Benefits of Being Present

What is being present?

Being present is a prime Spiritual ability and state.  It is the spiritual you completely being yourself, fully being here – now, in presence-time.

Being powerfully Present occurs when the Spiritual you – plus your Perceptions – Intentions – Visions – Mind – Body – Results – and Environment are in the here and now and are in continuous presence-time alignments.

In the physical universe there are three aware spiritual positional time states possible – past, present and future.  Presence-Time is you in an expanded state of awarely and knowingly spanning a portion of the past, present and your chosen targeted future.

Once you become aware of the thoughts, feelings, or moods you are having, or where your attention is, and the content of those thoughts or feelings or moods or where your attention is fixated, you will notice which level of existence, state, condition or mood you are in at any given time.

You will begin to also notice how often you are in the past, present or future.  Most people spend less than 3% of their spiritual time in the present (my estimate).

Being Present is an experience where you feel big, powerful yet at peace with who you are, what you want and how you can do it, regardless of what other people are doing or what situation you are facing.

The most noticeable characteristics are that you don’t feel introspected or self-conscious.

You feel relaxed and at ease, even when unpleasant surprises come at you. You are connected to who you are with your visions, plans and what you are doing, without second-guessing yourself or others.

Being Present matters because you perform better and feel good along the way. How well do you perform when you feel nervous?  How wise and compassionate are you when you feel irritated?  How bright and creative are you when you feel stressed out?

Nervous, irritated and stressed out are caused by thoughts about the past or the future – what might happen, how someone is screwing up, what someone did to you…and so on.

Being Present is challenging because you must learn to recognize, permeate, and duplicate exactly all aspects of what is actually happening.  Most of us want to take control of what’s happening – we’re trained to do that since birth.  Babies cry to get food – and it works!

Failure to control is what makes us tense and stressed – we are unhappy and fighting or wrestling with the events of the present moment, with what is imagined or actually happening now.

To Be Present, you must learn how to control that which is actually in your control – you, your thoughts, visions, plans and actions!  Instant food, good weather, smooth traffic, an impressed boss, a happy spouse, the client saying yes, the car starting – none of these are completely under your control.

When you are present, you know and can take responsibility for the difference between what you control and what you don’t.  Then you will take wise, decisive action without letting what happens next spin you into feeling bad or unhappy with that new moment.

Your ability to Be Present is situation-specific. In any given moment, you can move from

being fully present to feeling filled with thoughts and emotions based on the past and future.  It happens in an instant.  This lasts as long as your thoughts continue to focus on a past or future event, even if that event is only a few seconds away.

Self-observation, permeation and exact duplication of the now are the keys to unlock being stuck-in or eliminating worrisome past & future-based thoughts. It is only in committing to your own correct choices, decisions, plus continuous observation, permeation and exact duplication of your habits and shortcomings in a given situation that you can be fully present in that moment.

You must learn to have certainty that you are good enough, even if the speech bombs, the spouse gets upset or the boss is unimpressed.  Then these outside events will no longer define your feelings or your self-worth, and you will feel centered & grounded.

The many portals and dozens of techniques contained in our technology include ways to notice and effectively handle when you are trying to alter the present moment, by either fighting it (anger, frustration, bullying, etc.) or by escaping from it (avoiding conflict, over-analyzing, over-pleasing, etc.), by denying its existence, by masking what is really there.

Our techniques give you powerful tools to do something about it! Each of our strategies and tools are ways to reconnect with yourself – your thoughts and your feelings – so you can be clear-minded about what’s really important for you to be saying and doing in this present moment.

Being more Present is exciting, adventurous and tremendously rewarding. Noticing your thoughts and the resulting habits that come from them is the first and biggest key to learning to be more present.  You’ll enjoy the pay-off when you really need to be at your best – in key social, business and love life situations.  You will discover that taking charge of your own presence and thus taking charge of your own being is far more rewarding than a promotion, a pay raise, or even a new lover.  You are taking care of yourself – the greatest gift you can give yourself.

* * * * *

There are Sixteen major benefits to consistently being more present…

The Eight performance benefits of Being more Present are:

  • Better concentration and focus.
  • Better execution and attention to details that matter, especially under pressure.
  • Vastly improved listening and memory skills.
  • Able to distinguish what is important and what is not.
  • Able to work much smarter.
  • Better conflict resolution.
  • More persistence and an increased effective ability to learn.
  • Wiser, clearer decision making, especially in the moment.

These happen because all your mind and heart are focused on what’s happening NOW, uncluttered by nervous, even panicky thoughts and fears about what you or others should be saying or doing.

The Eight relationship benefits of Being more Present are:

  • Consistent, correct and effective alignments, which lead too much greater harmony with your partners.
  • Improved physical health & energy.
  • More laughter and a playful outlook.
  • More honest & open communication at home and at work
  • Vastly increased confidence and conviction in leading others.
  • Greater capacity for a genuine emotional connection with others.
  • Life and relationships with people becoming easier and more fun.
  • Able to consistently be in-the-Zone.

These happen because you feel and have much greater self-control, sense of self-worth, more certainty and are feeling more secure and better about you.

You stop feeling drained of energy and power by the burdens of the past and imagined worrisome, not happened yet futures.  Instead, your regular focus on doing what’s optimally correct for you today starts to build a track record of positive feelings, certainties, patterns of improving successful actions that consistently reach the level of successes you are aspiring for.

The end result of Being more Present is that you are much more capable of giving your valued relationships and missions in life a far higher quality of what they need from you, because you are powerfully here – now, feeling very worthy and good about yourself, whilst simultaneously, effortlessly and naturally emanating continuous positive, high mood levels!

Perhaps the greatest gift that your Being Present bestows is that you are aware of not only yourself as a spiritual being, but that you can recognize, honor and acknowledge that others are powerful spiritual beings.

The highest qualities of yours or others personal Five Pillars of Power, yours or their LOVE – TRUTH – RELATIONSHIPS – KNOWLEDGE – and INTEGRITY cannot be physically seen or touched, but stem only from you or them, and exist powerfully – when you and they are Being Present here – now.

Your Being Fully Present magically raises the almost infinite capacities of your own awareness, cleverness, skills, abilities and intelligence, yet simultaneously begins to help raise the same qualities to ALL you come in contact, align and truly connect with.