Confronting The Present

(Catherine Taylor directed my attention to this quote.)

“If you want to know the past, to know what has caused you, look at yourself in the PRESENT, for that is the past’s effect.

If you want to know your future, then look at yourself in the PRESENT, for that is the cause of the future.” ­ Majjhima Nikaya

Confronting the PRESENT

As many of you know one of our goals is: To get everyone of our clients to be stably able to occupy their high Green and Gold Zone positions; plus help them to get those people they are connected to into the high Green and Gold Zone positions.

The prime key to being able to occupy the high Green and Gold Zone positions is the ability to hold a strong certain position in the PRESENT, to create the 3 dimensional holographic space of the PRESENT and FUTURE and be willing and able to include all the people, places, subjects and things you want in your space.

It appears one of the hardest areas to holographically confront for most people is their immediate PRESENT TIME and what it contains.

Having their attention stuck in the past causes a lack of the ability to holographically occupy a position in the PRESENT thus causing a person to feel weak and dependent on others to make their life and hopes work.