Fear of Power – Games Matrix IV

The basic reason the Games Matrix Packages were created by each being – was to maintain and monitor the control over ones spiritual powers and reach – the reason that one went on a downward spiral of Game Playing is that one misused their power and reach.
This misuse of power and reach often caused unintended consequences or harm to others – thus the person created multiple ways of containing their power and reach by inhibiting and restraining them through the use of lesser and lesser lower mood level sized Games, Dreams, Goals, Visions, Mindsets, Playing Fields, Identities, Opponents, Actions and Reactions and Successes by the creation of Games Matrix Containers.
In your full potential natural state there is full awareness and the constant honoring of the truth and power of your infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strength, and infinite skills and the complete duplication and permeation of others that fully honors the truth and power of others and their infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strength, and infinite skills.
It also is being willing to be spiritually, mentally and physically omni-responsible for all sides and parts of any games of life you so choose to play; this includes the goals of the game, the rules and regulations, the playing fields, the choosing of sides, the positive players and negative opposition, the materials and the holographic duplicative levels of study, practice, training, coaching and processing of the actions needed to attain the mastery of skills and abilities with real time demonstrations of competence and effective execution, the winning or losing, the rewards or penalties and all the exchanges that compose the wholeness and integrity of all games of life.
To restore your full power, reach and potential back also includes the willingness to face up to the truth and awareness that ALL limitations, restraints, inhibitions or stops a being puts on itself are self-created or group created mutual agreements (realities) that contain violations of the individuals spiritual, mental and physical capabilities and responsibilities.
The being deliberately uses theirs and others infinite power, infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strength, infinite skills, integrity, standards, principles, honor to lock in place by mutually agreed-upon consensus of opinions (group realities) and are therefore almost always complete false, stupefying, and degrading realities.


The whole being knows that ALL losses of size, losses of power, losses of position, smallness of games, upsets, problems, non-optimum situations, mediocrity, poverty, failure, misery, unhappiness or any other bad conditions of the being or their life are based upon deliberate unknowns and the making of agreements with others they will remain unknown.
These are placed there by the being in order to play limiting or destructive games – the bad or destructive games conditions are caused by the being using their infinite powers, infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strengths, and infinite skills to deliberately restrain, degrade, dumb-down, stupefy, make less or nothing of themselves or others – the consequences in so doing this causes huge upsets, problems, non-optimum situations and bad life conditions. 
In order to keep the restraints of power in place the being compulsively or obsessively seeks out others who have tacit telepathically projected mutual agreements – thus we get the low level agreements and solid realities of someone who says nothing, remains silent, and does not express or declare openly, but is telepathically projecting mutual agreements that constantly implies consent to go ahead with and that it is okay to deliberately restrain, degrade, dumb-down, stupefy, make less or nothing of themselves or others – in order to constantly engage in self-sabotage games and actions. 
The chronic Red Zone Self-Saboteur is in a low Games Matrix game playing identity who operates by silently telepathically projecting mutual agreements such as: “I won’t fix my Games Matrices – if you won’t fix yours”, “I won’t look – if you won’t look”, “I won’t know – if you won’t know”, “I won’t plan – if you won’t plan”, “I won’t act – if you won’t act”, “I won’t learn – if you won’t learn”, “I won’t work hard – if you won’t work hard,”  “I won’t face up to or erase the force, charge and masses that are holding me down – if you agree to not face up to or erase the force, charge and masses that are holding you down,” “I won’t take a position of power – if you won’t take a position of power,” “I won’t attempt to be all I can be – if you won’t attempt to be all you can be,” “I won’t attempt to do what I love to do – if you won’t attempt to do what you love to do!”
The Red Zone Saboteur operates by obsessively seeking out those in chronic Red Zone games conditions also caused by tacit mutual agreements – which are also deliberately keeping and maintaining a Red Zone negative view and reality on life. 
The Red Zone Games Matrix Saboteur Identity and compulsive Red Zone Game Player is terrified of people with power – they tend to hate and resent people with power – thus Red Zone Saboteurs go into mutual agreements to create these tacit realities.
These mutual agreements are deadly and are never, never true, but appear to be so real and solid due to the unspoken, unexpressed mutual agreements that created these destructive realities.
Behind these restraints of power are the fears and anxieties caused by misused powers and reach – that caused you to not trust yourself or others with power and reach.
As you can observe it takes a great amount of bravery to go against the status-quo and break the tacit agreements.
Alan C. Walter

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