Month: October 2014

To Gain or Not Gain Mastery

To command a prosperous, happy future it is necessary that you achieve the ability to GAIN MASTERY for YOURSELF OVER YOUR GAME, ROLES, ACTIONS AND PRODUCTS. Definitions: MASTERY: noun,  1.

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The History of the ZONES

The basis of the Zones came from studying the great men of the past; men who have forever influenced the future and caused massive changes to our life style, our

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Anticipating The Future

The one subject that has been withheld from mankind appears to be the ability to correctly anticipate the future. The future is such a vast subject, and contains so many

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Ascending The Zones Demands Honesty

From more than thirty years of processing and training hundreds of thousands of individuals and numerous organizations, a common denominator has emerged that is senior to all other behavior traits

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“If you cannot create a holographic concept of the definition of a term or word – you cannot have or own in the areas connected to the non-defined or misconceived

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Whole Knowledge

Knowledge is the most important word or subject in mankind’s quest for personal growth and excellence. Over the 33 years that I have been expanding my vocabulary, I began to

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The act of relating is the MOST important phenomena of our lives.  Without relationships, “we are nothing.” The reason for this is; “in the absence of anything else, WE are

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The Five Levels of Truth

Noun:  The exact and precise correctness of spirit, knowledge, game, perception, intention, vision, plan, who, what, where, when, why, how, importance, value,  mood,  responsibility, motion, action, accurately predicted consequences, outcomes,

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That highest quality of spiritual recognition that observes and respects, admires and validates those spiritual qualities, assets and capabilities of another or others and oneself as spiritual beings. Thus comes

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Loading… Of all the words and subjects a Being must master to recover his full potential, no word or subject is more important than PRESENCE. Everything in your universe, your

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Benefits of Being Present

Being present is a prime Spiritual ability and state.  It is the spiritual you completely being yourself, fully being here – now, in presence-time. Being powerfully Present occurs when the

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Spiritual Literacy

After thirty-years of investigation and discovery, I have isolated the single greatest source of man’s inability to handle life, himself, and his relationships with others and his environment. That source

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