The Knowledge Era is Upon Us

Anyone seeking a better life through increased knowledge is part of the knowledge era.

The subject of Knowledgism derives from this era, the knowledge era.

The Knowledgism website is dedicated to the writings and recordings of Alan C. Walter and aims to provide its subscribers with useful information about spiritual, mental, and physical knowledge so they can live a better life.

It is our hope that we can help you become the person you want to become so you can live the life you want to live.

“We want for you what you want for yourself.”

Love Relationships and Love Incidents

The key ingredient of LOVE is the beings ability to be able to create PERFECT THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC DUPLICATION. By being able to create a PERFECT THREE-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC DUPLICATION of anything or

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Indicators of Trance States

What is known as A.D.D. or Attention Deficit Disorder most likely stems from moving in and out of chronic trance states. When you are in a trance state you, your attention

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Change Your Thought’s

CHANGE YOUR VIEWPOINTS – DIMENSION POINTS – and ANCHOR POINTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  “A Prime Dream for a Life is the basic fortune worth finding;It is not found elsewhere – but

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Hi! My fellow Zombieists! My name is Alan. I am a Zombieist behavioral addict. I come from a long line of Zombieist behavioral addicts, my mother and father are also Zombie behavioral

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