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The Hugely Successful

Over the thirty-five years that I have been training and consulting people and companies internationally, one question always remained unanswered. Why was it that some people and companies could achieve their Dreams and Aspirations and be hugely successful, yet others who had the same training and consulting could not? I’ve had or helped students and […]

Ascending The Zones Demands Honesty

From more than thirty years of processing and training hundreds of thousands of individuals and numerous organizations, a common denominator has emerged that is senior to all other behavior traits or manifestations: MAN IS BASICALLY HONEST. Whether it be golf, football, relationships, business, government, or other human endeavor, the higher the level of game being […]


“If you cannot create a holographic concept of the definition of a term or word – you cannot have or own in the areas connected to the non-defined or misconceived term or word.” —Alan C. Walter. “To MASTER ANY SUBJECT one has to MASTER THE PARTS OR PIECES. The mastered parts or pieces meld together […]

Whole Knowledge

Knowledge is the most important word or subject in mankind’s quest for personal growth and excellence. Over the 33 years that I have been expanding my vocabulary, I began to realize that words had an order of priority.  Even the simple subject or words can be arranged in a hierarchy of leadership, power, authority and […]

The Five Levels of Truth

Noun:  The exact and precise correctness of spirit, knowledge, game, perception, intention, vision, plan, who, what, where, when, why, how, importance, value,  mood,  responsibility, motion, action, accurately predicted consequences, outcomes, and  accomplishments; and opposing spirit, opposing knowledge, opposing game, opposing perception, opposing intention, opposing vision, opposing plan, opposing who, opposing what, opposing where, opposing when, […]


That highest quality of spiritual recognition that observes and respects, admires and validates those spiritual qualities, assets and capabilities of another or others and oneself as spiritual beings. Thus comes about an enhancement of the quality, assets, prosperity, and happiness of each being. Alan C. Walter


Of all the words and subjects a Being must master to recover his full potential, no word or subject is more important than PRESENCE. Everything in your universe, your levels of existences, levels of truth, levels of love, levels of success, levels of prosperity, levels of happiness, levels of honesty, levels of integrity, operation of […]

Benefits of Being Present

Being present is a prime Spiritual ability and state.  It is the spiritual you completely being yourself, fully being here – now, in presence-time. Being powerfully Present occurs when the Spiritual you – plus your Perceptions – Intentions – Visions – Mind – Body – Results – and Environment are in the here and now […]

Spiritual Literacy

After thirty-years of investigation and discovery, I have isolated the single greatest source of man’s inability to handle life, himself, and his relationships with others and his environment. That source of inability is SPIRITUAL ILLITERACY. It must be understood that an individual is a composite of six basic factors: The first factor is You, the […]

Who Am I? – What Am I? – What Are My Ideas And Goals About Life?

“It is Vital for You to Intelligently Create and Design Your Own Future … if you don’t, be assured, someone else unintelligently will.” – Alan C. Walter   There are probably no more important questions to know the complete, true and correct answer to each of these three questions. For they are the most basic, […]