The Secret Formula to Living a Successful, Prosperous, Happy Life for Yourself and Others

There is a secret to creating and maintaining a passionate, successful, prosperous, fun filled, gloriously happy love affair with life that each of you tend to keep hidden from yourself, it is:

Find and articulate your Prime Dream(s) go into action; get the knowledge, know-how and skills until you can live your dreams without reservation.

Teach and train what you know to others. By teaching and training others you take ownership on what you know, this gives you certainty, self esteem and a position of power.

To build a team of like minded friends; you need to help others find their Prime Dreams, help them (if needed) get into action; get the knowledge, know-how and skills until they can live their dreams without reservation.

*        *        *

The secret formula to living a successful, prosperous, happy life for yourself and others is:

1.  Each do what you love to DO!      (Live your Prime Dream(s).)

2.  Each be what you love to BE!      (This should not be difficult as each of you should always fully and completely love itself.)

If each of you does this – then each of you will OWN and HAVE what you love.

*        *        *

Your dreams will guide you – that way you can have the greatest love affair possible – the love affair of living the life you love, with the people you love, doing what you love to do.

Meaningful, warm love is a high Green and Gold Zone ability.

To continuously occupy the high Green and Gold Zone positions it is vital you honor and commit fully to yourself and those connected to you and each of you fully honor and commit to each of your own Prime Dreams.

*        *        *

As the Life by Design Power Coach’s long term Mission is to help their clients engage in a passionate, successful, prosperous, fun filled, gloriously happy love affair with life. By being part of that team you give yourself an international jump-start to your position and power.

The tragedy is many of you are almost already fully capable of being a masterful Life by Design Power Coach. But, due to cowardice or fear, you have backed off teaching and training what you already know.

What is missing is a consistent step by step approach.

In the process of becoming a champion or great master in an area – each discovered and repeated their successful actions.

The way to become a champion and master of and in your life is to repeat the successful actions over and over again.

Learn to do one action successfully; learn to repeat it again and again, each time being more masterful.

Do that – and the world will come knocking at your door.

Alan C. Walter

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