Ethics Intelligence Discipline Series (E-Book)

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In this valuable book, Alan C. Walter describes the process of rising up the zones from Absence to Mastery.


Starting with the initial state of absence, Alan describes in subsequent chapters the exact process, questions to ask and action steps someone should take to rise up the zones until they achieve mastery in an area.

Included here is the EXACT formulas to arrive at Mastery in your chosen games of life.

This book is for anyone interested in learning about the zones of life and formulas for the Levels of Existence.

It is a great complementary book to The Zones of Life.

In this book, you will learn:

The POWERFUL formulas to take you from absence up to mastery in your chosen games of life.
How to positively handle the condition of Sabotage in yourself or another by the use of gradiently increasing Trust.

The 34 step process to create a holistic model of your optimum want in an area including the use of the proprietary Paradigm Planning technology.

The formula to increase your personal power as well as the potential pitfalls of power and how to avoid them.




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Alan was born in 1935 in London, England, and was a small boy there during World War II while German bombs were falling. While still very young, he lived briefly in Wales, and then, finally, his family moved to Australia, where Alan grew up. (See the "Early Days" section below".)

As early as the age of 14, Alan found he could not conform to the existing paradigm of education and life. He dropped out of the public school system because he realized he was being taught how he couldn’t or shouldn’t do things—rather than how he could do things. He began a life-long quest for knowledge through self-education and experience.

Even at that early age, he demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities, taking his savings of $30 and buying a horse and two dogs in order to start his own droving business in the Outback of Australia. Soon, the young man was making more money in a day than his father earned in a week.

At the age of 19, with no experience, Alan decided he wanted to become a football player. Within 2 years, he became a professional, and ultimately became a major league player on the national Australian Professional Football scene. At the same time, he started a manufacturing enterprise, and built a national sales organization, which quickly grew to over 400 sales people.

Over the years, Alan experienced great success in business, becoming a self-made millionaire. All the while, his continuing interest has been in the field of Human Potential -- and he has realized more and more that the ultimate development lies in regaining "Spiritual Potential". Therefore, all areas of Human existence are addressed in his work -- Spirit, Mind, and Body.


The techniques which have resulted from this approach, make it possible for anyone to greatly enhance his or her ability to achieve success in any area of life--whether it be Spiritual, Mental, or Physical. The technology has become known as Knowledgism, and is at least a generation ahead of anything else.

It is ideal for an individual who is already capable, and who wishes to clearly define their "Purpose" in Life, and to achieve it. Those who gain Mastery in applying this technology not only enjoy dynamically positive lives, they also become proficient in helping others to achieve the same.

Since 1964, Alan worked with over 250,000 people, many in Fortune 500 companies, training them to be Champions in their chosen fields. His techniques are known for being very advanced. While continuing his research, he also conducted special training programs based on his discoveries.

More and more people around the world are benefiting from the technology developed by Alan, and unleashing their "Champions" hidden within.