The act of relating is the MOST important phenomena of our lives.  Without relationships, “we are nothing.”

The reason for this is; “in the absence of anything else, WE are not.”

If you should put yourself in a void of nothing – there would be no honor or dishonor – no up or down – no big or small – no worth or not worth – no good or bad – no beauty or ugliness – then you would be just as void – as you would have nothing to relate to – nothing to want – nothing to desire – nothing to compare to.

The moment there is something to relate to – you can compare – you can desire better or worse – bigger or smaller – want or not want – to be or not be – to do or not do – to own or not own.

It is the spiritual, mental, and physical knowing awareness and acts of exactly who, what, when, where, how and at what mood level we relate to someone or something, places, subjects, areas or zones that defines our RELATIONSHIPS.

Who or what you choose to put into your space and time and fully relate to sets the parameters as to the bigness, quality and depth of your standards and virtues in relationship with and for yourself – of what games you will play – what mood levels you will play your games at – who and what you will love – honor – know – be – do – and own about yourself.

The ability to have a WHOLE RELATIONSHIP comes into being and occurs when you fully utilize your spiritual, mental and physical abilities to connect, contact, perceive with all perceptions, fully duplicate, fully experience each particle, and fully permeate that who or what with which you are relating to or with.

It is our awareness and how we honor our spiritual, mental and physical relationships that creates and establishes our immense interactivity of holographic aliveness, amount of love, truth, knowledge, and presence-timeness of who and what we are and will be, and everything we know, value, appreciate, and experience about ourselves, and the comprehension and creation of who and what we are and will be, comes from within the context, location, setting and meaningfulness that is created and articulated by the quality of our relationships.

Luckily, there is not one of us who does not have an infinity of spiritual, mental and physical relationships.  Magically, all of us are in spiritual, mental and physical relationships with (no matter how hard we try not to be) everyone and everything, all of the time.

We have spiritual, mental and physical relationships with our mind, our body, our environment, ourselves; we have spiritual, mental and physical relationships with our dreams, our visions, our work; we have spiritual, mental and physical relationships with all objects, subjects, times, and places in the universe; we have spiritual, mental and physical relationships with each other; we have spiritual, mental and physical relationships with our god(s); we have a spiritual, mental and physical relationship with the supreme being.

Why then have we had so many and such immense difficulties, problems, upsets, and spirit, mind, body and environmentally destroying tragedies with our relationships?

Nothing has caused more problems for mankind, created more pain, produced more abuse, more suffering, more grief, and resulted in more tragedy, than that which was intended and envisioned to bring us our greatest sense of love and well-being, our greatest joy – our relationships with each other.

Few individually, or coupled, or collectively, socially, politically, locally or internationally have found a consistent way to live in harmony.  We have grave troubles getting along with each other – let alone being able to truly love each other.

The reason why the above is so is very simple to handle:

All you have to recognize is the troubled or disastrous relationships are together for the wrong reasons, they are improperly aligned.

They are running wrong processes that seek to trap, control or dominate each other; they seek to limit each others freedom.

A being cannot experience joy, power, passion, freedom, expansion, sovereignty, or happiness by being limited.




Optimum relationships are sovereign based, contributing to each other by doing a series of on-going aligned to what each partner “chooses for itself, its own needs and wants,” which sets the process direction and aligns the correct process sequences that produce more joy, freedom, love, truth, honor, knowledge, laughter, adventure, growth, release from traps, expansion, greater sovereignty towards omni-sovereignty, more ownership of self, more awareness, more personal power for each participant.

The sovereign to omni-sovereign based partners “LEND” themselves to each other until the partner can do what they have chosen for itself….once the partner is free to knowingly and causatively choose or not choose for itself in the area, the partner passes the ownership and control back and sets the partner free.

Those with sovereign to omni-sovereign based relationships know that the key to the betterment of this planet lies in the betterment of each relationship, that ALL relationships are sacred, that ALL relationships should be based on Freedom – Freedom to help another be ALL they can be – Freedom to set another or others free – Freedom to love – Freedom to choose or not choose knowingly and causatively.

The motto of the sovereign to omni-sovereign based relationships is: “I choose with and for you what you choose for you!”

The sovereign to omni-sovereign based relationships seek to create as many as possible other sovereign to omni-sovereign based relationships.  Not just individuals, but teams, groups, nations and ultimately ALL of mankind in the grandest vision they can imagine.  Yet they go far beyond that – they go into action to help you reach that grand vision.


With the advent of the recent discoveries of how to handle charge and power a new level of beingness and beingness relationships has emerged.


By relationship mastery I mean not only the attainment of each Being’s full potential for themselves, but also having the skills and abilities at a level of relationship mastery to work with and help others reach their full potential.

Being a master in an area does not mean to dominate, it means knowledge in the fullest extent, literate, can apply, has aesthetics, production of fine quality products and behavior.

Relationship mastery very much incorporates the highest qualities of power – the qualities of unlimited PRESENCE – LOVE – TRUTH – HONOR – DECENCY – KINDNESS – COMPASSION – KNOWLEDGE – RESPONSIBILITY – CONTROL – OMNI-SOVEREIGNTY – INTEGRITY and FRIENDLINESS.


When you understand THE ZONES you understand the gradient scales of relationships – a person going from the Gold Zone down to the Green, then Yellow then Red Zone is dwindling and becoming less and less until the person completely ceases to exist; the person is owned by everyone and everything and has no ownership of self.

As the person ascends through the Red, through the Yellow, through the Green and into the Gold Zone the person is becoming more and more the knowing chooser to be the owner of itself, until the person has full and complete power of choice of its ownership of itself – spiritually, mentally and physically (Omni-Sovereign) at the top of the Gold Zone.

re·late (rĭ-lāt) verb

re·lat·ed, re·lat·ing, re·lates

verb, transitive

1. To narrate or tell. See synonyms at describe.

2. To bring into or link in logical or natural association. See synonyms at join.

3. To establish or demonstrate a connection between.

verb, intransitive

1. To have connection, relation, or reference: The symbols relate to an earlier system.

2. To have or establish a reciprocal relationship; interact: She relates well to her peers.

3. To react in response, especially favorably: I can really relate to these new fashions.


1. A logical or natural association between two or more things; relevance of one to another; connection: the relation between smoking and heart disease.

2. The connection of people by blood or marriage; kinship.

3. A person connected to another by blood or marriage; a relative.

4. The way in which one person or thing is connected with another: the relation of parent to child.

5. relations a. The mutual dealings or connections of persons, groups, or nations in social, business, or diplomatic matters: international relations. b. Sexual intercourse.

6. Reference; regard: in relation to your inquiry.

7. a. The act of telling or narrating. b. A narrative; an account.

8.  Law. The principle whereby an act done at a later date is considered to have been done on a prior date.

re·la·tion·ship (rĭ-lā shun-shĭp´) noun

1. The condition or fact of being related; connection or association.

  • Connection by blood or marriage; kinship.
  • A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other: has a close relationship with his siblings.
  • A romantic or sexual involvement.

re·cip·ro·cal (rĭ-sĭp’ra-kal) adjective

1. Concerning each of two or more persons or things.

2. Interchanged, given, or owed to each other: reciprocal agreements to abolish customs duties; a reciprocal invitation to lunch.

3. Performed, experienced, or felt by both sides: reciprocal respect.

4. Interchangeable; complementary: reciprocal electric outlets.

5. Grammar. Expressing mutual action or relationship. Used of some verbs and compound pronouns.

6. Mathematics. Of or relating to the reciprocal of a quantity.

7. Physiology. Of or relating to a neuromuscular phenomenon in which the excitation of one group of muscles is accompanied by the inhibition of another.

8. Genetics. Of or designating a pair of crosses in which the male parent in one cross is of the same genotype or phenotype as the female parent in the other cross.

noun Abbr. recip.

1. Something that is reciprocal to something else.

[From Latin reciprocus, alternating.]