers back.

The bottom part of the rejection of others and the individual inhibiting self protection program will kick in – it is composed of multiple expellers or bouncers designed to trigger on contact with specific targeted areas these expellers or bouncers disperse your ability to stay focused and stop you from going near the areas or subjects to do with regaining back your infinite powers.

These multiple expellers or bouncers contain a lot of force, charge and pain.

They also have embedded command phrases in the force, charge and pain, such as:

1.      “I’ll never do that again!”

2.      “How can I make myself right?”

3.      “Who can I make wrong and shift the blame and responsibility to and then disguise, go into hiding or make myself invisible      and unknown?”

4.      “How can I get away with this?”

5.      “I need to play victim! – who or what can I blame and be a victim to?”

6.      “I hate that! (them)

7.      “I’m not interested!”

8.      “Leave me alone!”

9.      “Go away!”

10.     “I quit!”

11.     “I must keep myself in the wrong place at the wrong time!”

12.     “I must stay in hiding!”

13.     “I must play another smaller game!”

14.     “I must keep away from there!”

15.     “I must not know about that!”

16.     “I can’t ever remember that again!”

17.     “I don’t want to know!”

18.     “I’ll ignore it and hope it will go away!”

19.     “I must leave now!”

20.     “I got to get rid of that person or thing!”

21.     “I must not have any energy!”
22.     “I must stay dead!”

23.     “I must keep myself small and inconsequential!”

24.     “I must keep myself unaware!”

25.     “I must connect to those who will keep me unaware!”

26.     “I must stop myself!

27.       Etc., etc.

With these command phrases activated a person can invent an infinite amount of excuses, justifications and rationalizations to stop them from regaining their infinite powers and abilities back.

These command phrases disperse a person’s life force particles, power, and focus and weaken the skills and abilities of the person to stay on purpose.

Behind this is a tremendous amount of fear of power; for when the person had power they messed things up thus the loss of the power was too big a loss to face up to.

The Games Matrix individual inhibiting self protection programs acts to make less of or nothing of anyone or anything it comes in contact with; thus it is always cutting the persons reach:

There are ten major areas of lost abilities that come into being when one is dramatizing the Games Matrix individual inhibiting self protection programs:


        The simple fact is the person does not want to be present. Does not want to be here now. Cannot arrive in the right place at the        right time. Cannot hold or maintain a position. Cannot reach out to others.


        Rejects love. Looks, focuses and fixates their attention on what they do not like. Hates power and powerful people. Is  constantly in a low mood level. Cannot be wrong or admit mistakes.


        Has no honor. Seeks to blame others. Considers powerful people as enemies and seeks to destroy them. Will not pass on the       truth – obfuscates the obvious.


        Does not want to know. Dumbs self down by being illiterate. Cannot study. Cannot train. Withholds vital knowledge from self     and others in order to destroy powerful people. Refuses to connect to powerful people or play powerful worthwhile games –       inhibits communication.


        Constantly connects to the wrong people, in the wrong places, at the wrong times. Does things out of sequence. Makes the        unimportant – important and the important – unimportant. Cannot follow a cycle of action – is very dispersed and unfocused.


        Has no space, feels intimidated by people with huge presence, seeks to collapse others space.


        Cannot handle time, cannot deliver what is promised, and makes false promises, puts of doing what needs to be done.     Terrified of responsibility and power. Uses time to destroy others by being unpredictable. Cowardly. Hates present time.


        Energy tied up in past losses and painful events – refusing to take responsibility for their part of the past loss or painful event.    Lack of life force. Not true to their dreams.


        Cannot make their intentions or visions arrive in present time. Has no definite dreams, goals, visions or wants.


        Refuses to take areas to mastery. Leaves things incomplete. Is in hiding. Fears life and people. Is running a reverse concentric        circle on self and others – that is no area expands under their activities. Betrays promises. Fears being known. Fears standing         out.

As you begin to dismantle and erase a Games Matrix Package it becomes very obvious that the major reason for making a Games Matrix Package was to keep your honor, integrity and exchange in, and to handle and stop oneself from playing destructive games and committing harmful acts connected to harmful exchanges.

One of the basic common denominators of a Game is to cause exchanges to take place.

It is the quality of exchange that gives a being the feeling of being worthwhile and alive.

The basic positive reason for creating a game and identities to play the game was to create forms of exchange; exchanges of fun, games to play, things to do, people, places to meet, subjects to study and master, sharing adventures, wins, abundances, abilities, skills, moods  levels, people, places, subjects and things to reach and withdraw from, etc.

The Mood Scale is really a scale of how alive, honorable, and how whole you are and how well you are exchanging in a specific game.

At a low mood level the exchange is out. You never have enough space, time or energy and your manifestation do not turn out the way you want them to.

At a high mood level the exchange is usually very much in. You have abundances of space, time, energy and your manifestations turn out exactly as you want them to.

May 21, 2008